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What makes a good Community

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created 07/11/2019 11:53 am by CyberNinja_
last reply 07/15/2019 7:09 pm
This is like my last thread: What makes a good friend(should go check it out) but, I made a new one named What makes a good community, and comparing a person to a community hs a large difference in full clarity so I probably won't get through all the rules, but I will get through the ones that are desperately needed, and yes I know Planet Minecraft is an amazing community that surely enough's follow's all the guidelines and expectations, and probably goes above the guidelines, anyways lets get started:

1. Rules
First thing's you need is rules, rules are desperately needed, without rules it would be a catastrophe and everyone would be insulting each other, hacking, advertising, and it would be a complete mess, so to organize everything you need rules.

2. Announcements/Feed/News
You need some sort of announcing form to actually get a word through the whole server, and so everyone can be sure it's new and fresh, also make sure the news is easy to recognize so the players don't get confused.

3. Staff
You need moderators, administrators, managers, Owners, Workers, you generally need employees to handle certain parts of the server, because staff enforce the rules so like said in number 1, it won't be a catastrophe. And each staff rank has to have a new command or element to it, it can't all be the same permissions.

4. Categories
You need Categories to have everything organized and for staff to have easy steps on going a category to deal with a certain conflict. Categories are useful because players can't just post threads about random polls, while some are posting life-threatening serious threads.

5. Accounts
Make sure to secure your accounts so everyone should actually secure their accounts with either, Authentication, or Email verification, this would make it safe for everyone and so it would be a non-hacker zone because today hackers are getting smarter and smarter every day.

6. Happiness
Happiness goes a long way in communities, you want people to be generally happy most of the time if they are depressed or sad, and they post a thread about it, cheer them up and even add them as a friend to help them overcome their fear or disappointment.

7. Empathy
This is relating to number 6, you need to show empathy in your hearts and help people if they are sad or angry, not only will that make you and the other person feel happy, but it will also show the rest of the community how much of a kind soul you are.

8. Teamwork
If somebody is working on a project and they need desperate help, work together and achieve that goal and maybe go beyond the expectations that were given to you.

Now there are many other rules, but these are just some, leave some of you rules down in the comments, and help a buddy out, if I missed something, correct it for me, Grammarly can't do everything.
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5 replies

07/15/2019 7:09 pm
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a pickle jar
07/12/2019 6:02 am
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Forgive me, I am a babbler, and I must babble point by point given my own experiences.

This seems to be a list best fit into a discord server, though I may be wrong. Maybe that was your template or maybe it's a coincidence. Either way, I'll use that as a frame and extrapolate to other community types.

1. Certainly, a basic list is necessary. It's also necessary to have configuration done properly and the rules presented cleanly. Make an effort to be professional and you can be on your way to minimizing drama, which is really the point of all this, ei?

2. How this works and how necessary it is depends on the type of community. I raise you another point, something perhaps in place of this that is more directly useful - have a point to your community. Stand for something, represent something, have an identity. A general server for whatever is probably going to drop a lot faster than a community with specific drive and purpose.

3. You do not need "moderators, administrators, managers, owners, workers". It's a common habit to try and overstaff a platform and make too many arbitrary splits, and the result is a bunch of bored staff without enough players. This is especially true in a minecraft server, but often happens on the aforementioned discord example and other communities. What you need is:
- Doing your job as the owner
- Possibly a few administrators to help implement things (needs changing depending on the point of the community)
- A few mods to fill the gaps and expand in number as the community needs them
Each staff rank needs to have responsibility and a clear place in the hierarchy. This goes beyond permissions. They need a point. Having the ranks moderator, trial moderator and helper is completely redundant because trial moderator and helper have an extreme task overlap and usually aren't necessary in split roles, especially for the newer servers that employ this sort of redundancy. With this in mind, you can in fact have roles with near or fully identical permissions so long as each rank has its clearly defined and justified role.

4. Sure

5. Of course, though frankly, extra most of the time is quite unnecessary as short of a password leak (change it when you hear of it and keep on it), most of the time it would be your own fault you get hacked. Two step authentication isn't the best answer. Watching where you type your information and being responsible in the first place is.

6. Not usually a priority, but it is nice to accommodate people should this (rather obscure) need arise.

7. Tricky one, it's really a 'you have it or you don't' thing I'm finding. You're legitimately invested in the emotional stability of others or how to otherwise accommodate the most people, or you aren't, and either way you need to make your way as best as possible.

8. Naturally.

Grammarly has done a pretty good job. The errors I spot are fairly small, though "You need Catagories" is a bit offputting, as well as some other randomly capitalized words.
07/12/2019 11:10 am
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yeah same tbh
07/12/2019 11:10 am
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07/12/2019 1:12 amhistory
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