Which texturepack should I make? (POLL)

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I'm working on multiple texturepacks at once, which is very uneffective. So I made this poll so that you can choose what I'll work on!
(I don't want suggestions, you'll just mark what you like). You can choose on these criteria : theme-style(palette), and if you have questions, please read the details and then ask me in the comments section.
1- A rusty texturepack , brownish and almost pale
2- A steampunk texturepack, where monsters are criminals (phantoms,burglars, etc...), no special palette
3-A dark scifi, where no sun is lighting up the path , dark bluish
4-A scifi TP, where it looks like a robot interface,,black and green (can also be orange, blue, white)
5-TP that turns most things into books, fresh and "honey" colors
6-A Noir TP (story included), grayscale
- These TP are overhauling most of the game, optifine is needed
- There won't be blood (maybe in very little amount) , gore or other explicite content. TPs 1 and 3 have a slight horror aspect.
- For now they'll be only for Java edition
- TP 6 may contains aspects of lonelinnes, feeling of being hunted, etc..
- I'm not providing these themes (2,3,5,6) to you, if you get inspired by these, I would be happy if you would write in the submission description.

Poll ended 02/28/2022 3:25 am.

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