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60 Sub Reshade Roses RESULTS!

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created 09/21/2018 7:22 pm by KawaiiCornz
last reply 09/22/2018 12:15 pm
Welcome to the 60 Sub Reshade Roses RESULTS! First of all, most of you are probably going, “You’re supposed to reshade the skin yourself and post it with the results!” And ahem, first of all, my reshade would probably look really sloppy compared to the winners, second of all, I am currently onto a request and finishing both of those skins on Saturday is just too much for me. Anyway, you came for the results, so here... they... are!

~ ƒιяѕт ρℓα¢є ~
Coming in 1st Place, we have... KOumiXH!

Suprisingly, choosing first place was quite difficult, but looking at the color pallet and all of the brightness of this skin, KOumiXH did great on this skin, and deserved first place!

Come get your prize, which is a drawing of one of your personas, Minecraft style, rounded Minecraft style, anime, or cartoon options! PM ME
~ ѕє¢ση∂ ρℓα¢є ~
Going in 2nd Place, we have... Fawne!

Wow! This was a tough disicion! I really like the contrast on colors Fawne used for this skin! How the brown hair really blends with more blonder hair, and the overlay and shading, everything looks soft, which is what I like about it.

If you want to catch a prize, PM me some details about your skin template, a skin that is basically not shaded, but only if you want to! PM ME
~ тнιя∂ ρℓα¢є ~
And well finally, we obviously have a third place which is... Momu!

The skin layout for this result is very vibrant! Amazing job on making third! Something I liked about this skin was taking the idea of the rose crown to cover all around the head! I also liked that you changed the eye look, something no other contestant did for this contest, and it definitely looks like you made it!

Don’t forget to PM me if you want your prize, the customized hair base with simple, or vibrant shading options! PM ME

I hope everyone who entered enjoyed the contest and had fun creating the skins! Sorry for the late results as well, but for the people who didn’t get to enter, there will be a new contest from me starting soon called Light V.S Midnight, so watch out for that! I hope everyone enjoyed seeing the results, and congrats to the winners that got top 3!

All contestants who won prizes should not assume the, to come that early, but promised within the 3 following weeks, depending on my schedule.
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09/22/2018 12:15 pm
Level 21 Expert Fish
Congrats everyone! ^^




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