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We hit a total of 624 submissions in the Arctic Summit Community Event! Way to go! It certainly was a festive, fun and frosty winter wonderland on the website last month! Together we brought Holiday Cheer, spirit for the New Year, and everything in between! Grab a cup of hot chocolate, sit back, relax and enjoy this Arctic Summit Community Event Review!

This season's PMC pet was Powder Puffs! Much like spring Peepers, there are a total of 3 Powder Puffs you're able to find and keep forever! You have to find each Puff individually. 1266 members found 1 powder puffs, 243 found two and 271 Members found ALL THREE!

As with every event, some members created fan-submissions of the season's pet. Cyprezz being the first with his mob skin, powder puff snowman.

Nitgo cleverly used the blue of the blue background and made a powder puff! There are a couple of more versions in the submission including one with a scarf and one without!

Download this world by Ice-Cream and see all three puffs up close!

You found a Powerpuff! | With two more Powerpuff skins attached! Minecraft Skin

Powder Puff Snowman Minecraft Skin

What's winter without SNOWMEN?! Well, a winter without snowmen, but that just seems wrong. Which is why it's no surprise there were several snowmen submission in this event!

Our first frozen feature is a data pack that adds cosmetic snowmen that don't die because of heat or by hitting them! To build one, simply place two blocks of snow vertically and drop two black dye and a carrot on top. Voila!

CyanFlakey created adorable art for the event, titling it "Merry Craftmas". The picture radiates with so much life and energy, we can't help but smile!

There were several snowman skins, here are a few of our favorite:

barni | happy new year’s eve β˜ƒοΈ Minecraft SkinBarni by Angel
Snowman Onesie | ~𝘈𝘭𝘺𝘴𝘴𝘒~ Minecraft SkinSnowman Onesie by A1yssa
ʍɑʀɑ | day6 - snowman Minecraft SkinSnowman by Naimarra

.... 🎡 walking in a winter wonderlaaaaand! 🎡

Lace up those snow boots and bundle up in your winter gear, we're about to take a stroll through some seriously stunning terrain!

We saw several snowy terrains ranging from a little lake between ice capped mountains, snowy slopes, and rather large terrain such as this mountain range by DeltaResearch. The steep cliffs have us wondering if we wore the right gear for this treck. Maybe we will just stay at the base next to the snowy pines and admire the peaks from afar.

Medi Daner created a gorgeous 2000 x 2000 Custom terrain with an equally beautiful title, "Winter Hearth". Along with this submission they included a fabulous winter fable:

"The sun rose over the sleepy island of Winterhearth. Nestled in the far North of the world, the island was untouched by man. Foxes ran around the frosty hills, returning to their dens with a layer of snow dusting their fur. Crystals of ice dotted the island, glistening in the morning sun. Whilst the outside world was one of war and uncertainty, the creatures of Winterhearth knew only peace."

Peppered with pine trees and a crystal blue river running through the middle, we can almost feel the chill in the air from the sub zero temps!

This map made by Dyl_Art is a massive 4000 per 4000 blocks, and is covered with mountains and a dense forest. "Les vallées du Nord" translates to "The northern Valleys" and has the first signs of winter. The snow hasn't quite stuck to the ground however, the crevices and nooks of the mountain peaks has a thin layer. Winter is coming.

Bundle up and bear the cold with these skins! Brinden created a skin specifically for the trek up to the summit. Complete with a backpack for travel essentials, a warm beanie, a scarf, and insulated boots, you'll be sure to stay warm and fight the frost making your journey enjoyable! Hike the summit in pastel gear with this skin by Wildflowers. Look cute and crush goals. What more could you want? Who better knows what to wear in sub zero temperatures that eskimos?! mellieee_ created this skin which was a submission in an eskimo reshade contest. A bright blue jacket with a fur lined hood, some red gloves and matching boots, you could practically live on top of the highest peak of any mountain!

They're ready for The Summit! Minecraft SkinBundle Up Minecraft Skinπ’Έπ‘œπ“π’Ή π‘œπ“Šπ“‰π“ˆπ’Ύπ’Ήπ‘’ // 𝓇𝒸𝑒 Minecraft Skin

During the month of December, we released the mob update! Many members used this opportunity to create festive mobs like a llama and a dolfin wearing a scarves, and a bat wearing a string of Christmas lights and hat!

StLee made and published their first mob skin titled "
yamawaammaaa". It's a llama

Scarf Llama Minecraft SkinDo you wanna ride a reindeer? Minecraft Skin
with a wreath on it's back and a scarf around its' neck. The most festive of llamas that roam the land!

Martin_Game used the horse mob skin and turned it into a reindeer. Similarly, instead of using a horse, Creeper_craft_TNT used a ravager to turn into a reindeer -

Christmas Bat | ~𝘈𝘭𝘺𝘴𝘴𝘒~ Minecraft Skin~✿~ yamawaammaaa || My First Mob Skin Submission :3 Minecraft Skin
specifically the red nosed Rudolph. he appropriately named the skin "Rudolph the Red Nosed Ravager."

Want to see more festive mob skins? Check out the 125 Mob Skin Submissions here! Felicidades also created a collection called Christmas Mob Party which contains 56 mob skins!

~✿~ Hot choco ? || Dolphin Minecraft SkinRudolph The Red Nosed Ravager Minecraft Skin

Here are a couple more of our favorite gingerbread skin submissions:

Who's a fan of gingerbread?! We certainly are, especially when its' used as inspiration! We saw skins, mobs and projects inspired by the tasty treat!

This Gingerbread village by Wet, has a gingerbread castle at its' center, with small gingerbread cottages and candy canes surrounding it.

Ginger, is a skin by BARNDOOR, and is actually the main character in a story about a gingerbread man that is born with a crack in its' head and is made fun of for his entire life. Down the road he gets convicted of a crime. To find out how this all unravels, read the short story here!

Ginger the Convicted Cracker Minecraft Skin
Ginger the Convicted Cracker by BARNDOOR
Gingerbread Creeper Minecraft Skin
Gingerbread Creeper by AkiShirai7
Gingerbread Man! Minecraft Skin
Gingerbread Man! by Gameyeeter

Some submissions go together like peanut butter and jelly! For instance, back in November we wrapped up the Fall Festival Community Event and featured spooky manor, a project by Topaz Builder and a short story by OneCord called "Immortal". The build had similatiries to the mansion reference in the short story.

Well, it's happened again, but this time with Holiday Silence by Nekomancy and a poem by Giancarlovan called Hiemal Hoodwink. We imagine the "cabin aglow" in the poem to be something like that of the cabin Nekomancy created. The atmosphere and peaceful feel of the cabin matches that of the poem and that's why wee think they're the perfect pair.

Holiday Silence by Nekomancy
Hiemal Hoodwink

Frost and broth and cloth
White speckled cabin aglow
Icily staring

Snowmen akimbo
Dottily grinning with glee
Icily glaring

Scarf, branch fluttering
Heart faltering fluttering
Icily gasping

Soft night's blanket came
Cold, black with grave intention
Icily strangling

- Giancarlovan

On the fourth day of Skinmas the members gave to me...skins at an ugly sweater party! ElvenJedi hosted Skinmas, which inspired several members to create adorable skins! For the fourth day, the theme was ugly sweaters! A few of them were also submitted in the Arctic Event. Here are a few that caught our eye:

Ugly Sweater / 12 Days of Skinmas / Day 4 Minecraft Skin
Ugly Sweater by JitteryPluto
Wrapped in Lights~ Minecraft Skin
Wrapped in Lights by CaelChan
Polar Bear Sweater Minecraft Skin
Polar Bear Sweater by pixelstories

You can view all 117 Skins submitted to Skinmas in this collection!

CaraRose gifted us a submission that'll last the rest of 2020! Never lose track of the days with this Calendar featuring beautiful images of her projects and builds from 2019! They're all custom made and sorted to create season photos to match each month. Thank you, Cara!

We wouldn't be able to travel ANYWHERE after a snowstorm without these snow pushers!

Bombardier Snow Groomer by Percon is described as a leaving a "first class groomed surface". The groomer also provides the operator with superior comfort! Read more about it here!

Ever travel via plane during the holidays? Wonder how they keep the runways clear? This Oshkosh Snow Keeper by Captain_JEK is a vehicle with a front mount broom that clears airport runways from snow!

JEK also submitted a Snow Blower which is used for removing large amounts of snow and a Dump Truck Snowplow.

The Euro M.A.N Street Snow Plow and Sander by Grandmaster_Jimο»Ώ found in European countries such as Switzerland! Some parts of Switzerland get 28 inches in just one storm! In 2018. from the end of December until the end of January, between 2.5 and five meters ( 8- 16 feet!) of snow fell at locations above 2,000 meters (source).

There's nothing quite like relaxing in a cabin deep in the woods, curled up with a book beside the wood stove! Christmas Crystal Ball by frostraw gives us all of the cozy cabin feels, with the golden glow of the lights and the snow tipped trees.

alias_Fuchs created a wintery adventure map with a cozy cabin perched on top of a mountain. It overlooks the forest below, and is the perfect spot to watch the sun rise and set!

Last but certainly not least, are these Christmas beasts by Roman_95! The child dragons appear to be torturing the father dragon, decorating him with Christmas ornaments. Perhaps it's a tradition. A funny sight but a reminder that Christmas is all about family and fun.

What are some of your Holiday traditions?

That's a gift wrap! Whoops, I mean that's a wrap! So many wonderful creations and another successful event! We hope you had fun! See you next time!
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The events pet was cool!
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Thank you PlanetMinecraft for mentioning me and my work

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Lovely read! Thanks for the feature, it's a nice refreshing way to see how builds and submissions could combine nicely for a theme!
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Ughh yes i love the gingerbread mobs <3 I feel like we're really in some kind of renaissance of minecraft creation with all the tools now available to us.

(I should have made time to participate because I had a lot of winter ideas this year...)
ANYHOW: Good job everyone!!! hope to see you all around the site.
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Thanks PMC!
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Well you mention my build, The Euro M.A.N Street Snow Plow and Sander. But didn't post my name. The way you have it listed, Some may think Captain_jek built it. Guess can't make everyone happy
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congrats to the event participants!
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