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Battle Of The Skins!

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created 12/17/2017 6:24 pm by Darth Theoden
Hey guys!

So I have been wondering, what is the best skin I have made. Then I thought "Why not start a contest about it?"

This contest is about which skin is the best (That I made).

HOW TO PLAY: Pick which skin is your favorite in the poll!

I will choose 10 skins. The 2 skins that have the least or zero WILL be removed from Round 2.

The Skins are:
Fire 'N' Water Paladin
Light 'N' Dark Paladin
Child's Nightmare
Eye Demon
Surgeon Eye Flesh
Bloody Cyclops
Alca Civilian ( Any of them)
Herobrine Green Arrow
Cyber Terra-Kar

Poll ended 01/07/2018 6:24 pm.

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Darth Theoden
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