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LordBreakerX started 09/29/2020 5:00 pm history
OrenPlayz replied 10/04/2020 11:22 am
After Looking at mellieee_'s Skintober 2020 Prompt list I had an idea instead of making skins for skintober I would do Buildober instead since I am better at the building than making skins.

So starting on October 1st - intel October 31st I will build small builds that have some theme that has to do with Halloween.

Also if anyone wants to do some type of buildtober feel free to join in!

Also here is my prompt list for this event:

1. Skull
2. Pumpkins
3. mini horror parkour maps
4. mini horror dropper
5. Horror coaster
6.grave yard
7. creepy aboundoned building
8. haunted house
9. mini horror map
10. haunted school
11. monster hospital
12. undead paradise
13. witches retreat
14. creepy maze
15. cave of darkness
16. evil dentist
17. candy
18. Halloween map
19. horror boss fight
20. room of the dark
21. creepy police station
22. scary adventure map
23. creepy dollhouse
24. haunted Halloween store
25. evil/ creepy ice cream truck
26. creepy skeleton statue
27. werewolves lair
28. pirate ship
29. my street but made creepily
30. haunted park
31. dark creepy forest

bonus prompts Since Just Because ;)
giant animal with creepy features
- mini horror-themed fair
- dragon
- robot
- goblin

Now That Buildtober has begun here is my collection that has my buildtober builds so far:

Also, after October 31st I decided all of my Buildtober builds will be combined into a Buildtober Park!
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10/04/2020 11:22 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Warrior
I'll try
09/30/2020 7:24 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
cool, mind if I join?
09/30/2020 7:45 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Engineer
Sure! just make sure to have a prompt list (or come up with what you build on the days) and create builds from the 1st to the 31st if you can! Also, create a collection for your buildtober for when you're done all your builds!

Also, you can post the finished collection when it's done here so I can also see your builds
09/29/2020 5:05 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Fish
wheres the list
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