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Childhood Heros - A Skin Contest

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created 08/30/2018 5:27 pm by AsianMim
last reply 09/03/2018 1:09 am

Skin Contest Theme : "Childhood Heroes"

All of the normal rules of the site still apply in this contest. We encourage you to read the full submission rules here before submitting your entry. You can find PMC's submission rules here.

1. Create a "Childhood hero" Skin.

Imagine, teddy bears in a knight's armor, defending you from the monsters under your bed, or maybe even just your parent, coming to turn on your night light and defeating the evil beings in the closet. Your job is to create a hero, through the means of a skin, that would defend a sleeping child, from attacks by the evil things that goes bump in the night.

Just be sure it fits the theme and add a description of who/what the skin is and how it relates to the theme of Childhood Heroes.

Please try to remember to be creative with your submissions, we take creativity as well as technique into account when scoring the finalists. So if you make something common and well known you may end up with a lower score compared to someone who made a much lesser known character or made up the idea for their skin.

2. Skins must be new and made for this contest.

We do not and have never accepted any copies or re-posts in our contests, nor do we accept skins created before the contest's announcement date.

Do not submit copies, or paint-overs, of default textures from the minecraft.jar - This means no Steve skins, zombie skins, pigman skins, Creeper skins, or Enderman skins are permitted!

Do not submit copies, or paint-overs, even if you are the original author.

Do not submit existing member submissions, from this site or others. This includes your own galleries.

Give us something new and fresh, please!

3. Skins must be valid, use-able character skins.

This is a contest for player skins only.

Please do not submit mob skins, villager skins, or anything but the format expected for the player model. Note that skins with transparent portions have not worked in-game since minecraft Alpha, so make sure that your skins are COMPLETELY filled out. No skins with transparent portions will be accepted.

Do not use the light blue skin preview background color to fake large areas of transparency. These are not considered valid skins.

4. Submit something you made, entirely by yourself.

Skins that are obvious remixes, recolors, or blatant copies of other people's work are not acceptable. Your entry will be disqualified, and you will be disqualified from the contest if you are found to be submitting stolen work.

Using skin-making tools or apps such is not the same as making a skin yourself. Keep in mind also that, when using those applications, you are copying from a library of 'parts'. Several of those 'parts' were taken from talented skinners without their consent, and as such, skins containing those parts are considered stolen art. Those entries will be disqualified.

5. One entry per person.

Each user will only be permitted to submit one skin for this contest.

You may edit your entry for as long as the contest submission period is open. If you decide to change your submission at any point, you are free to do so. However, be warned that deleting your original entry may cause errors and make it impossible for you to re-enter the contest. Instead, you should use the "update submission" button on your active submission, then save the new file over your old one. Remember to change the submission title and description if necessary!

6. The contest will run for about two weeks.

Post dates must be made after today's date, August 30th. The contest will end about two weeks from today, on September 12th. Skins submitted after this date will not be accepted.

7. Take your time, and make it fun!

Give your skin some character! Give them some defining characteristics. Make it unique and awesome!

We've always scored higher for submissions that include more thought and creativity. Write a bit about the history behind your character and we'll all learn more. Remember, you have two weeks to do this. You don't have to put something up right away. Take your time!

If you're unsure if your idea will fit with the theme or have any other concerns feel free to contact our list of judges below they should be able to help you, as well as many of the site moderators.

Do not rush yourself to get something in immediately. This contest is not a random drawing - the submissions are judged by a panel of long-standing members with a great deal of experience in making Minecraft skins. It will not help your chances at winning if you submit anything less than fantastic, so take your time.

Should you chose to rush, remember that you are able to update your submission as many times as you want before the final close date of September 12th.

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09/03/2018 1:09 am
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ignore me
I might just casually
ruin your childhood with mine
or not
08/31/2018 7:20 pm
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ooo this one sounds really cute.
if i have the time, i'll totally join!
(good luck to any contestants)




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