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ETBL- Season 2 [SIGNUP]

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created 08/17/2018 2:29 pm by Darth Spookoden
last reply 08/19/2018 5:44 pm
Since no one joined on the regular thread, I'll just put it on here.

Hello everyone! It's Theo here.
Now, your probably thinking "Ugh, its Theo again with another stupid CONTEST"
Well, this one is different.
First of all, its a Battle League.
Second of all, it has a twist.
Have you ever wanted a theme to with for the PMC skin contests but they never win?
Well, I have a solution.
I will be taking those themes and using them for this Battle League.
For example: Laboratory Experiments, City Life, Aztecs, Disguises, etc.*
*If they're are no more themes to choose from official polls, I will make up a theme or do a poll.
They're will be several seasons, so don't worry!

The FaiyaBLAST126

I would like to give a thanks to DinowCookie and her blog "10 steps to organizing a successful contest on PMC." It really helped alot! So thank you, DinowCookie!

I'd also like to give a thanks to BIO for giving me the idea to do a battle league. So thank you, BIO!

What is this contest? Beginners start here.
This battle league is a contest where a bunch of people in different groups face off in tournament style battles.

This is season has a little twist.

There will be 4 groups of 4 people battling each other. Once the group has finished their skins, the judges will judge the skins. Whoever has the lowest score will be Eliminated.

Once 3 people in each group have been eliminated, the final 4 people will face off, and whoever wins will not be chosen by judges, but by community votes.

There is only a max of 16 people this season, so I'd signup up right away if I were you
The prizes for each winner in the different groups are:

A pixel trophy, a title and a spot in the Hall of Fame!
Slots- Season 2



Deadline- Season 2
Signups: 1 week (August 18- August 25)
Skin deadline: Whenever each group is done.
Judging: After each group is done.
Announcing winners: following day

I'm anticipating this season to be longer than normal, so I'm shooting for like 5-7 weeks?
Hall Of Fame
This is for the people who won each season!

Season 1- The FaiyaBLAST and DinowCookie
The judges this season are:

Darth Theoden


Theme- Season 2
The theme is...


Laboratory Experiments!
Feel free to interpret the theme as you like as long as it has to do something with it.​
Criteria- For all seasons
Criteria 1: Technique (10 points)
Criteria 2: Originality ( 15 points)
Criteria 3: Shading (5 points​
1. Must be a skin intended for the contest
2. No skin stealing
3. Only one entry per season
4. Must enter in-time or else you are disqualified.
5. Have fun making your skin!
6. You CANNOT make your skin BEFORE the skin deadline.

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Darth Spookoden
Level 30 : Artisan Magical Boy

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08/19/2018 5:38 pm
Level 24 : Expert Pixel Puncher
ok, I'll sign up
08/19/2018 5:44 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Magical Boy
Darth Spookoden
Placing you in Group 1

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