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What a FALL it's been! We SURPASSED last year's event submissions by 95, with a total of 706 amazing entries! Thank you to everyone who participated! This year's seasonal theme was a open ended !


We introduced the newest PMC pet to the family this October. A cute little black cat named Ender! Along with Ender, Batty was also hanging around the site all month. Batty was with us last year, but if you weren't able to meet him, we brought him back this year! A total of 2,283 members found Ender this Fall, and 2006 members found Batty (for a total of 3,280 members in posession of Batty)!

Speaking of Ender, we saw a couple of fan Ender fan submissions including this adorable skin by Hibikii. tomatotownn took it to another level with his submission - after spending a lot of time looking for Ender on the header of the site and not being able to find him, tomatotownn took maters into his own hands and made this animation of him in-game! It uses structure blocks running on a clock that I had to fine tune to ensure it ran at the same time Ender moved his little tail. You can actually download and check it out for yourself!

Ender cat :3 Minecraft Skin


The scarecrow is perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of fall and we saw some really good ones in the Fall Event!

Fun Fact: Scarecrows date back THOUSANDS of years! The Egyptians used the first scarecrows in recorded history to use to protect wheat fields along the Nile River from flocks of quail. Neat!

We saw several scarecrow skin submissions including brown raggy ones like Long Live the Legion Scarecrow and CaelChan's Outrunning Karma skin. If we were crows, we certainly would be scared off by these two!

Some scarecrows had pumpkins on their heads, like this one by Darkan Gnarly and the one pictured below, and int the middle by VanishCraftYT. A bit more friendlier looking than the other two!

Outrunning Karma by CaelChan
Halloween Scarecrow Minecraft Skin
Halloween Scarecrow by VanishCraftYT


Suit up with this Jack Skellington Skin by
KKLuke and jump into the Nightmare Before Christmas World by JewlzChan! These two members were clearly on the same page, making a recreation of elements from one of the most popular Halloween movies (though some confuse it for being a Christmas movie).

Jack Skellington : Nightmare Before Christmas Minecraft Skin


What says fall more than Pumpkins!? There was no shortage of Pumpkin submissions in this event, and we really enjoyed seeing some members' post their pumpkins they carved in real life this year for Halloween! Pictured to the left is Count Leopold Robin I carved by Etqtay. Watch out for the eyeteeth on this one!

Funtazer went the virtual route and carved their own pumpkin in Minecraft! Actually, the Download brings you to a world of uncarved pumpkins with the purpose of having you carve your own! The inside and candle are already in place. The pumpkins are settled in a custom made pumpkin patch biome, with custom made fall sponge trees and unique terrain for your Halloween pleasure.

Topaz Builder built this Halloween Airship decorated with numerous pumpkins which are specially grown and contain infinite magical energy. This energy is what the airship runs on. This airship's purpose is to spray a virus on the ground turning people into pumpkins.


There were many terrific tree submissions, spreading autumn vibes with shades of browns and hues of reds, oranges, and yellows! Fawne's tree skin [​bottom, left] included some funny tree puns including:

around for more"

insert tree pun here - SKINTOBER Minecraft Skin

Autumn Leaves / CE Minecraft Skin

"watch me branch out from my comfort zone."

We definitely won't leaf you hanging and be sticking around for more!

Old tree Minecraft SkinTree of Fall Minecraft Skin


What's the saying? A match made in Heaven? Well, for this perfect pair, we're going to take a collective guess and say this is not a match made in "heaven" but a match made in "Halloween". We couldn't help but notice that Topaz Builder's Spooky Manor build had similarities to the mansion referenced in OneCord's short Halloween story "Immortal".

SPOOKY MANOR by Topaz Builder


There was a luxurious mansion, made up by dark oak wood, in a tenebrous forest. It is said that an old man that became a vampire lives in that mansion, fully of suffering and anger. This romour made the population terrified...

"My father was the most famous carpenter in my village, Incense. We were a poor family and my mom died when I was seven years old. I remember that my father used to congratulate me saying – 'Your mom would be proud of you', and that made me glad.

When I grew up and was eighteen, my father passed away, letting me completely alone. I lived a bad life, receiving the harassment of the rest of teenagers. I could live on the skills of carpentry that I learnt from my father.

Then, when I was coming of age; and I was forty years old, I was lonely, sad and depressed.

One day, I was walking through the forest, and I found an abandoned palace in the middle of the wilderness. I wanted to go into the mansion; and that’s what I did. I opened the door and saw a beautiful hall with gold details on the walls. All of a sudden, a group of bats came to me and I was so terrified that I couldn’t do anything.

After, when I awoke from a long sleep, I was sitting on a throne, in the same mansion where I was before. Many bats and pallid people were around me: I felt… Immortal.


What's Halloween without a suspenseful game of hide-and-seek? The Wraithing Trials by Podcrash is nothing short of a terrifying survival of the fittest game that you can play with friends. The project page states:

"the weakest player will become the first Wraith. Group up, or spread out, the wraith has to find and destroy every last soul to win"

Download if you dare, but beware... your friends may turn on you!

BronGhast014 created a Halloween themed data pack that adds 16 new decorations including carved pumpkins, empty picture frames, and four different moving paintings. Did we mention the pack also includes jump scares for you to spook your friends with?!. BronGhast014 created a halloween themed data pack that adds 16 new decorations including carved pumpkins, empty picture frames, and four different moving paintings. Did we mention the pack also includes jump scares for you to spook your friends with?!

zom b Minecraft Skin
zom b by Ree_
Zombie girl Minecraft Skin
Zombie Girl by shinoka

Have you ever dressed up as one of these for Halloween? They're a classic costume, and we were delighted to see several original takes on them! Here are a few of our faves!

shinoka's rendition of a Zombie girl is the perfect balance between cute and creepy. The are bone and green face are tell tale
[X] Ancient Witch of Yore πŸŽƒ Minecraft SkinAncient Witch of Yore by luvvyy
mummy costume Minecraft Skin
mummy costume by zipzo0m
signs of a zombie, and they nailed it! In their description, they indicate that where they're from, Halloween isn't as big but they always loved it and everything spooky!

luvvyy's Witch chills us to the bone - the blank blue eyes stare into your soul if you gaze at her for long... quick look away before she posesses you!

Lemilas submitted a few poems, this one in particular we felt paired well with a photo submitted by katofnyan:

A special season, cool yet bright,

With harvest times and leaves that fall,

With shorter daytime, longer night,

And many joys for one and all.

With trees now bare and leaves to rake,

And warmth against a greater cold,

New happy memories to make,

A time of peace for young and old.
- Lemilas

Autumn Leaf
photo by katofnyan

πŸ“· Fall Photography
A community challenge inspired as many as 6 members to enter a photography blog into the Fall Festival event! Combined, the participants managed to convey a lot of different aspects about what makes the autumn season so magical. With bold berries and perennials you can almost feel the crisp, cool air from the photographers perspective ! Here's an impression with some of our favorites:

While we were running the Fall Festival Event, some members were participating in Inktober, Skintober, and Mountober! Some members such as CaraRose hosted their own fall themed contest. Her Autumn Atmosphere contest had several submissions, some of which were also entered into the fall event! What's great about participating in these events is that your submissions doubled as a submission in the Fall Festival! Double win!

Below are some of our picks from members who participated in Inktober!

Day 2: Mindless by spicy_pumpkin

Sonder, a druid tiefling by Wildflowers

Day 23: Ancient by ChatieTheDragon

We kept a list of the members that decorated their profile fall or Halloween! Although most may have changed their theme now, here is the list:


We hope you had as much fun participating in this event as much as we had fun hosting it! Until next time, have a lovely day!
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Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post! It was incredibly fun making the skin to show my fall support this year, especially since this is my first fall with my Planet Minecraft account! Not a bad looking scarecrow for a 13-year-old boy, is it?
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OMG! Thank you for mentioning me!
And that cool-looking mansion is actually really similar to what I tried to represent in my story.
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Thanks from the deepest, most grateful part of my heart, this recognition has given me the will to continue to pursue Minecraft edginess. Merci!
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10/10 really hot summary of the event
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If Leopold were still with us, he'd say ''thank you human..website...person. :D''
Thanks for mentioning me! <3
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Really loved seeing the enthusiasm of so many submissions for this!
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Thanks for the mention!
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Oh, my photo of our huge pumpkin is here!
Thank you!
It's a shame that this pumpkin went rotten after only one week
So I had to carve an another pumpkin which wasn't too big
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