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-Rae- and A1yssa will be leading the mini-games on Hypixel! There will be 2 groups every hour, for four hours, with the exception of the first hour. So if you get on Hypixel and all of the groups are filled, try again in the next hour. If you’ve played mini-games for an hour, please hop off and let others have the opportunity to play!

Start times are approximate! Be at Rae's housing/hub at the top of the hour to make sure you get included in the next round of games. When the previous party has ended, Alyssa and Rae will get back to the hub as quickly as they can!

Time (Eastern Time Zone):Host(s):
12 PM - 1 PMLead by A1yssa
1 PM- 2 PMLead by A1yssa and -Rae-
2 PM-3 PMLead by A1yssa and -Rae-
3 PM - 4PM
Lead by A1yssa and -Rae-

How to Attend mini-game meet up:

The IP for Hypixel is mc.hypixel.net.

We will be meeting at Rae's housing on Hypixel so that we can gather everyone there and make sure we're all ready to go before we start playing minigames! To visit Rae's housing on Hypixel, simply type /lobby housing in chat and then type /visit spotthecheetah.

announcement I've never played on a server, how do I do that?

Copy the server ID to your clipboard (Ctrl + C for Windows/Linux and ⌘ Cmd + C for macOS). You can skip this step and just type the address in if you prefer!

The IP address is often a number displayed next to the name of it, or a domain. In this case, it is mc.hypixel.net

Start Minecraft, click Multiplayer, and click Add Server.
There should be two boxes, Server Name and IP Address. The server name does not matter a bit.
Now press Ctrl + V (Windows/Linux) or ⌘ Cmd + V (macOS) in the Server Address box, or simply type it in!
Confirm your entries by clicking done.

You will be taken back to the server list. The server should appear on it with green bars on the right.
Click the server, click Join Server. Normally, you will be brought directly into the server.

When you get into Hypixel, type /lobby housing in chat. Then, /visit spotthecheetah.

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I was banned from hypixel because my brother hacked 2+ years ago lmao
also I can't be unbanned because his previous one got denied ;-;
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can you tell me how to play

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The Hypixel Network (commonly referred to as the Hypixel Server,[2] or simply Hypixel) is a Minecraft minigame server released on April 13, 2013, by Simon "Hypixel"
Collins-Laflamme and Philippe Touchette, and is managed by Hypixel Inc. Hypixel is only available on the Java Edition of Minecraft,[3] but was formerly available on the Pocket Edition of the game as well. Hypixel has held four Guinness World Records.

The Hypixel server was released in beta on April 13, 2013, by Simon Collins-Laflamme, whose username is Hypixel, and Philippe Touchette.[4][5] The two originally created Minecraft adventure maps together[3]
and uploaded trailers to their YouTube channel. The Hypixel server was
created to play and further showcase these maps. Minigames were
originally created for users to play on while waiting for other players,[5]
but the minigames themselves gained popularity on their own and became
the server's main identity, and efforts from Hypixel were put towards
new server content instead of the making of other Minecraft maps and games.[3][6][7] In 2015, it was revealed that the server cost around $100,000 a month to maintain, back when the server had around 16,000 players online.[6] Today, the server regularly reaches over 100,000 concurrent players.[8]

On December 21, 2016, Hypixel reached 10 million unique players in total,[9] and had reached 14.1 million unique players by the time Hytale was announced on December 13, 2018.[10] The server reached 18 million unique players in April 2020, according to a tweet by the server owner.[11]
As of September 15, 2015, Hypixel attracts 1.9 million players every month.[6]

Around April 2018, Hypixel began to use Cloudflare Spectrum as a DDoS protection after being the victim of multiple attacks hosted by Mirai against the server.[12][13]

Hypixel China

In May 2017, Hypixel partnered with NetEase, the publisher of Minecraft China, to release a version of Hypixel in China.[14] This separate version of Minecraft and the Hypixel Minecraft server would be operated and translated by NetEase, as part of their partnership.[15]

On April 13, 2020, NetEase announced that the Chinese version of
the server would be shutting down on June 30, 2020, due to the
expiration of the agreement.[16]


Main article: Hytale

On December 13, 2018, a stand-alone game named Hytale was announced to the public to be in development by Hypixel Studios, a separate company founded by the creators of Hypixel,[10][17][18][19] with support from Riot Games and other developers including Dennis Fong, Rob Pardo and Peter Levine.[10] Development for Hytale started around 2015 and was teased at occasionally.[18] The trailer for Hytale was released on December 13, 2018, and amassed over 30 million views within a month.[20][21] On April 16, 2020, Riot Games announced their full acquisition of Hypixel Studios.[22]

How to play VampireZ (my fav game):


For anyone that doesn't know me, my name is AmokaHD.

A lot of people have been wondering how to play this brand new game, so I decided to create a guide.

First of, how can you trust that this guide will have authenticity? Well hopefully this next screenshot will solve that:

Now this guide will be separated into its respectful sections and hopefully you can run through this and become a pro yourself.

Table of Contents:

~Getting Started/What is this?

~The Shops

~How to play Surviver

~How to play Vampire

~Map: Village

~Map: Church

~To the VIP/VIP+'s

~A Video by Sarathor


Getting Started

Now, as this is a new game, not everyone has played this sufficiently enough to understand it. some haven't even played it yet!

To get to the VampireZ Lobby there is 3 ways (as to any lobby)

    • Right click compass (if in a lobby) -> Click the Wither Skull (Titled VampireZ)

    • Use the command "/lobby v"

    • Go through the portal that has a sign next to it named VampireZ

Once you enter the VampireZ Lobby you will be introduced directly to the Info Board

The info board shows the objective to both Vampires and Survivors.

The MAIN objective in VampireZ is to WIN as a survivor. To do that you need to last 20 waves (12 minutes and 50 seconds).

Both Game boards are at the left and right
side of the info board. There is a total of 21 game signs at the ready
to join a game.

There is currently only 2 maps as of the publishing of this thread; Village (26 slots) and Church (24 slots).

When joining a game you will be send to a pre-game lobby until enough
people have joined. When enough have joined (for village it's 20, for
Church it's 18) you will receive the 30 second starting message. This
won't appear if you join after it has started, which to you will only
see the 10 second countdown.

When starting the game:

-Randomly, 2 out of the amount of people that joined, will be selected
as Vampires. Those 2 Vampires are called "Original Vampires". They start
with 40 starter blood and an "Original Vampire Fang" which has
Sharpness II, instead of the regular one that has Sharpness I. *Note-
this only lasts until death, if you die with sharpness II, you will re
spawn with only a Sharpness I.*

Vampires will ALWAYS have Speed II, Night Vision and Invisibility.

-If you aren't picked as a Vampire, you will be a survivor. A survivor
starts with 25 gold (can be modified with the "Gold Starter" perk in the
lobby shop) and a wooden sword. Survivors will ALWAYS have Blindness, Speed I and Resistance I.
*Note- There can be Nausea in between waves (it's a feature), also your
blindness can flicker with night vision in between waves or if a
Vampire is near you, both have different noise to it.*


In the VampireZ game there are 3 shops in total; Lobby, Survivor, Vampire.

Let's look at all 3 of them and I'll give a rundown on all of them.

The Lobby Shop (going from left to right , top to bottom)

*NOTE: All perks (except for Herobrine) have 3 tiers that cost 1,250 ; 2,500 ; 5,000 (total 8,750 coins per perk)*


Vampiric Minion: Have a chance for spawning a Wither on Death.
*Handy for multiple people attacking, as this wither does die in 2 hits,
but has a chance to wither (2x slower poison effect) a person, if not a

Blood Booster: Gain blood when killed. *Any extra blood helps!*

Drain Punch: Gain blood for hitting a survivor. *It is currently a
little broken as it doesn't give the correct amount (I have 75% and
only get 1 every 7 hits or so), but any extra blood helps!*

Wave Booster: Gain blood after waves end. *The standard amount of blood you get is 3 a wave, this will increase it nicely.*

Kill Booster: Gain blood after killing a survivor. *Get a little extra reward for killing.*

Blood Drinker: Chance of getting Regen II when hitting a survivor. *Heal yourself in tight situations!*

Final Breath: Chance of getting Regen II when killing a survivor. *Definitely worth getting as it is a life saver for Vampires.*

Hellborn: Chance of not taking fire damage when on fire. *As a
lot of survivors that last past wave 10 have fire aspect swords, this
will be a very handy perk to get*

Vampiric Scream: Chance of giving an ender scream when hitting a
survivor. *Purely cosmetic, just to make it more horrifying for the
survivors that have their sounds on.*


Gold Starter^: Start with more gold in the beginning. *One of the first things you should get, if max tiered, you can start with 40 gold!*

Gold Booster: Get more gold each wave. *Even more important than Gold Starter, this thing will earn you a potential 100 gold extra!*

Zombie Doubler: Chance of receiving an extra 2 gold from zombies killing. *Worth having if you're constantly fighting zombies.*

Vampire Doubler: Chance of getting 5 extra gold from killing Vampires. *Worth having as it adds up overtime.*

Baby Hater: Chance of getting Regen II if hit by a baby zombie. *I love this perk, saved me a bunch of times.*

Explosive Killer: Chance of exploding the entity you killed. *Cosmetic perk, but very nice to hear the bangs.*

Fireproofing: Chance of not catching on fire. *Even though fire
doesn't last too long, it can be worth having, not high on the priority


Vampire: Appear as Herobrine (65,000 coins): Instead of wearing a
Wither Skull and Black leather chest-plate, you wear a Herobrine Head
and a grey leather chest-plate. *This is an end-game item. If you have
nothing to spend your coins on, this is fun to get.*

What's my priority with the shop? *This is purely my opinion, anyone's can differ*

    • Gold Booster

    • Gold Starter

    • Vampire Doubler

    • Fireproofing

    • Baby Hater

    • Final Breath

    • Blood Drinker

Those are my priority if I ever have to start over. As you can see,
I picked survivor first then Vampire ones. If you want to be a Vampire
more, then you can pick the Vampire perks over the survivor (although I
don't see the reason to be a Vampire as that's not the point of the

The Survivor Shop: *As this is mostly Gear/food, I'll do it in general and prices*

The Useless Items

    • Wooden Sword (3 gold)

    • Stone Sword (10 gold)

    • Burning Blade (wood sword with fire aspect I) (30 gold)

    • Bouncy Plank (wood sword with knockback I) (30 gold)

    • Piercing Splinter (wood sword with sharpness I) (30 gold)

    • Pumice Sword (stone sword with knockback I) (50 gold)

    • Stone Shard (stone sword with sharpness I) (50 gold)

The Basic Weapons

    • Iron Sword (20 gold) -Best starter Weapon

    • Lava Sword (stone sword with fire aspect I) (50 gold) - cheap fire aspect sword, in case you need to light things up.

    • Sprung Steel (iron sword with knockback I) (100 gold) - Great sword if fighting off cliffs or anything that you can knock someone off of.

    • Plasma Cutter (iron sword with fire aspect I) (100 gold) - A good permanent sword for lighting things up.

    • Hardened Steel (iron sword with sharpness I) (100 gold) - Great sword that can 3 hit any Vampire (Unless Vampire is using ******).

The Improved Weapons (VIP)

    • (VIP) Hardened Plasma Cutter (iron sword with sharpness and fire aspect I) (200 gold) - Arguably the best sword next to the God Sword. **Greatly Recommended out of the improved swords

    • (VIP) Hardened Sprung Steel (iron sword with sharpness and knockback I) (200 gold) - A great sword that does damage and knocks everyone a far!

    • (VIP) Sprung Plasma Cutter (iron sword with knockback and fire aspect I) (200 gold) - A fairly useless sword as it contradicts between the two perks. Not recommended.

    • (VIP+) God Sword (diamond sword with knockback, sharpness and fire aspect I) (500 gold) - It's
      the God Sword. Best sword in game. Worth getting? If you miss click the
      1000 gold pack, why not. Otherwise Hardened Plasma Cutter is better.

Armour *All Armour sets consist of the 4 parts (head, top, bottom, boots)*

    • Leather Armour (50 gold) - too poor too afford iron? Fair alternative.

    • Iron Armour (100 gold) - Pretty much the most basic and best armor set to get. In the guide to survivor this one is *VERY RECOMMENDED*.

    • Leather Armour (Thorns) (150 gold)

    • Leather Armour (Protection I) (175 gold) - Best non-vip armor

    • (VIP) Iron Armour (Thorns) (350 gold) - not worth getting

    • (VIP) Iron Armour (Protection I) (350 gold) - BEST ARMOUR SET FOR THE PRICE

    • (VIP+) God Armour (Diamond with protection
      and thorns) (2,000 gold) - got money to splash around with? Spend 1.6k
      coins for the 2k gold and get this armor!


    • Student Dining (5 gold) - consists of an apple and a cooked potato. - apple has no saturation, the potato has a little.

    • Tropical Resort (5 gold) - consists of a
      watermelon and a cooked fish. - watermelon has no saturation, fish has a
      little more than a potato.

    • Take out (10 gold) - consists of 1 cooked beef and 1 cooked chicken. - Both great saturation but require 2 different slots.

    • Pig Out (10 gold) - consists of 2 cooked pork. My personal favorite. Good saturation.

    • Homecooked Meal (10 gold) - consists of a pumpkin pie and a carrot. Pumpkin pie is pretty great, the carrot. not so much.

    • (VIP+) God Food (100 gold) - consists of 1
      golden apple (regular) and 1 golden carrot. This is the best food
      (obviously for that price). The apple gives absorption and the carrot
      gives a HUGE saturation level.

Potions and coin> gold

    • Health Potions (20 gold) - gives you two
      health potions that do 4 health (2 hearts) of healing. These are
      consumables, not splash.

    • (VIP) Regeneration Potion (50 gold) - gives a regeneration I 45 second potion. *Almost a requirement to survive in my opinion.*

    • (VIP+) God Potion (200 gold) - Gives a 180
      second Strength I potion and a 120 second regeneration I potion. *Some
      might think it's not worth it. You're wrong. This is the best potion set
      to exist right now. As you get a 2 minute regeneration potion anyways
      (which would cost equivalent to buying regeneration's 133 coins, all
      you're paying is 67 coins for 3 MINUTES of strength.)

    • 10 coins for 10 gold (Exchange rate is 1.00 gold per coin)****

    • 90 coins for 100 gold (Exchange rate is 1.11 gold per coin)**** - GET THIS FOR ARMOR AT START

    • 800 coins for 1,000 gold (Exchange rate is 1.25 gold per coin)****

Now Personally when starting as a Survivor you should ALWAYS buy
the 100 gold pack. You will make your money back by wave 13 doing
nothing. Once you buy the 100 gold pack, buy the iron armor. You will
increase your chance at survival much longer, also you will gain a lot
more coins doing so because you can tank Vampires/Zombies. And if
everyone buys iron armor? Well, then it's free wins really.


The Vampire Shop: *Fairly basic things in it. I'll explain each one.*

    • Flame Arrow (1 blood) - Points to where the NEAREST survivor is located.

    • Vampiric Regenration (3 blood) - Gives you Regeneration III for 30 seconds. ~Best with combo

    • Instant Health (5 blood) - Gives you automatically full health.

    • Vampiric Aura (10 blood) - Gives you Strength III for 15 seconds. ~Best with combo

    • Vampiric Leap (10 blood) - Gives you jump boost VII until death.

    • Health Boost (10 blood) - Adds 10 extra hearts (absorption hearts). ~Best with combo

    • (VIP) Bat Form (15 blood) - Allows flight in bat form until death.

    • (VIP) Iron Baby (15 blood) - spawns an Iron Baby** (Cooldown of 15 seconds)

    • (VIP+) Diamond Baby (45 blood) - spawns a Diamond Baby** (Cooldown of 15 seconds)

**- Babies get stronger after wave 16 (as do normally spawned wave
zombies and natural vampire spawned zombies.) (You notice when it's wave
16 as natural vampire spawned zombies are diamond instead of iron.).

How to play Survivor


Step 1: Spawned

Being a Survivor isn't always easy. Starting with only a wooden sword
and 25^ gold wont get you too far unless you have a really passive game
or a great hiding location.

The major tactic is safety. A lot of people say it's impossible to win
as a survivor. Reason for that is that the majority don't even buy armor
at the start. I understand that the first 2/3 games you need to rack up
coins before buying the 100 gold pack (look at shop). However, after
you have 90 coins in your bank, you should buy armor right away. Buy it
right when you spawn. The chances of you living to wave 3 are so slim
without armor (any smart vampire *and I will discuss this in the "How to
play Vampire" section* will go after people without armor). Buying
armor let's you last to the 20 second waves, that's where the coins/gold
start racking up tremendously. So point is BUY ARMOUR AT THE START RIGHT AWAY.

Step 2: Finding a Home

After you bought the armor you should start looking for the hiding spots
**To see the hiding spots I mention check in the "Maps" Section in my
post below**. As this is a team natured game it is recommended to go
with 2 or 3 of your friends, preferably one that knows how the game
works and knows the general idea of it. If you have none of those type
of friends it isn't a problem.

Make sure that the hiding spot you find is:

1. Fairly away from Surviver Spawn

2. Not near another group of survivors

3. Not too easy to look for

Step 3: Inside Home

Once you find the location of your liking you should start shifting.
Shifting is probably the biggest life saver if the game. The reason is
because if another group of survivors are taking the attacks of the
Vampires, you will be less known and less looked at. When I go vampire
my main thing I look for is name tags. However, do not think you are invincible when shifting, that's why there is Fire Arrow for the Vampires to find the Survivors. Always be on the alert for the tell-tale flashing and scream,
that is the indication that a Vampire is near you. In fact, during that
stage a Vampire spawned zombie will spawn, you can see it's name tag if
it's near you, giving you the general direction of where the vampire
that triggered the alarm is.

Step 3: In Case of Emergency

Inevitably you will be found by at least 1 Vampire (Unless you're in a
location where it's hard to reach (check Church Map for details)). Once
this happens you should not panic. Always be on the alert of a door
opening or a glass breaking. If you see that black demon enter your room
you should be coordinated, try to flank him so that he doesn't always
hit you. Normally it takes 4 hits with an Iron sword to kill a
Vampire, 8 if hes using extra hearts, and 10 if hes using extra hearts
and regeneration.
If you find it hard to kill him hes probably using
the Vampire Combo (Check How to be Vampire for that). You might find
yourself at 2-4 hearts at the end of that fight if it's direct, 5-7
hearts if you swayed from his attacks. In those type of situations you
want to buy Health potions (20 gold) and drink both of them to regain 8
health (4 hearts).

Step 4: Patience at its Finest

The general objective of VampireZ is to Survive. Patience is a
must in this game. Go in-patient and start walking around all cockily
and you will die. Try to always shift to not get noticed. If you think your place is pretty secluded from anything you can multi-task (AFK),
browse the forums or your favorite website, watch Youtube or something.
This game isn't really too hard. It's the final waves that bring the
fun in the game. However, you should know when to go AFK and when to not.
If the Vampire number is below 10 it is safe to AFK in a good spot,
however if there are only 8 survivors (4 of them being you and your
friends) you should really start paying attention to the situation at

Step 5: Waves 16+

Before anything, wave 16 (XVI in Roman) starts at 9:30 into the game.
This is the moment where it starts getting hard. Zombies are twice as
strong, and natural wave spawning zombies are actually really fast. Baby
zombies can now hit 2 hearts of damage (they only managed 1 heart in
the prior waves), and diamond baby zombies can do a potential 4 hearts
of damage (prior waves was 1 1/2 hearts). Instead of Iron Vampire
Spawned zombies it is now Diamond Zombies. You have to be really careful
when encountering the scream effect, as that is when the zombies are
naturally spawned if a Vampire is near you. Be alert and ALWAYS PRIORITIZE THE ZOMBIES RATHER THAN THE VAMPIRES.
If you are in a team, make sure you stay coordinated. If a team member
is low on health, you should back him/her up and let them
regenerate/drink health potions. Team work gets started during these
waves. Wave 16 to finish is only 3 minutes and 20 seconds. If a team
member or yourself has a God Potion Set, start drinking the strength at
9:50 (Wave 17 (XVII)) and then Regeneration at 10:55*** (***Drink potion
5 seconds after the wave "Survivers win" because you get a natural
Regeneration II at the end of wave 19.).

Step 6: The Dark Stages Before the Light

At the latter stages, with 30 seconds left in the game. You should start
evaluating to see how the situation is going. If your teammates are
dying, you should start evacuating and just run around. You will stand a
better chance at surviving in an open area than in an enclosed if your
by yourself.

If you still have 3+ if your team, hold your ground unless the situation
requires evacuation. This is where your instincts will be put to your
test, your better judgement. If you make the right decision, bravo. You
won the game!

How to Play Vampire

Spawning as a Vampire is probably the more annoying part of the game.
Forcefully being put as Vampire is something I never look forward to.
Even though I have Herobrine (cosmetic) and could end games fairly fast,
I'd rather be Survivor. But If you are a Vampire you could choose 1 of 3
things; leave, AFK, Kill.

We are obviously only going to do the 3rd thing, kill.

Killing is not as easy as it seems (for most people). I noticed that lot
of people struggle to kill survivors without armor. Then when survivors
get armor they start calling survivors cheaters and hax0rs and other
dumb stuff like that. I can manage to kill 2 people in full iron and
full health with the Vampire Combo fairly easily as long as you know how
to strafe. This is what this guide is for.

Part 1: The No Armour Feeding Grounds

Whenever you start as a vampire you will notice that not a long of
people have armor from the start. A lot of people wait to save up coins
to buy armor, whether it's leather armor or iron armor.

When you are starter Vampire you should ALWAYS go for the people that have no armor. Now there is a priority list to it!

Wood Sword - Solo

Group With no Armor

Group Inside House no Armor

Solo In Hiding Spot With Armor

*People with armor < People without armor < People without
armor with a wooden sword < People without armor by themselves <
People without armor by themselves with a wooden sword*

As you can tell, the ones that look very tasty are on the most rightern part of the list (People without armor by themselves with a wooden sword). Those
people can be killed in 4 hits. What you do is activate Vampiric Aura
in the shop (The Beacon Block that costs 10 blood) and smack them 4
times. voila! They have been brutally murdered. You want to do that with
all the people that are by themselves. Once there are none that are by
themselves, only ones in groups this is what you do,

Part 2: The Group Hugs Gone Wrong

Now that we crossed off the 2 sections in the to-do list (People without armor by themselves < People without armor by themselves with a wooden sword) you
will want to look for small groups (preferably groups of 2-4 people)
Here is where it can start getting tricky, especially with newer
Vampires that are just starting off. Once you locate a group (usually
they reside in houses) you will want to put up the Health Boost (Sponge that costs 10 blood) and Vampiric Regeneration (Redstone block that costs 3 blood) and then finally the Vampiric Aura (This is called the Vampire Combo, using all 3 of the perks I just mentioned).
Once all that is activated enter their house and start hitting them.

Once you have killed all the ones with no armor (both in groups and singles), you will want to look around for the armored guys.

**Note: Make sure to fly around the landscape to see any stragglers
without armor. You will find those a lot in the Church map. **

Part 3: Armor is Only as Good as a Knife Through Butter

Time to find your last prey, the Iron armored people! They can be killed
using the Vampire Combo fairly easily. There are a few different types
of Armored people in different categories, so I'll sum them up 1 by 1.


Leather Armor, Any Sword

Not even an oppisition. Can be killed in 5-6 hits with fang II, 8 hits with fang I

Regular Iron Armor, Regular Iron Sword

Easy to kill with the Vampire Combo, takes an average of 7 hits with a Sharp II fang and 10 hits with the Sharp I fang.

Regular Iron Armor, Specialty Sword

A bit harder as they can do a little more damage to you or light you on fire, or knock you away.

Still the armor rating is the same, but you might need to use regen more
often so fly away when 3-5 hearts and regen/insta health, redo strength
and go in for another attack.

Leather Specialty Armor, Any sword

Leather Specialty Armor is only slightly better than iron (that is if
its protection, if its thorns then don't mind it). Same 7 hits with
Sharp II, 11 hits with Sharp I.

Specialty Iron Armor, Specialty Sword

Only Reason I didn't put Specialty Iron Arm, reg sword is because it's
not possible to see that. If they spend 350 coins on armor they will
spend at least 100 coins on a sword. But the stargety with this type of
armor is to team on him with 1-2 more people. Let them attack first if
they don't use Vampiric Aura, let them die if anything, and you swoop in
for the kill (be sure to sway a lot as it might extend to quite a
fight). Average with sharp II fang is 11 hits and 17 hits with Sharp I.

God Armor

This is the equivalent to fighting a boss. There is no chance of you
soloing a God Armor person as they can 2 hit you fairly easily (most of
them buy god pots and even with a regular sword they can 2 hit vamps, 3
hit if they have 20 hearts). The strategy to beating God Armor is to
kill everyone else so that they can pile on the God Armor guy. It is
successful. However if there are two God Armor's and they are teaming. I
would suggest /lobby .

If you don't happen to run into God Armor, you should be able to finish
your game with a nice 7+ Human kills and maybe finish in 6 minutes
average. Good job!

A few tips and tricks:

    • Critical damage does work and if you have a
      fang I you only need to critical once on a no armour guy and you can 4
      hit them (3 regular hits and 1 critical) (That is if the wave hasn't
      ended within you killing him for the no regeneration buff).

    • If your VIP or VIP+ you can spawn in
      Iron/Diamond Baby Zombies. These guys aren't overpowered at first. At
      wave 16 however, they get strength and that's when they can be very
      dangerous to use at. So if you ee a group of 6-7 people in Iron camping
      in a cave (Village map) Drop a diamond and an iron and it'll swoop the
      place out in no time (Must be past wave 16).

    • Using the Jump Tactic actually prevents you
      from getting a lot of damage taken in a fight, but you can do damage to
      your victim. It's a slight bug but it's not an exploit.

    • Fire Arrow can be a nuisance to the Survivors if they have their particles on. You can use it as a distraction.

    • If low on health, run away and then use the Vampiric Regeneration, also gives you time to re-activate Vampiric Aura.

    • Regular Zombies also get a buff after wave
      16, if you see them hugging a door, try opening it and the survivor in
      it will probably die.

    • If you have to buy more blood to kill a
      certain group you may. It's not recommended however as there is no
      reward for "winning" as a Vampire.

I might update it later on as I think it can be a little more
edited in this department. Give me some suggestions/feedback about this

The Maps


Village is the first map to be made. It was made for the original Vampire's Map 8 months ago.

Currently it is being used as a Beta Map. As it has stayed after
release, it might stay as an official map, but currently there is no
update on what will happen to this map.

The Village features over 40 unique houses to choose in which you want
to hide. A cliff side and a dam where you can parkour and hang on the
cliff side for hiding also. Has 2 caves in which you can hide (1 now
blocked off but still manageable to get in with the help of a vampire
breaking the window. I have mostly 4 spots that I go to:

The Old Cave (Bat Cave is many call it)

The Cubicle & The Attic (Right & Left)

The Loki House (Also known as the Far House)

The Kake Kave

Now I usually always am in those places whether it's by myself or with a
friend or 7. Each place above has its strategic importance. Staven88
Would call these the quadrants of the map so that when being attacked in
one, you can transfer yourself to the others. This confuses the
Vampires and buys you time. Because when there is only 3 minutes left,
every second counts. A lot of people got a lot of wins in the Bat Cave
because it was the #1 place to go to for teaming up. A lot of people
misunderstood it for being OP rather than a huge gathering.

What it features:

    • The Primary Barn (Spawn)

    • 3 main avenues and 6 smaller streets criss-crossing

    • a frozen lake on the eastern part

    • 2 caves (1 minor 1 major)

    • 3 2-story houses

    • 3 exits from the Vampire spawn

My Strategy:

Once I leave the Barn I turn right, buy coins/armor/weapon/food, then
turn left on the main avenue. then i do a right on the 3rd street, then
left, then I enter the cubicle. Me and my friends usually separate now
to attract less attention to just one place. Sometimes we duo, sometimes
we trio. It depends what we think of the current situation, who the
current Vampires are. (You can find out who are vampires/survivers by doing /who). After
I enter the cubicle I just shift and attack anything that comes in. If
it starts getting overrun I move out and go to a new location. *Make
sure that if you plan on leaving you kill a Vampire right before you
move out to buy yourself the maximum amount of time*


Church, recently named, was before called Vampire2. It has officially
got its name after the public release of VampireZ. Due to its symbolic
Church on the West side of the map (and the eeriness of the map itself)
the name was rightfully called The Church.

Created by Mithrintia, the ones who create most of the maps for Hypixel,
have created this. Following the same theme that Village offered, with a
more hollow feeling to it, they created this marvelous piece of beauty.
Based in haunted woods is a small village of 19 houses, not including
the 1 outskirt house in the North-East. This map comes with two
prominent Landmarks, the Church itself and the Windmill. The Windmill is
based near a massive 80x50 Wheat farm to give it that arid feel. Many
hiding spots can be found. However, this map is much more open than the
Village map, and cliff parkour is impossible to do in this map. But with
cons comes pros, The houses offer fair protection and the 2 landmarks
itself can give great protection whether its inside or outside!


The Outskirt House

The Graveyard

The Windmill

The Church

The places in this map can be various to hide in if you are a Survivor. I
choose mainly 2 locations, and those are the Windmill and the Church.
The Church roof is currently the best hiding spot in the game as it
requires either *Jump Boost parkour* or *Ladder up* to get on the roof.
Survivors can only pick one route as jump boost is not available to the
Survivors. The ladders on the church are on the southern wall. Very
easily defend-able, especially with a few good friends that want to
become vampire slayers. Here are some great hiding spots that you can
choose from to go to:

Upstairs in the Windmill - the bed is a great spot to be on (if
you know how to get inside the bed) as you can zombie grind some coins.
It isn't the most safest place as 3 of the 4 windows can be breakable
into (however most Vampires will be non-VIP so they will have to go up
the staircase to come to you.) The staircase is defend-able however,
does require a team of 3.

Downstairs in the Windmill - This spot can become a nasty spot,
but it can be a pretty manageable spot with a group of 6+. With only 1
access point, no back doors or window breakage, this can be a very nice
place to defend if you are Survivor.

The Roof of the Church - This spot is currently the best.
Manageable with a team of 3 or less, even solo! You will need to hide
inside the upper window on the roof of the church to get a nice
defend-able spot. Or you can defend the staircase if the map only has
non-VIP's in it.

What does it feature?

    • 20 buildings, all unique from the other.

    • 3 massive wheat farms

    • 2 prominent locations: Windmill, Church

    • An open Vampire Spawn

    • Trade center (Spawn)

    • Woods all around the village

    • A graveyard with a few hidey holes

My Strategy:

As the same with the Village map. The moment I spawn I buy myself the
coin pack, the armor, the weapon and some food. I head right (West)
towards the Church. I follow the same route as usual to get to the
ladders (look at map above to see best route for you). Once I get up on
the roof I just enter my window, start shifting, and then wait. I
usually start drinking strength potions at 6:50 if there are less than
10 survivors by the time it's 6:50 (which happens 90% of the time). I
sometimes can be the ONLY SURVIVOR 4 minutes into the game and still
win. It's a very good solo spot, not recommended for beginners as you
have to know how to fight off vampires.

To the VIP's/VIP+'s

Here are some tips that I could've left out for you guys especially. As this was targeted to everyone, not just donors:

    • [VIP] Using Regeneration is really helpful in
      the latter waves. It is worth saving up maybe 3 or 4 regenerations, you
      drink them like this: 4 at 9:50, 3 at 10:35, 2 at 11:20, 1 at 12:05.

    • [VIP] Getting Protection I Armour can be
      really good if you have enough coins to spare. If you want you can buy
      the 1,000 gold pack, buy Protection armor (350), Hardened Plasma Cutter
      (200), maybe your friend a 100 gold sword. and the rest regeneration's.

    • [VIP] Buying Baby Iron Zombies is a very good
      idea clearing teams. Remember, at wave 16+ they get stronger, it is
      definitely worth noting that.

    • [VIP+] Saving up for God Pots is an absolute
      must for you guys. It is very very strong to use strength, and on top of
      that you get 2 minutes of regeneration potion.

    • [VIP+] Buying God Armor or a God Sword should
      only be considered on special occasions. You should not spend your
      coins like that unless you have plenty to spare (YOU WILL LOSE COINS NO
      MATTER WHAT (I got 97 Vampire Kills with God armor once and still lost
      500 coins)).

    • [VIP+] Buying Baby Diamond Zombies can be a
      good investment if you have blood to spare and you need to clear a group
      of 7+. Otherwise it's always Iron Zombies. Remember, wave 16+ your
      babies will get stronger, keep that in mind.

    • [VIP+] Buying God Food Can be worth it as
      long as you have the spare kill coins, otherwise it's not worth the
      investment of extra saturation and 2 absorption hearts.

A Video by Sarathor

Heres a video explaining on how to win in VampireZ, Thank you Sarathor for this


Overall I made this guide just to ease all the requests that kept pouring in.

Thank you to anyone who suggested whatever I put in the Guide, you know who you are.

Any extra suggestions are always welcome.

Feedback, whether positive or negative is always accepted.

Let me know if you have any questions on the topic of VampireZ and let me know if I should make a small guide to TNTrun.

Yours Truelly,

btw thanks to AmokaHD

How to play Blocking Dead:

So many times I have entered a match of The
Blocking dead in the Arcade section, and experienced the promises of
large amounts of ammunition poisoning the minds of the newer players
into sprinting for the Police Department, often times in 2 person

Now, most experienced TBD players would agree this is a horrible
survival strategy, given the amount of zombies that horde in the slim
tunnels, and unless you have a LOT of M16 ammo and a fast click rate,
you are as good as dead if this becomes a priority.

Thus, I have come up with a few tips and tricks for the game and
hopefully someone will benefit, at least one person would be sufficient!

~~Tricks for The Blocking Dead~~

-Section 1-

So the church is by far the easiest place to survive and thrive in the
minigame. Easy defense points, access to the well-supplied graveyard,
etc. make the church the ideal spot for newer players to camp and
collect materials. Its uncommon to go through a game without seeing in
my chat feed, "Everyone meet at Church".

-Section 2-

There are vehicles near the buildings, small enclosed areas that often
contain chests. if you enter these areas, you should always be mindful
of the weapon you have in your hand. I like to carry an M16 in these
situations, because its a fast way to kill a long line of zombies
sprinting down a tunnel towards you. Also, try to avoid these vehicles,
if possible, towards the end of the game; though the ammo may be
rewarding, the hordes will strip you of that joy.

-Section 3-

The Barn house, Police Station, and Bank are mass horde spawn points.
Its easy to become trapped within these structures, pinned to a wall by
three zombies at a time, which upon being blown apart via shotgun are
replaced by three more. Be especially careful in these areas, as they
become slaughterhouses for even the most skilled players.

-Section 4-

headshots are an excellent way to gain leverage. Not only do they kill
zombies instantly, you receive a little notification ding that will
allow you to move on to the next zombie. Listen for that ding, because
if you shoot off into a zombie's body, they will sprint at you and
attack with full force. the pistol is the most accurate for headshots,
even at long range. the shotgun is more of a blast, and the M16 is a way
to take down a group of zombies quickly.

-section 5-

If theres one thing I just hate, its when people "race" me to the chest. its a teamwork minigame, not the hunger games, people!

-section 6-

There's plenty of ammo to go around, but perhaps the most important at
the end of the game is your shotgun shells. conserve them, because you
are going to need them when there's 12 seconds on the clock and your the
last survivor, backed against a wall. Every last bit counts...

-keep at least 1 medpack in your quickslot at all times

-armor can wait, just get to safety before you put it on

-food is precious, don't forget to eat though!

So there it is. I probably forgot some things but these are the basics.
Hopefully somebody learned form these tips, and I look forward to seeing
you in-game!

Credit to AlphamMurdr

How to play Mini Walls:

Hello everyone, you are here on this thread to know more about the new
Hypixel Minigame Mini Walls. Click the spoilers below to find out a
specific thing about the New Minigame


There are three types of kit each one
of them comes with a Soldier, Pickaxe, and a bow. It just depends on
what type of player you are by selecting what class you want. The
classes are Archer, Swordsmen, Builder. By using each class you will
playing a different type of playing style.

When you join a lobby you will have to
do multiple things quickly, because of the lobbies filling up quickly.
You will need to select your class, and choose your Team. You join a
team like every other Minigame that is team based, but skywars. You
right click the colored wool your team wants to be: Green, Red, Yellow,

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 11.30.24 AM.png

Just like the "Walls" there is a little
preparation type ( 15 seconds). In that type your team must build
defenses against the soon coming enemy teams

The wither is a Essential for winning,
and winning. The wither let's you respawn if he is still alive. You can
tell how much health he has left by his health bar in percentage on top
of his head. This will tell you if you should attack or defend. The
lower your wither is the more you should stay with your team, because if
the wither dies you have no respawns at all so you must find ways to
survive with your team mates.


To survive longer you must Keep your
wither alive. You and your team must be well coordinated. By building
defenses, and have maybe 2 or 3 people staying behind to stay to kill
incoming evade. By having People using the builder kit you could build
more defenses. It's always good for people to have so some Soldier kit
or even Archer for people to actually fight off the evaders. That is the
defense part of the game, but if your Team is the only people with
there wither aka you can respawn. this will be easy to find the player
that remain, and pick them off with your team one by one.

Thank you for Read hope this did help you a lot It took me some time to
write this all, and hope you do enjoy playing this new minigame that we
are all excited for. I do want to point out that I did use the Wither,
and the first picture from the original post announcing Mini Walls on
the forum. The other pictures I took a screenshot of my screen.

Credit to titiusa

How to easily win Zombies Dead End:

If you want to win Zombies, follow this plan. (This will not get you a record for the fastest times)
You need a party that knows the game very well and can follow directions. Also, always stay as a group. Being independent may end the game before round 10.

Plan: Kill zombies in the beginning without opening doors until Round 8. During Round 8, leave 1 zombie alive and buy the shotgun after opening the office. You can also open art gallery, power station, and rooftops. Buy the power station, iron armor, and double health when you can. After, open the apartments when there is 1 zombie left during a round and buy the leggings. Before starting the round, buy hotel (if possible garden) and get the rifle. When there is 1 zombie left during the next round(s) buy fast revive and 3rd weapon for the rocket launcher. After getting all of the perks and weapons, camp with your team in garden and get ultimate weapons.

You do not need this plan to win, but this is one way to win. If you have any suggestions, leave a reply below.

Credit to DarknessCombo
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Yes, it already happened, sorry you missed it! :/
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Because i live on the west coast and cannot play
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i’ll try and join one!
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Minecraft Forever.
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can some one help i press ctrl and c att the same time in minecraft what did i do wrong???
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