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Life of a Lab Rat - Winter 2017 GameShow

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created 07/28/2017 5:03 pm by Bloxar Community
Hey Everyone!

This winter we are announcing Bloxar's first Gameshow... Here's some information pulled lazily off our website.

Game Show - Life of a Lab Rat (11th December)

Players will be put on an island in two different teams to compete against each other. To win they will have to survive by building their shelter and craft weapons and amour. As a player, you will also have to complete challenges and work as a team to insure a lead to win the game.

Is it too late to sign up?
No! you are still able to register. To sign up, go on the contact page to the right.

When does the game start?​
The game starts in December, before Christmas and we will tell you the precise dates 2 weeks before the games begin and will last roughly 7 days along with short interviews and breaks. All players chosen are required to attend the initial breakdown.

What times do we have to be on the server to play?
If we accept your submission, we will send you an email or a Skype message explaining your specific times.

Do you have to pay to enter?
No, you are eligible to compete completely for free; all you have to do is sign in and we will do the rest.

Every day, if you are skillful enough to complete the elimination process, you will have to be online for at least 2 hours a day. (Once in the morning and Once in the evening)
Four 30 minutes of building, mining or fishing at their own camp sites.
Two 15 minute challenges.
Two 10 minute eliminations for the losing teams of the challenges.
Ten minutes of interviewing every player.

Please sign up on our website here
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