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Make my personality (skin challenge)

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created 11/03/2019 10:26 am by pcmaster213 history
last reply 11/09/2019 9:04 am
I would like to see who can make my personality the best, I am currently making a visual novel and whomever gets first second and third in this challenge will get a copy of each chapter for free once each one is complete, note the first chapter is being redesigned right now and the entire story line is being edited with many animations, voice actors, and much much more, the full game will cost bout 10 bucks per chapter so its a good thing if you win this contest that is the link to the visual novel

Challenge information

The challenge, as I'm sure your aware from the title, involves you guys having to make one of my personalities, whomever makes the best ones will get first second or third place, now let me just say this, everyone who participates will get a secret gift from me, but I wont say what that gift is until the contest is over.

my first personality is laughing clown, he is a skeleton clown that was born of malice from the hatred in the hearts of all my characters i have created, he always laughs before he talks and has been alive so long that his skin has fallen off! laughing clown is good to certain people but also has a evil side, so when you create him, you decide rather to make him look evil or not.

my second personality is a shut in writer, Dimus, he is a 20 year old young man with a dark brown goatee that rarely goes out of his house unless its to get food to survive, or more paper, Dimus is a creepy pasta maker so keep that in mind when you are making him, you could make him sinister, or make him look like an average smart man that doesn't get out much.

finally my third personality is spring ryan, he is just a crazy FNAF fanatic that loved FNAF games so much that he built half of his body into a legit custom killer spring trap, you can see the scar going down the middle of his body separating his human side and he may have a bit of blood and bones showing on his robot side.

What I'm looking for in the skins

Okay, so there are a few basic things that I am looking for when you submit your link to the skin you made for this contest. the first of which is detail, even the smallest things matter, adding extra stuff like wires poking out of the half robot, or eyes colored to make them look glowing, or even skeleton hands made so they look skinny and legit like a skeleton, add that kind of detail and your more likely to rank higher on the challenge, even when your making Dimus, try to make his beard look realistic if your can or 3D.

The next thing I'm looking for is quality, Take your time when making this, don't rush through it and just upload it right away, if it looks like it was made in like 2 mins I'm not going to even take the time of day to consider it, its quality over quantity, even if you make more than one of my personalities that doesn't necessarily mean that you will win, if you didn't make any of them look good then what's the point of me even taking the time to give you 3rd,2nd,or 1st place if you cant even spend at least more than 5-10 minutes making a skin and looking over it to make sure its done right?

And the last thing I'm looking for is effect, what this means is, make something that will make me go WHOA I DIDNT EXPECT YOU TO ADD ALL THIS STUFF TO IT, basically since I described the personalities quite a bit, that doesn't mean you cant add some things that you think should be on there as well, such as extra clothing like a hat or something, or other extremely detailed things, like I said before detail is very important.

How to submit and how many you can submit

All you have to do to submit your skins for the challenge is to post the links to them in the comments of the post, if you make more than one personality then please don't post them one by one, put all the links in one comment and then type what personality it is right next to each link.
the amount of skins you are allowed to submit is three in total, you don't have to make all three personalities but your not allowed to make the same one twice and then send me two links for the same thing but made differently, that's not gonna fly, sorry but I'm smarter than to allow stuff like that.

That's all I have to say for this challenge, The day submissions open and the day they close is the 9th-16th of this month unless for some reason I decide to move the time limit up some more for you guys, anyway I cant wait to see how it goes, good luck yall.
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1 reply

11/09/2019 9:04 am
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