PMC Fighter FINAL MATCH: Althea VS Alex Imai

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Alex Imai

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for the most epic clash of PMC. My name is Mick McLaren, and I will be your host for this evening's match; the finale of PMC Fighter. The winner of tonight's showdown, will win the mighty PMC Fighter trophy, as well as the grand prize! 1.000.000 Pixel bucks (10$ of Steam credit)!

19 fighters entered this tournament and here we stand now, with the final two contestants. We've had tearjerkers, we've had brutal K.O.'s, and most importantly we've learned that the power of friendship is what makes you win in life... but not here of course! Here we determine winners by the pain inflicted by their fists! We broadcast to you now, the greatest fighters in the PMC league!

In the red corner we have (SILVERxFLAME) Althea, who we still haven't been able to get an audience with! This deadly lady has legs that cut through you like a butcher's knife, and she has proven, time and again, that you do not underestimate a fighter by their age. She has beaten the angel Selaciaff, she has beaten Yaketsuku Tatsuya, and recently she decimated the amphibian equivalent to Bruce Lee, Luke. She makes very few mistakes, and when she does, she is quick to adapt, as we have seen in her last two fights. Our analysts have had a hard time trying to predict this match, but some say Althea very well could go in blazing, perhaps knocking out Alex in a series of hits. She certainly has the strength to put a couple of dents in Alex' mechanical parts. Just take a look at her stats!:

Strength: 9
Speed: 6
Hardiness: 7
Wrestling: 3
Hit Points: 15.5

And on his way into the cage we have bio-mechanical menace himself!

In the yellow corner we have (YokaiS) Alex Imai. Bio-tech genius and professional ass-kicker. His prior opponents to this fight were Dylan the cyborg, MJ, and the terror of PMC Fighter; the Stealth Phant, whom Alex managed to outlast in his last fight, winning by points! It is not going to come as a surprise to anyone when I say this, Alex is the big fan-favorite among the ladies in the crowd as well as many of the guys with front-row tickets. He has spoken with a humble heart, but fought with the heart of a warrior. Once again we got a word with him through our best reporter, Dana Douglas:

Dana: "Alex! Alex! How do you feel about today's match?"

Alex: "Since I'm Japanese, I'm pretty familiar with many Asian martial arts. This could be one of my most, if not the most enjoyable fight. That said though, I'm not sure if I'll enjoy the part where I need to hurt Althea. I do not like to hurt women. Thinking about needing to bruise her beautiful and presumably healthy body would probably make me feel weaker, so overcoming this fear is probably going to be my main challenge for the fight. If she gets any severe injuries from me, I would certainly buy her a nice drink from the bar across the street"

Mei, Alex' wife: "Ahem"

Alex: "Oh yea... heh, maybe not"

Dana: "How do you plan to take down Althea?"

"Well in all aspects except hardiness, I think I am screwed. I've examined how she fought in previous matches as well though, so I hope my carefully developed plan to counter her attacks will work. I'll try and be very careful as I was against the Stealth Phant"

Dana: "Uhuh. Alex, I think a lot of us out there have been wondering: Why did you enter the tournament?"

Alex: "With the help of YokaiS, I created my metal prosthetics specifically to fight off a big lab-made flesh-eating monster. It died before I could get my revenge, pretty anticlimactic I know... so I thought I'd might as well use my infused weapons for some fun. Also, using the prize money, I'm planning to buy 5D Chess with multiverse time travel. I'm going to play it with my wife and my co-workers, including Yokai.

Dana: "Any final words before the big fight?"

Alex: "To everyone that has supported me throughout this journey, I truly appreciate you guys cheering for me. And to everyone that I fought in this tournament, Dylan, MJ, the Stealth Phant, it was a pleasure fighting such excellent opponents. Thank you. I also have people watching me who are Japanese, so I'd like to tell them something, too.

みなさんとファンの方々に本当に感謝しています。 このシーズンのPMCファイターで戦えた人のおかげで楽しい経験でした。 いつかみんなで5Dチェスを遊びましょう。 ありがとうございました。

And finally, to any robot fans out there: 694C6F7665596F75"

Well well, let's hope the cheering crowd will help him finding the courage to hit a woman! Let's have one last look at his stats:

Strength: 9
Speed: 3
Hardiness: 9
Wrestling: 4
Hit Points: 18.5

The Fight

A historical beatdown is about to take place folks, so lean back and enjoy the view while you eat your popcorn. Alex is seemingly calibrating some of his parts before the fight. Looks like Althea is doing some form of meditation, she even brought in some scent candles it's-... *sniff sniff* it's bacon scent?... Or maybe I'm just smelling some hotdogs from the people sitting in front of me. Either way, it is going to be very exciting to see how this plays out. Althea has a clear advantage in speed, and she certainly has the strength to make Alex into scrap. She doesn't make a lot of mistakes, and that is really bad news for Alex. If I was him, I'd stay as cautious, if not more cautious than in his fight against the Stealth Phant. Althea fights with a lot of offense, so it would be wise of Alex to stay defensive and try to drag out the fight, rather than taking too many hits. On the other hand, should Alex land two good kicks on Althea, he could take it home by K.O.

Oop, it looks like the judge has already arrived. I see nodding and- oh, looks like the fighters are bowing to each other. They're being very traditional about this. Let's see if they are gonna be any bit traditional when it comes to whooping each other's asses.


There's the bell! The fight of the year has begun!

And- WHAT is ALEX DOING!? He is going in with a flying kick immediately- but Althea ducks and tries to go for Alex' leg before setting off. Nobody gets anything here.

They've turned towards each other again, Althea is slowly approaching Alex. You can tell she is as focused as can be. She's going for a jab, but Alex dodges and ducks, there's a kidney shot from Alex! And he tries to go for another low punch here but ALTHEA JUMPS IN SPLIT RIGHT ABOVE HIM! Impressive! (Althea takes 2.25 damage)

Seems like Alex has gotten his act together, cause he just hit a woman! And Althea is not pleased, she is sprinting towards Alex, and there's the flying kick of death! But Alex DUCKS! He certainly has gotten better at picking his fights it seems. Althea takes a bit a of a hard landing there, but she is getting her balance-


My GOODNESS they are both fighting so cautiously! Alex currently has the upper hand in this fight though, being the only person to land a hit, and TIME is running OUT! Althea will have to do something soon if she wants the slightest chance of winning... what are they doing? They're just standing in each of their corners staring at each other. Althea has a furious look in her eyes, I think Alex is sensing what's coming too- and now BOTH fighters are sprinting towards each other! Alex is trying to land a kick to Altheas torso and- HOLY MAC N CHEESE-STICKS ALTHEA JUST TOOK A STEP INTO THE AIR USING ALEX' LEG, AND THERE'S A KICK TO THE CHEST! (Alex Imai takes 9 damage)

Alex' computer: "Error 023, shield mechanisms malfunctioning"

Oho that is NOT a good si-


THE BELL! ALEX IS SAVED BY THE BELL! There will be no K.O. in the final match of PMC Fighter! Astonishing! The fighters calculated almost every move from one another. Now the question remains; who won? We will be jumping over to the judge-panel shortly when they've made their decision. Both fighters landed a single move each, but I think there's no doubt, that the one move that hit the hardest was Althea's last second kick to the chest. Usually fights like these are decided on who gets the most hits in, so I am eager to hear what the judge-panel has to say.

Let's take a quick commercial break before we hear their decision:

*Jingle plays*
Are you tired of kids tossing toilet-paper all over the roof of your house? Yes? Want to kill them? Hahaha! Well, uh, no? Okay that's fine, that's okay! We have... another solution for you! Exploding Ceramics Inc. presents to you; the "L.A.M.B. Burner". The L.A.M.B Burner is installed atop of your roof with a sensor! When the sensor detects toilet-paper, the L.A.M.B Burner will incinerate the toilet-paper with a built-in incinerator! You'll never see toilet-paper on your roof ever again! You'll never have toilet-paper on your roof again! No more toilet-paper! No more burglars sneaking in from the roof! No more birds! No more mice! No more leaves on the nearby trees! No more Santa! Install the L.A.M.B Burner today! Only 1299.95$!

L.A.M.B Burner: Don't take bashes! Turn your problems to ashes!
*Jingle plays*

Welcome back from the commercial break ladies and gents. It would seem that the judge-panel has come to a unanimous decision! We will now go over to Judge Costanza to hear from him, who is going to be crowned the toughest son of a jerky steak of PMC!

Judge Costanza: "Based on old tradition, the judge-panel has chosen to give their decision based on a point system. For one punch, half a point is given. For one kick, one point is given. Based on our traditional point system, we have come to an agreement. The winner of PMC Fighter, is Althea"

AND THERE IT IS! ALTHEA TAKES THE TITLE AS THE FIRST EVER WINNER OF THE PMC FIGHTER TOURNAMENT! THE CROWD IS ROARING LIKE CRAZY! WHAT A FINALE TO ONE HELL OF A TOURNAMENT! Despite Alex' cyborg body, he was not capable of delivering a hard enough punch to put an end to this Chinese dragon! Alex looks slightly disappointed, but I don't think we can blame him for that. He got close, but not close enough. Looks like he's now approaching Althea here and- ah yes, they end with a bow of respect to each other.

Althea: "Yoi gēmu"

And if I am not mistaken, that was Althea saying something in the lines of "Well played" to Alex Imai. I think this concludes on the first epic season of PMC Fighter. My name is Mick McLaren and I'll be seeing you in PMC Fighter II.

ALTHEA WINS THE TOURNAMENT! SILVERxFLAME has won the trophy and the 10$ Steam credit! Well fought!

Combo (Althea):
Duck --> Kick

Punch --> Punch --> Jump
Jump --> Kick
Duck --> Grapple
Kick --> Duck and Move Backwards

Combo (Alex Imai):
Jump and Move Forward → Kick
Duck → Punch → Punch
Duck → Kick
Jump and Move Forward → Kick
Kick → Move Backwards
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8 replies

11/28/2021 2:11 am
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Actually DYLAN already guessed the ALEX's lose and he's right. GG from AOS TV APK Thank you.
11/24/2021 7:52 am
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CC and CB Official
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Dylan sensed that Alex could lose! And he was right!
11/23/2021 1:33 am
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MJ_mcMaster avatar
11/23/2021 12:13 am
Level 28 : Expert Blueberry
Oh my word! I never expected this 😅 Thank you so much Carcharodontosaurus for the amazing event, I look forward to the next one!
11/22/2021 7:43 pmhistory
Level 70 : Legendary Cyborg
Cyprezz avatar
Applause! What a kick jump for the win! Congrats Althea and to all the defeated entries, gg.

I'll take one L.A.M.B Burner for its leaf relief. Figure turn it on in the fall and I won't have to rake!
11/22/2021 8:03 pm
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Carcharodontosaurus avatar
We'll have one sent to your address by Friday good sir. Only 110$ for delivery + track & trace!
11/22/2021 6:47 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Senpai
YokaiS avatar
ah, looks like imai couldn't overcome his fear after all. gg, congrats to althea and shame on you alex
11/23/2021 1:34 am
Level 46 : Master Lego Builder
MJ_mcMaster avatar
oh no alex lost
and yes shame on u alex shame on u
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