PMC Fighter QUARTER-FINALS MATCH: Yaketsuku Tatsuya VS Althea

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Yaketsuku Tatsuya

Good evening ladies and gents! It is time for yet another quarter finals match! My name is Mick McLaren, and I will be your host and commentator for tonight's bloodbath!

We have some truly amazing fighters going at it tonight.

In the red corner we have (ArcaneKnight) Yaketsuku Tatsuya, the judo champion and martial artist, who has for many years been considered one of the toughest opponents in all the championships he has entered. What kept him fighting for many years, was to get back at his then rival; Karagawa Mizu, who tragically died fighting some years back. Tatsuya has been looking for a worthy opponent ever since. He managed to beat the super ripped enderian boxer from Russia, who was by many considered one of the strongest fighters in the tournament. Tatsuya showed us some incredible grapples, and you can tell he is by far one of the most skilled fighters in the tournament. Tonight he is facing someone who has a little more expertise with street-fighting as opposed to the Russian though, so perhaps he will finally meet a worthy opponent? Who knows! Let's check on his stats:

Strength: 6
Speed: 5
Hardiness: 6
Wrestling: 8
Hit Points: 14

Tatsuya's rival for the semi-final spot is stepping into the cage now!

In the yellow corner we have (SILVERxFLAME) Althea, our youngest contestant, but perhaps also one of the most dangerous ones. She beat up a literal angel. Really. A fallen warrior angel. Althea performed a "dim mak", the "touch of death", a rarely seen move today, very hard to perform correctly. With the use of good old kung fu... which makes tonight's match even more exciting; traditional Japanese martial art against traditional kung fu. It is a war of east! Anyways, Althea relies on her strength for the most part. We haven't seen just how much she can take, so we aren't too sure about how hardened she is. But let us check out the analysts' stats:

Strength: 9
Speed: 6
Hardiness: 7
Wrestling: 3
Hit Points: 15.5

The Fight

I must say, I've looked forward to this fight folks, there's nothing like cultural martial art rivalry. Tonight it is just as much Tatsuya against Althea, as it is judo versus kung fu. Yaketsuku Tatsuya has gained a lot of traction with his very confident victory against the Russian boxer, and if he keeps up his very tactical approach, we may just see him in the finals. Althea is only known to be a streetfighter, so we don't exactly have any record of all her fights, but judging from that last one... whew, I mean, she must have some experience with kicking divine butts or something. She is currently stretching out her legs it seems, and Tatsuya is doing his traditional bowing in respect of his masters. Althea has one tough nail to bite through here. If she gets caught in a lock of some sort, it may just be over for her. If she wants to win, she has got to by fast and flawless with her attacks, to ensure none of her limbs will be grabbed while going all-in.

The judge has entered the ring. Both contestants now bowing. And you heard it folks, that's the bell!

Hold up, Tatsuya just said something to Althea as he got into his fighting stance.

Tatsuya: "Embrace the heat of battle!"

It's on alright- Tatsuya is SPRINTING towards Althea, there's the jump, I think he's going for a leaping strike, an Usagi Chöyaku- BUT OH THE HORROR! ALTHEA SAW THAT ONE COMING FROM MILES AWAY, AND SHE DELIVERS HER SIGNATURE KICK OF DEATH! TATSUYA IS SENT FLYING BACK INTO THE CAGE WALL! I THINK HE JUST DENTED THE IRON BARS! (Yaketsuku Tatsuya takes 13.5 damage)

He is NOT looking too good. This is exactly what had to look out for, but I think his confidence got the better of him right there. The judge is taking a look at him now as we speak, he looks pretty do- oh wait nope. He just got back up again, looking to be in a great deal of pain though.

Tatsuya: "I will not be burned through easily..."

Althea goes in with a very determined look on her face, there's the swing, Tatsuya ducks, he is going for a Morote Gari, a low grapple, but he get DENIED, Althea jumps RIGHT OVER HIM! She knows better than to stand still for too long near him. I sense that Tatsuya is getting a little pissed, his eyes look all widened and spattered. If you got that look in a bar, you'd better be outta town within 3 seconds unless you're a hippo or just a looney with a fantasy of getting every bone in your body broken in half.

Yaketsuku Tatsuya is storming in again, Althea waits patiently... she's jumping and going for a mid-air roundhouse kick- BUT TATSUYA HAS GRABBED ONTO HER LEGS! ALTHEA GETS SWUNG INTO THE CAGE WALL, HAVING A TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE! SHE WENT HEAD-FIRST, AND BLOOD IS DRIPPING FROM HER FOREHEAD. (Althea takes 12 damage)

Tatsuya: "With the might of a dragon, I will break you!"

Tatsuya is not kidding, holy hell... that was one brutal head-dive Althea took. But she is getting up again now, and- what's that?

Althea: "... You won't break me."

She is going into a crouching tiger stance. Things are about to get real you guys.

Althea: "The tiger will break you..."

Tatsuya is moving in slowly. Althea waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Tatsuya goes low, going for the knees with his strikes- Althea makes ANOTHER jump over him! She tries to hit him with a tiger palm but Tatsuya makes an excellent parry on both her attempts.

They're both exhausted, and from a single attack each! This really goes to show how well the martial arts of old still work today. The Japanese judo champ is going in again it seems, he is LEAPING! NOT A GOOD IDEA! ALTHEA LEANS BACK ON HER RIGHT LEG- TATSUYA GETS A GRIP ON HER SHOULDERS BUT ALTHEA HAS GRABBED ONTO HIS SHIRT MID-AIR, AND SHE THROWS HIM OVER HER SHOULDER! UNBELIEVABLE! YAKETSUKU TATSUYA IS IN THE GROUND AGAIN, AND I DON'T THINK HE IS COMING UP. ALTHEA HAS BROKEN THE BONE-BREAKER! THE TIGRESS DEFEATS THE DRAGON! KUNG FU BEAT JU- Oh, I think Tatsuya has a last couple of words to say before he's getting carried outta here.

Tatsuya: "You truly are skilled... we will meet again!"

I think Tatsuya just found himself a worthy opponent at long last! Althea, the youngest contestant of the tournament, has just beaten the most experienced of the fighters! This is a fight that will go down in history! ALTHEA IS ON TO THE SEMI-FINALS!


Combo (Yaketsuku Tatsuya):
Jump Forward --> Punch --> Punch (Usagi Chöyaku)
Duck and Move Forward --> Grapple (Morote Gari)
Move Forward --> Grapple (Kuma no höyö)
Duck --> Punch --> Punch (Shitamuki Ken)
Jump --> Grapple (Chōchō Tsukamu)

Combo (Althea):
Kick --> Duck and Move Backwards
Punch --> Jump --> Punch
Jump --> Kick
Jump --> Punch --> Punch
Move Backwards --> Grapple
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It calls out my attention the interaction between both characters. Is it the host's doing or did they actually contribute to it?
10/12/2021 12:38 pm
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ArcaneKnight had some suggestions for quotes his character would use, and so I brewed up something for SILVERXFLAME's character to answer back.
10/11/2021 11:50 pm
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Gg ArcaneKnight
10/11/2021 9:22 pm
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oh, well.. Let's hope Althea wins the tournament
10/11/2021 8:36 pm
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