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Redstone Creation Competition

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created 03/14/2019 2:19 pm by NorthDeamonGaming
Hey, everyone. Recently i came up with a new idea for a red stone creation competition. I got the idea from game jams where people have so long to create a game based on a a certain topic. The idea behind this is that everyone will take part will have a certain time window to create a red stone contraption within a certain category (Fun, designed to fit a purpose (That purpose would be given)). All submissions will then be shown on my youtube channel:

I have a discord setup but i'm really interested to know first how many people would be interested in taking part. No prizes and will just be for fun. If you leave a comment down below with your discord name, i will wait to see if there is enough interest and then ill share the link to join the discord with everyone and the competition can get going. I am looking to gold more after this one so hopefully the interest is high.
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