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Results for Tropical Aquarium Skin contest

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created 08/12/2018 11:39 am by Wildcard_Gamer
last reply 08/13/2018 6:44 pm

Thanks to everyone who Participated in the Summer Palette Skin contest!
After some judging, the winners have finally been announced!
Before I announce said winners, let me go over the 3 criteria again.
First off we had originality and creativity, for up to 20 points, this judged
uniqueness and how much thought was put into it, next up we have
technique, for up to 10 points, judging how well you executed the skin and
shaded it. Lastly, we have the theme, this judges how it fits the tropical and
the underwater theme, as well as how you used the colors of the fish.
This contest was judged by both me and DinowCookie.
How they were made

Now for what we've all been waiting for, let's see who won
1st Place - it's ya boi chips ahoy by Naimarra - 41 Points

This skin is all out a great show of the colors of the fish, it also does a wonderful job representing the theme, the technique was great and it was very creative. This was an amazing skin and Naimarra deserved this victory.

2nd Place - An attempt by MeekEH - 40 Points

A very good skin creativity and technique wise, although the colors seemed quite unsaturated compared to the blue of the fish. Came very close in second, It was a very unique skin overall and MeekEH did a great job.

3rd Place - i tried by Stuffles - 35 Points

A great skin, although the aqua was a tad less saturated than on the fish, it's not too drastic, it fit the theme and was great use of colors and creativity. Stuffles should be proud :D
Skin maker
Stuffles #21271029

All trophies will be PM'ed to the winners, but as for the participation badge, here you go!

Thanks for all of those who participated!
As for the prizes PM me if you want to use either the render or skin commision.
With this contest complete, I have another contest if you want to compete in
or vote for the contest after that one here!
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