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~Rß~ Frankenstein Skin Project (In progress.)

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created 05/31/2013 12:01 pm by Endpearl
last reply 07/02/2013 11:48 pm
Hey guys. I decided I'm going to do a frankenstein skin project to celebrate 85 subscribers! Woo! I am of course doing the head and posting the skin. I am going to need people for each body part. I need you to fill out a form so I know if you're good enough for this. Sorry. :/
In game name (I don't know why this matters XD):

Creepiest skin (I need you to send me a link to it. Not the name.):

Body part you want to do (Head and Torso are taken):

Why you made it to this page:

Why you want to join:

Have you subscribed to me?:

Head: RockinBlocker

Torso: toad3

Arms: Neothes

Legs: iminer978
Hope this comes out good. Bye guys!
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Level 2 : Apprentice Ranger

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5 replies

07/02/2013 11:48 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Ranger
Reerop, I'm sorry to say I have not picked you. You are a good skinner but you need to work on your techniques. iminer978, you have been chosen.
07/02/2013 10:14 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Grump
IGN: iminer978
Creepiest Skin: That's entirely subjective... Try this one though.

Body Part of Choice: Legs I guess?
How I Made It Here: I typed frankenskin or something into the searchbar
Why I Want to Join: I have a sudden urge to make a frankenstein skin before they lose their popularity.
Have I Subbed to You: Hahaha eh no.
06/02/2013 6:46 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Pokemon
In game name: reerop

Creepiest skin:

Body part you want to do: ill do the legs

Why you made it to this page: looking for a challenge

Why you want to join: I've been skinning for a while and im pretty good I've seen many of these skins and it looks pretty cool and challenging

Have you subscribed to me?: I sure am
06/02/2013 6:11 pm
Level 26 : Expert Architect
IGN: PizzaPenguin

Creepiest skin:The Frost Demon - Although I tend not to aim for creepy skins, I definitely COULD.

Body part you want to do: Preferably arms.

Why you made it to this page: Looking for a new skin challenge while browsing the forums. Also, it's YOU

Why you want to join: I'm not good enough to get into an official one, I love the concept, and wanted to start my own. Then I saw this, and saw it as a great opportunity.

Have you subscribed to me?: Well, of course.

That's it. Hope I get accepted
06/02/2013 6:21 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Ranger
Accepted for the contest. We need one more participant!

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