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The Simplistic Contest Results!

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created 08/16/2018 4:57 pm by HatThing
last reply 08/19/2018 4:50 pm
Hello fellow skinners, it's me, Hatsy

Today is a special day, why, because it's about time i announce ALL the winners for the Simplistic contest.
(you know, this one)

Alright, the results are in and the badges are in so

Normal Results
Coming in at first place is...

DInowcookie - FireGod:

This skin was dynamite, the concept was nice and the touches on the hair was fantastic, because of that, Dinowcookie's Firegod skin deserves a Golden Hat:

Next up running on second place is...

wildcard_gamer - Blue

This skin at first glance was something i never thought of seeing, even without shading, wildcard_gamer has managed to make Blue look nice. The best part about this was the highlights around it, it made the skin much better looking.

Sadly, this didn't make it to first place as the concept wasn't as good as a Firegod (sorry) Nonetheless, Blue definetly deserves a Silver Hat!

Lastly, at third place comes..

Trashed - "Entry for Hatsy's contest"

I had a bit of trouble trying to judge third place, but what came up to my mind was this skin, this skin was nice- looking despite the rules of the sontest, and there's nothing much that i could say besides how fantastic this looked. Other than that, trashed deserves a Bronze Hat:

Alright, that was the results but it's not the end, why? because there's also another set of results, in which is just for the ones who are upset.

Take this as a reward or a thank you for joining my very first contest:

Rewards for the Most Simplistic entries:
This reward is for the ones who really fit the name Simplistic, and deserves a simple hat:

Entries for this reward:

Cyrus Jazzberry - Archeo-Curator

LimeInABush - Prisoner

pbs - OnE Of THosE OC ThINgs

CBomb - Mars

trashed - Flowers

wildcard_gamer - Blue

Most Cultural
Skins that are based off of things from as far as Japan or Greek Mythology , here are the entires for the most cultural.
(Oh yeah here's the reward)

Dinowcookie - Firegod

Walkersito - Kimono

Most Creative
This is for the skins with concepts and backstories that are rather unique than a normal skin:

mouse36 - Mobs

Bowmanimmortal - Back in my day...

Most Galactic

Skins that look as if they're from outer space or are somewhat related to it:

SpringTrapAndATARDIS - Dueling Minds

ShadowTroll500 - New skin steve

Well that's definitely all of the entries judged, i thank everyone for joining the contest or for trying to do so, but if you think that i may have judged in such a lack - lusting way that no one is dissapointed nor proud, just tell me.

Alrighty, thank you all and see you in the next competition :)

End of communication.

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2 replies

08/19/2018 4:50 pm
Level 46 : Master Dinosaur
Oh wow, somehow I missed this forum topic. Thank you very much :D this was a fun challenge.
08/16/2018 5:44 pm
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