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Title Theft skin event results!

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created 10/07/2018 8:59 am by DinowCookie
last reply 10/10/2018 2:59 am

The Title Theft skin event has come to an end! The final date was September 27, so my apologies that this thread is a bit late. I've been busier than normal! :o

Thank you to everyone who took part! An incredible total of 72 people signed up of which 38 finished their skin in time! :D Some of the titles must've been tricky.. o.o

This participation badge is for everyone who entered and finished their skin in time for the deadline:

I personally loved seeing this event come to life. Seeing people's very different or surprisingly similar interpretations of their given title was great fun. On the other hand, I don't think I'll touch the "roll random skin" button for quite some time now, because that did get somewhat tiring at one point. xD Finding good, useable titles was trickier than I thought.

Finished entries! (collection)
Title stolen from Zombie by AwesomeCrafter3103

by KnightOfJustice
Title stolen from Angel by maddfree80

by An Intelligent Moron
Title stolen from Anubis by Sabretooth[CZ]

by iiuvenca
Title stolen from Birthday by Leaa

Panda Onesie
by RobloxCrafter137
Title stolen from Panda Onesie by RhiRhi0608

by Stuffles
Title stolen from Stargazing by Litanie

Cuddle Me
by Greystokey
Title stolen from Cuddle Me by JupitersFalling

Angel of the Sea
by voidfish
Title stolen from Angel of the Sea by Bekka

Lizard Man
by Auri
Title stolen from Lizard Man by Emago60

Blood Mage
by FireBellFairy
Title stolen from Blood Mage by Shenorai

The Drowned Lady
by yelloe
Title stolen from The Drowned Lady by danji_x

Knight of Fury
by Deathshead Soldat
Title stolen from Knight of Fury by PixelCrash_

Toxic Takeover
by SimplyRabbit
Title stolen from Toxic Takeover by Aeselo

Man of Steel
by Aspirin60
Title stolen from Man of Steel by superheroman

Ghost Princess
by MysticMarineon
Title stolen from Ghost Princess by Sugarbun

by Nulllifier
Title stolen from Fox by lolekman

by faust1973
Title stolen from Scarlet by Happs

by IronDynamo
Title stolen from Adventurer by cmigliorini

Pirate Cat
by KingNathaniel
Title stolen from Pirate Cat by sporewoh

Egyptian Guy
by CitricGrunt
Title stolen from Egyptian Guy by EnderSheep

Hello Deer
by MCRJellyfish07
Title stolen from Hello Deer by Heartens

Robot Chicken
by FaustRD
Title stolen from Robot Chicken by jayko953

Title stolen from Innocent by spookydoll

Pinky Purple
by Amalien
Title stolen from Pinky Purple by Astrallie

Dark Mage
by ParkourGee
Title stolen from Dark Mage by EmperorPvP

Pastel Demon Boi
by canday
Title stolen from Pastel Demon Boy by Qyn

Air Warrior Girl
by KawaiiCornz
Title stolen from Air Warrior Girl by Jeanne_D_Arc

Tree Man
by Zpej
Title stolen from Tree Man by Calfrills

Me in Real Life
by bums
Title stolen from Me in Real Life by cumcerned

Dry Petals
by Palettes
Title stolen from Dry Petals by Shelf

Fall is Coming
by Trader
Title stolen from Fall is Coming by Grafolita

Title stolen from Moon Elf by Kiwolski007

Title stolen from oh h- YOU'RE AN ALIEN!? by Momu

Thanks again to anyone who entered. My next planned event is a build + skin combination contest (as voted for in this poll), though I don't know when that will be exactly. Meanwhile, let's celebrate October Halloween month with PMC's official spooky-themed contests and the Halloween Community Event, and also the current member organized community events! :D

Hope to see you next time. ^_^
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Event Host
Level 40 : Master Dinosaur

6 replies

10/07/2018 11:08 am
Level 7 Apprentice Scribe
super fun event, thank you again for hosting it!
10/07/2018 1:24 pm
Level 40 Master Dinosaur
I'm glad you enjoyed it :D hope to see you again next time. ^_^
10/07/2018 4:17 pm
Level 23 Expert Skinner
It was fun! Looking forward for another Title Theft event!
10/08/2018 8:22 am
Level 40 Master Dinosaur
Glad you enjoyed it :D I already have something in mind for the next one ^_^
10/07/2018 2:43 pm
Level 57 Grandmaster Narwhal
Well now, that sounded interesting - great work for everyone that participated!
10/07/2018 2:50 pm
Level 40 Master Dinosaur
Thank you! :D I'll surely be hosting another Title Theft event in the future. ^_^




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