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Wade's Sports Skin Contest

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created 12/19/2013 12:32 am by Spector
last reply 04/04/2014 12:45 am

Hello, i am WadeSpector, today i have decided to held a skin contest. There Will be prizes, so, Come on and join!

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If you have not noticed yet, the theme will be sports. You can make anything that is related to sports. (ex: Football Player,Referee,Boxer, etc.)

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1. All usual PMC rules apply here.

2.All skins must be made new after the competition started.

3.Judges are allowed to enter the contest, but there entries are not eligible to win the prize nor will be judged.

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If there is a contest, there must be prizes, which are the following:

1st Place : A Trophy, A Skin Request from one of the judges, And Will be featured on my profile forever.

2nd place : A Trophy, A Skin Request from one of the judges.

3rd place : A Trophy

As a bonus for entering, all participants will get a participation trophy.

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The Judges are

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Each judge will judge the skins based on the following:

Shading ?/10
Design ?/10

End Date:
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January 31, 2014


So,let the games begin!
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04/04/2014 12:45 am
Level 47 Master Batman
Welp, it's been too long to not at least throw up my own scores. Haven't heard from Wade myself, same as all of you. My scores will be forthcoming, sorry guys.

Edit: Okay, here we go! I'm gonna call 'em like I see 'em guys, remember, no judging scores should be taken as offense.

Shading: 4/10
Design: 5/10
I felt like the color work was a bit inconsistent, and I don't see a ton of shading here, honestly. The spirit of the skin is rather nice though. ... n-contest/

Shading: 5/10
Design: 6/10
The blocky style of shading is visually appealing, though uncreative. I do like the colors used, though. Lot of contrast in there. ... l-2713377/

Shading: 4/10
Design: 6/10

Adorable for sure, and well detailed. I liked the bright colors, but the dead blacks were less attractive. Overall, the colors don't mesh that well. But all the bright color you did pack in redeems it somewhat.

Shading: 5/10
Design: 5/10

I'm a fan of the soft colors used for the chest and all, but I don't see a ton of shading on here, and the face shading seems a tiny bit awkward. ... t-contest/

Shading: 4/10
Design: 8/10

I love the simplicity of this skin. The meshing of the colors is really nice, and all in all it's a very complete feeling skin. But it almost entirely lacks comprehensive shading. Which is fine, it's the style you're using, but I still have to judge it on that for this contest. ... ersuasion/

Shading: 6/10
Design: 5/10

I like the shading you used here, though there's no hue shifting. Overall, looks good, but could definetly be better! ... n-contest/

Shading: 4/10
Design: 5/10

There's not a ton done here, other than the muscle work, which looks pretty good. It could also be a bit overdone though, but I think you pulled it off. ... s-contest/

Shading: 6/10
Design: 5/10

The shading on this one looks nice, even if it does resemble Kefka's template. I do think the face looks pretty...awkward, though. Mouth's probably shouldn't be as wide as the entire forehead. ... -contest-/

Shading: 5/10
Design: 5/10

I think this skin is in need of some hue shifting and color changes. But I definetly respect the shading you did do, and the work you did with the design. It could just use a lot of improvements.

And that's all, folks!




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