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What contests would you like?

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created 07/29/2018 12:48 pm by Wildcard_Gamer
What type of contests would you like to see from me more? I want to be able to make contests that you guys would really like :D
PS - I will use the winning one for my next contest

Limited Palette - Colors provided to use, you cannot use other colors. Will provide somewhere between 10-25 colors, most likely in shades, as the summer palette contest was a bit hard to do because of lack of shades.

Color scheme - Given colors that you can shade yourself, but must still only use colors similar, an example could be, only use oranges, blacks, and yellows. Will most likely have some sort of theme.

Basic Theme - The boring option, a simple theme with no special things, this can include me just saying, make a skin around the theme flowers, or something.

Unique Ideas - Hard to explain, just random Ideas I come up with that are a mish-mash of things above. Examples can be stuff like the Tropical aquarium contest.

Team Contests - Contests that you go into pairs or groups for, maybe a, make a dynamic duo contest, where each of you makes something

Bracket contests - Long contests that would go on for a month or so, where every round people get eliminated based on who's skins the community likes more or based on judging, would last 3-4 rounds. They would keep a consistent theme with changing stuff, maybe round one make a skin around the theme using only orange colors, another round being make a skin for the theme without shading, or something like that.

Poll ended 08/02/2018 12:48 pm.

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