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Winter/Holiday 2019 Creative Build Contest

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created 11/03/2019 4:28 pm by m4mab3ar history
Creative Build Competition

The server hosts various Creative Build Competitions for players to showcase their building skills. These Competitions are free to join, though some may list additional requirements in order to participate. Each competition has different themes, guidelines, and rewards, so make sure you understand what builds will qualify.

Winter/Holiday 2019

You are invited to join as introduces its first ever theme-based Creative Build Competition! This competition features a Winter and/or Holiday Theme. Builds may be functional, decorative, or a combination of the two.


In order to participate, contestants are required to own a Vault chest on the server, given free to all who join, (so you can receive a prize!). Simply message gwaipster, mewmewww, m4mab3ar, or RicKeyLimePie in game or post in the “Creative Contest” channel in the Discord.

~Each contestant is allowed one 50x50x50 block region in the Competition World to showcase their talents for the chosen theme.

(Regions are marked out with glass blocks, but these blocks can be removed as you build.)

~Only one contestant can build per region. No group builds will be permitted for this contest.

~Contestants will have until Friday, December 6th, to finish their creative builds.

All members on the server will be able to vote on their favorite build.
*Winners will be announced on Monday, December 8th*

The winning build will be displayed in spawn until Monday, December 30th.

Winners will also receive a prize of:

- я5,000 or 50 Diamonds

-64 snowballs

-Choice of either a Region Expansion of 50x50x50 blocks


A month free of the donor rank “Brachio”

which includes:

-Unlimited Nickname changes using /nick

-/me allows you to emote yourself Ex. *[​your user name] is awesome!

-[​Brachio] tag in Global Chat

-An exclusive Dinosaur Block pet! Your /petblock is usable in ALL worlds, and can be renamed and worn as a hat!

-Vault in Gringotts Bank (optional)

Winners are chosen based off popular vote and admin’s choice.
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