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Example ^

Forum signatures are images and/or small pieces of text that will appear after every one of your posts. The purpose of this topic is to teach newer members how to add a signature to their account.

For this I assume you already have your desired image/text selected, and you're ready to add it as your forum signature. However I'll go over the interface first, and explain it in detail.

Getting to the interface

Simple! First, click where the red is!

Keep going! This is in the bottom left, you may need to scroll.


Interface Overview

A: The user control panel link can be found in the upper left corner of the web page, as long as you're viewing a forum page. You use this to navigate to the signature editing, avatar editing, private messages, friends/foes list, etc.

B: Once you are on your CPU, you can click profile and edit signature. This will allow you to add your image and/or text, simple as that.

C: This is BBcode. You can use it to underline, bold, italicize, make lists and more. Simply highlight the text and press the appropriate button. Holding your cursor over a button will show the action the code performs.

D: There is where you will paste your image/type your text, simple :3

E: You shouldn't have to worry much about this part of the interface. Simply check the box, and it will disable smiles, URLs, and BBcode. But what fun is that?

F: This will allow you to reset, preview and submit your signature by pressing the appropriate button. Keep in mind you can always edit it later.

Adding Images to your Signature:

I'll now go over how to add images to your signature. First, you will need to find an image hosting site of your choice. I prefer Imgur myself, but another good one is PhotoBucket. Upload the image of your choice, and select/copy the BBcode and paste it in the text box I covered earlier. Press submit, and you're done. Easy as that.

Signature with one image.

Now, you can do more than just an image. For example, you can make the image click-able and links to somewhere. To do so, copy the format shown below but replace the URLS! The example given will link to my profile when its clicked. Just play around with it!


Having multiple images in your signature[/u]

Yes, you can do this, however, depending on the size, you'll have a nasty scroll bar.
Here's some pictures to how you!

As you can see, there's a scroll bar and you can scroll through the signatures, while this is cool, it doesn't look great in my opinion. ;D

Words/Images by WolfOfDoom and myself (Fokkusu)
Mainly Wolf, she's smart.
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