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System bans, how not to get them.

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created 10/18/2013 7:29 pm by Palaeos
Since Paril has implemented the ability for users to check their own infractions and logs it has been a source of bans and confusion. These bans are 100% legitimate, and not mistakes.

If you are banned from chat when using your infraction history or your chat logs by the system, and you hit any of the buttons in the panel multiple times due to impatience with lag, that is the exact source of your ban. By spamming the button you are stressing the system, this is not making it load faster. Paril will be adding something to help slow or stop the ability to spam this or warn against it at some point, but until he can get to that this is your warning. If you spam the button, you will probably get kicked by system. If you spam the button and are kicked please do not message a mod asking for an unban, you spammed, don't do that. If you are system banned and legitimately did not spam (not just you saying you didn't) PM a mod, don't make a forum thread, just PM any chat mod or higher that you saw in chat or just online period and ask them to look into it for you.

Tl;dr patience is key to not being banned for spam. Wait for the page to fully load before clicking the Prev/Next button again or doing any other action. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or any other mod.
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