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Hi, I'm Crafter4ever

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created 10/11/2012 11:37 pm by crafter4ever
It is a bit late, but I haven't introduced myself yet so i thought I would now.
Hi! I am Crafter4ever, but you can call me snips, as that is what friends call me because my ign is Sniper226man4. I am a 17 year old gamer who enjoys playing minecraft, halo, battlefield and many more. I make redstone projects, terraforming projects and other building projects. I love feedback, I rarely get constructive critisism to help make me better. That is why I want more subs so I can get that feedback. I am a grammar nazi and I hate the words "swag" and "yolo." Don't worry I won't correct you unless your sentence is impossible to understand. I frequent chat and love talking about my obsession with waffles. Soon I shall hook up a paypal account so that all downloads of my projects donate to child's play! Child's play is a charity that gamers can donate to to give toys and games to sick and dying kids in hospitals. Hospitals are a boring place especially when you're sick or dying! If you want to see more of my work please subscribe and try to leave good feedback! Anyone who subscribes gets Bacon.
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