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Hello, I recently started Minecraft on a laptop

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created 05/19/2014 7:11 pm by icycoolx
last reply 05/20/2014 10:54 am
So I bought Minecraft when it first came out on the Xbox 360 and I enjoyed it very much. I still enjoy playing it but I found that the version was very limited for obvious reasons. So I decided to buy Minecraft for my Windows 7 laptop which is only about a half of a year old. I ran the demo first to see if it ran and it did; then I bought the full game, yay! The biggest thing that I enjoy doing on Minecraft is playing PvP servers which is one of the biggest reasons why I bought the game for the computer. Since I am new to the PC version; I need friends to play with on here so if you want to play some faction servers then just message me.

My username and gamertag is icycoolx just like always. I am 18, I enjoy playing different games on Xbox, I like to watch Youtube, and doing different things online.
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05/19/2014 10:50 pm
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Welcome to the club!

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