Hey Minecrafters, I'm Isaac

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I've been a long time Minecraft gamer on the PS3. I got into Minecraft like few years ago. I happen to have a lack of creativity in creation mode. I tend to use Minecraft tutorials on YouTube to get an idea what to make. . I'm 36, I live in Israel. I got both Minecraft downloaded from the PSN and the PS Vita version.

I always wanted to join a Minecraft social media community to talk with other Minecraft players and get a little help in creations that seems way hard to do. I have tried www.minecraftforum.net, and looked for a Minecraft Facebook group. But I think I found this site Planet Minecraft to be a whole lot better

Now creativity is a skill that I don't have when you want to build something and I want to build great things like I find in Best Minecraft creation compilations

So it took me few years until I got here; better late than never. I really would like to get fully active in this community site and get some help as I get to talk with other members here about what kind of project I want to make

Bye for now

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Welcome to the wacky site of PMC. Enjoy your stay!




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