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Minecrafter dad looking for ideas for an online birthday

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mcvos started 04/04/2020 8:05 am
and replied 04/04/2020 9:13 am

I'm Martijn. I'm totally new here, and found this forum because I was looking for Minecraft forums. I was looking for Minecraft forums because I want to set up a server for an online birthday party for my son who's and avid Minecrafter and about to turn 11 in a few weeks. And because of the Corona crisis, it's probably unwise to have friends coming over, so an online party might just be a perfect idea. Minecraft seems like the perfect way to host that, because nearly all his friends have Minecraft accounts (Java edition, there are a few exceptions though), and it's easy to set up a server, have a shared world where they can still meet, and apparently you can even customise them.

I have no idea how to customise a server though; I think it would be cool to have mini games and maybe a treasure hunt or something like that, so these next few weeks I'll probably be asking a lot of questions about that here.

If anyone has any good ideas on where to start, sites or plugins I should check out, or experience with something like this, please share. I know absolutely nothing about this; I've only played a bit of local survival. My son plays lots of Cubecraft, Skyblocks and Hipixel, and something something along those lines might be cool. I'm hoping there are plugins that can help me out; I'm a programmer by trade, but manually programming everything is probably going to be way too much work.
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2 replies

04/04/2020 9:03 amhistory
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Hi, welcome to Planet Minecraft!

If you want an easy to set up temporary server for a minigame or map them you can use Stickypiston: to create temporary servers with cool games, the servers only last for about 2 hours before closing but them you can just start a new one.
As the servers only last 2 hours you would need to be able to contact the kids just after the server starts so something like Discord or their phone numbers would be needed.

Or you could try Aternos: It is free and allows for plugins and mods and maps, but the queues to start the servers can take from between 30 minutes to 2+ hours so you need to time it right which can be hard.
04/04/2020 9:13 am
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Thanks! Those are good things to look at. I hadn't heard of Stickpiston yet. I'd already come across Aternos, although I've also seen server hosting for a few dollars per month, which is totally fine if I need it for only one month. And I understand it's also possible to host from my own PC. I haven't made that decision yet, but it's good to know the options.

Either way, I think the ability to customise is pretty important.

Meanwhile I'm continuing to do my own research, and I think I'm starting to understand the difference between mods, plugins and datapacks. I was hoping to find a way to download instant minigames and include them in my server, but I haven't found anything like that yet.
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