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Hybridz7810 started 11/22/21 4:51 am history
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Hello there! It's been a while since i stopped making my own forum and making a skin called Quillz.Before watching this, i recommend you to read part 1 and then
part 2 of my introductions.This might be my final introduction since i'm very busy lately. Without further though,let's start my final introduction now!

1.How do i create skin?
>>For OC skin like SpectreZ and SyncopeZ, i make it on my own(sometimes using base skins).As for merged skin like Smiley Dan as Sapnap, I just copy the head part of the 1st one.Then reshading the 2nd skin's whole part and place the head part on the 2nd one!

I only use SIMPLE shading only because i'm still not good at completely complex skin shadings like the other high-rank skinners did. (〒﹏〒)

2.Where you can find me?
>>You can find me at The Hive minigames with my name on it, which is Hybridz_7810. If you see the name which is the similar one but using skin other than my own ,its not mine!!

3.Can I make the redrawed skin?
>>Yes, I do make a redrawed skin,but I can't guarantee you all 100% satisfaction.

4.Who teached me on how to make skins?
>>If it wasn't me who teached myself on how to make my own skin!

5.Who is my OC characters?
There are 6 in total, which is Hybridz(me),Smiley Dan(aka Frostz), SpectreZ, SyncopeZ, FlakeZ and Quillz.

I wanted to name this squad, which is The Fratelliz, which means brothers in Italian.As you can see, all of my OC characters ended with Z, which is similar to The Fratelliz, which also ended with Z. I'll make the other OC skins, but with different styles on the future submissions!

6.Can you chat with me anytime?
>>Yes! You can, but depend on my current situation I'm facing right now. Don't hesitate on chatting with me. I always be a family-friendly man! Plus,I never have any intention on attacking people badly! You can introduce yourself at the guest book if you want!

7.Will I make a Youtube channel?
>>For that...., i'll make it in another 2 or 3 years later since I don't have any confidence on making it, but if you want a skin tutorials, I can do it ONLY if i'm ready!

8.What is my genders and sexualities?
>>Alright, i'll slow down for a bit since I'm very tired at typing this long explanation. My genders is male and my sexuality is heterosexual or hetero to be simple! I really hate the homosexual one since I try to keep the content family-friendly as possible!!

9.Can you use my skin?
>> Of course! My main reason to make a skin is to make everyone have their designated skin,but don't EVER repost or recreate any of my submissions WITHOUT credits and my permission, or else.... Sorry, i dont mean to scare you all.Just remind it for once!

10.Where did I make skins?
>>On my phone, of course! I still don't have any PC yet!!

11.Is my drawing get better?
>>Nope, I still make a training on my drawings!But if you want to teach me how to draw,I'll be more than thank you to take it if i already prepare on my own!Someday,I'll make my support stamps and anything else to try when my level reach 25.

I hope I'm not making you all feel tired.Here i give you a hug.(つ≧▽≦)つ
Thank you for reading my forums!If you have any troubles, just write at guest book!Have a very nice day for those who read this!!

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Good luck, man! :)
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