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New Minecraft player, coming in late to the game...

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DreamBliss started 04/04/2018 6:11 am
and replied 06/20/2018 4:16 am
I am currently playing survival, trying to figure out the best way to kill mobs. I found a village using the /locate command - it is very unique. Thee place has been build in a heavily forested area with a huge cave near the middle. As I understand it villages are only supposed to spawn in the grasslands, desert and other flat bioms. Playing pretty much unmodified, although I do have some mods installed: Forge, OptiFine, ISM (Instant Structures Mod) and WorldEdit. I do use cheats, but not to get all the diamond ore I want, for example. I use cheats to compensate for what I see as flaws in the game. For example, I am looking onto decreasing the amount of mobs spawning at night. I don't want to stop the day/night cycle and set the time to permanent daylight unless I have to.

I also use the /tp (teleport) command, the /locate command and the /fill command. Just things that make life easier. I think the developers really screwed things up by not adding a much better integrated editor and more configuration options. I came to Minecraft from Creativerse, where you can glide if you buy the full version, teleporters are included even in the free edition, and you can have peaceful mobs. Still for all Creativerse has going for it I keep coming back to Minecraft and have pretty much ceased playing Creativerse.

I came to Minecraft very late, and I initially signed up at the forums. That was a mistake, as I have started several threads and recieved I think two replies, neither particularly helpful. I hope this forums is better. They tell me that Minecraft isn't dead. Well I go by a game's community, and Minecraft's is non-existent. If the game is not dead it is in its death throes. Likely Microsoft/Mojang will just release Minecraft 2 and everyone will jump onto that ship. All the rats have the fled the wreckage of this one.

I am playing Minecraft 1.12.2, going through the old books, finding out about creators like FyreUK then mourning their loss the next day as I see they have quit Minecraft. The books are outdated, many links to maps here are broken, you have to fight through waves of spam for any that work. Few of the texture packs are updated, fewer of the mods are updated, almost no maps are updated. It feels like nobody else out there is playing 1.12.2 but me. Or at the very least, few are releasing content for 1.12.2.

Currently running the low-end Sildur's Enhanced Default Redon shaders and the John Smith John Stone Legacy texture/resource package on my I3 era laptop with HD 3000 integrated graphics. My gaming computer is in storage as I have no room for it where I live. I used to be a part of the Planet * gaming websites, back when Gamespy owned it. I was a member of Planet Unreal and had my own website hosted by them. So I have been around a very, very long time. I must admit I am feeling my age, and I don't think I have gotten any wiser.

I guess that's everything you could ever possible want to know about me. I will start bringing my questions over from, see if the community here is alive and well, not laying in a coma like this stupid game I can't quit playing.
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6 replies

06/20/2018 4:16 am
Level 24 : Expert Architect
At the risk of getting scolded for resurrecting a dead thread, I missed these responses. I don't understand the issue with the combat, of course I never played 1.9, but is it that different?

Also do you think will there ever be an updated Minecraft, with the same simple gameplay and creativity, but with better graphics and creative options (like rotating blocks)?
04/11/2018 7:26 pm
Level 26 : Expert Blacksmith
The reason why most things don't come out for 1.9+ is because the new combat divided the community, and many of the big-time mod devolopers didn't port over to the new version. And as for Minecraft 2, it has been stated numerous times by Mojang that they would never create a 'minecraft 2.0' as a real thing and not for an april fools update.

As for myself, I actually prefer the new design to that of the spam-clicker wins.
Respectfully, Striker107.
04/10/2018 8:12 pm
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
In my small (and limited) corner (I'm not much of a community gamer, and I'm new here) there are people still playing MC on their own terms, setting up their own servers with friends, trying out different mods/maps, etc. Are there other games that allow this level of community modification and adaptation? I'm still exploring, somewhat lost in available mods for 1.8.9 (I really need a new machine to upgrade, and I'm not in a hurry to adjust to the new fighting protocols, etc so maybe I'm evidence the game updates aren't essential for those who enjoy its creative potential?).
04/04/2018 11:50 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
i totally agree with the creators missing out some things. I used the /tp shortcut a lot
04/04/2018 7:34 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
I do believe this games community has shifted towards stupid mini game servers, some kids don't even realise that minecraft has survival mode etc they think the entire game is hypixel and other mini games.

Community is completely different to what it was five years ago, so in a creative sense I think it is dying.
04/04/2018 8:42 am
Level 49 : Master Pixel Puncher
Awesome to hear all this :) And welcome to the community and the game ;)

But just a quick little thing: The game isn't dying at all, it's actually going up again after it took a bit of a break, but for once the community is excited about the game again (Due to the 1.13 update coming between April and July) and just look at servers like Hypixel or 2B2T. Still up and running with a solid amount of players always online and ready to play alongside you ;D
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