New Moderators of Apr. 2017

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So after weeks and weeks of intensively ignoring my responsibilities, I have finally gotten around to upping the standard of our team here at PlanetMinecraft. Although, to be fair, at its current level it can only get better...

Okay, look I kinda forgot to pick new mods, so help me out here. You wanna be a new mod? You got it, just don't tell the other super mods thanks.

Existing Moderators Promoted:
Me (Super Moderator) >> Me (Very Super Moderator)

Existing Moderators Demoted:[/b]
Paril (Developer) >> Paril (Retired)
Jasperrr (Site Moderator) >> Jasperrr (Chat Moderator)
Ralex (Site Moderator) >> Ralex (Chat Moderator)
Drzzter (Chat Moderator) >> Drzzter (Chat Moderator)
Boo (Chat Moderator) >> Boo (Chat Moderator)
Noobator (Chat Moderator) >> Noobator (Chat Moderator)
Yuki (Chat Moderator) >> Yuki (Chat Moderator)
Insanity (Chat Moderator) >> Insanity (Chat Moderator)
Piano_Creeper (Chat Moderator) >> Piano_Creeper (Chat Moderator)
Miss_Jillian (Chat Moderator) >> Miss_Jillian (Chat Moderator)
Ink (Chat Moderator) >> Ink (Chat Moderator)
CraftyFoxe (Chat Moderator) >> CraftyFoxe (Chat Moderator)
Nemesis (Chat Moderator) >> Nemesis (Chat Moderator)

New Moderators Promoted:
[Your Name Here] >> [Your Name Here] (Site Moderator)
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04/01/2017 11:25 pm
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Alteast you run something.




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