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It seems as if the Art Gallery portion of the weekly gets bigger every week! In addition to a colorful art gallery 🎨, we have some new community contests, a couple of HD mobs skins that are a part of a bigger project, redstone tutorials, a pack that makes farming much easier (and also adds more crops!), a pack that adds mobs from ALL of the Minecraft versions to Java, and more! Have an excellent weekend, PMCers!


Step aboard for a voyage back to the days when royal navies hoisted their sails and when pirates spread fear across the deeps. Create a player skin that looks seaworthy and fit for adventure! It could be a highly decorated naval officer, leading the proudest of armadas. Or it could be a bone-chilling, cutthroat buccaneer seeking wealth and notoriety. The theme can be historical, fictional, or even a mix of both.

Be creative, and make a character you would imagine seeing on a great wooden ship in the middle of a briny ocean!

Deadline: August 23
Banner by CornCobDog and knoblepersona

This month's contest theme, Seven Seas, is brought to you by IllageIdiot and voted for by the community in this poll and then won the tie breaker poll!



Pleasenotme is hosting another data pack contest called Relics. In this contest, you must create a powerful and mysterious magical item that can be found in a survival playthrough. The relic must be balanced in power and obtainability. Visit the forum thread for all of the information!

Deadline: August 27

Pleasenotme previously hosted a speed-packing data pack contest which was a day long data packing event. You can check out the results of that contest here!

Chimerabot is hosting their first ever contest: Boisterous Bossfights! Your goal is to create a powerful boss in Minecraft using datapacks! You cannot use any existing bosses as a base is not allowed, however, you're allowed to use existing mobs and it must be spawnable without a command.

Deadline: August 31


😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Palette Contest
August 15
Reshade Contest
♥ Gimme Love ♥ | Reshade Contest
August 16
Tournament!PMC Fighter 🥊Carcharodontosaurus
August 22 ⚡
Themed Contest
Minimal Monsters Skin Contest!
August 21
Themed Contest
OCs in the Future: Themed Contest
August 21
👽 (Other) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Texture Pack Contest
Industrialization Contest
August 21

Be sure to check out the Community Event Calendar for a complete list of contests and events! 📅



Celebrating their 100th submission on PMC, Squidster491 created this pixel art based on HALO, one of their favorite franchises. Squidster states it took them around 3 hours to create.
We think this is the perfect way to celebrate a subscriber milestone, and they did an excellent job!
Art blogIn their first submission on PMC, Yeliouw shared some of their digital drawings with us in a blog! The blog features three different sketches
Their second post is an axolotl version of themselves using their signature teal color. Adorable! We can't wait to see more from them!

floppa pixel art by FishStacks

Random Pixel Art
🐉 pixel art by Diving

The drawing above was created by chickenpants93 and is fanart of mcrjellyfish's OC named Jax. The wall post also includes fanart of CornCobDog's Talltale entry Hilarity! Have a fanart recommendation for chickenpants? They're looking for suggestions! Chickenpants also updated their art blog which includes 20+ drawings!

Terraform master McMeddon tried out making a pixel art animation and we love the result! The art itself is McMeddon overlooking some terrain with his kitty companion. 🐈

AnimeFanFTW updated their art blog to include the 6 current HololiveEN girls, drawn as Takodachis.

In their first art blog ever, AsterLemon shares this drawing with us. They state that they've been drawing for about a year now and we are impressed by their talent! We can't wait to see more art from this member.

Buhh is celebrating their 1 year PMC anniversary! They posted this adorable art in celebration of their milestone. During their time here, they've made a total of 326 submissions, most of which are skins with the exception of a Skintober Prompt list. We hope you stick around for the forseeable future and can't wait to see what you submit next!
Meow_ify shared this artwork of a pink dragon sitting by a blossom tree. We love the shiny details on the dragon's wings, horns and tail!

The growing stages of a sekoia forest friend by CornCobDog! Corncob states that this art is much like a pokemon, where the bebe sekoia evolves in different stages to its final form. 🍃


A couple of creators are working hard complete their pixel painted packs! They've added some really detailed mob skins this week, check them and their respective packs out below!

Bewitchedx32 - Zombie Minecraft Skin
Karaoke submitted 5 HD Mob skins this week including the grotesque zombie above. What you don't see in the preview is the armor layer of the zombie which features bloody bits hanging of his brain'd head. All of Karakoe's 32x mob skins from this week are a part of their Bewitched Resource Pack, a pack submitted on Halloween of last year. If you're in search for a pack for October, look no further as this pack contains all of the spookiest mob skins and textures! 👻
This is Nitgo's second x64 mob skin collection blog and features his latest mob skins made for his pack, Pixel Tree! Our favorite mob skin from this collection is Fluffy sheep. The blog contains some animations for each mob, too so be sure to check them out! Nitgo's Pixel tree is "a world of wonders" and has been a work in progress for over a year. It is a true work of art! The first mob collection blog contains a steel golem, creepy creeper and a spider!


mshailz has been hard at work creating some Redstone Tutorials for the community! She has released a total of 4 this week. In her first chapter, Redstone: 101 The Basics, she teaches you about all of the Redstone Components such as Redstone dust, power blocks, and repeaters and how they work. She gives examples using each component as well as analogies for each, making the tutorial easy to digest and follow. 🤓

Here are the other three tutorials in her series so far:

mshailz is also hosting a Redstone Build contest! So, read up on some Redtone 101 and take a stab at creating something for their contest!

: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2021


Hoeless Farming is a datapack / resource pack combination by ArwenOC that is designed to bring more to crop farming in Minecraft, as well as increase the usefulness of the wandering trader!

The pack adds 6 new crops, a new utility block, and introduces a new currency Topaz. You can purchase rare limited items from the wandering trader and buy planters and sell crops for the new currency Topaz!


Ever wish some of the mobs in Minecraft Dungeons or Earth were in Minecraft Java? Recrafted Mobs by GillsBills not only adds your favorite mobs from these two Minecraft Universes, but also adds mobs from Dungeons Arcade, Education Edition and Bedrock addition, too! You'll find all variants of pigs, cows, rabbits and more. Our favorite mob out of this pack is The Agent from Education Edition. Not only is it adorable, it's super smart and is designed to teach you all the Minecraft how to's when it comes to coding!


Brazilian YouTuber Jazzghost covered LegoBr0's latest adventure map, A Fox's Life, in a video this week! The video is voiced in French, but also has English subtitles and is a very entertaining review of such a fun map.

With this map, you can explore unique terrain generation from the perspective of a fox! 🦊 Find all 768 emeralds, collect 36 diamonds, meet some fox friends along the way! The submission states:

"A player named "stevo" has grown bored of his hardcore world. He
decides to run a command to make his world more exciting. Unbeknownst to him, however, this command gives all mobs sentient AI. Maybe you will find the player on one of the three major islands?"

So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and frolick as a fox!


Build tutorial video's aren't only useful when you're trying to replicate a certain build in your Minecraft world. It can also just be fun to watch talented builders do their magic! With a nice tune of music 🎵 you can wind down while watching a creation come together, block by block! Check out the tutorial section this week and explore all of the building tutorials!
Minecraft | Ice House Idea | How to Build a Ice House Tutorial Minecraft Blog
Wizard Tower Tutorial! Minecraft Blog
Hanging Amethyst Geode House Tutorial Minecraft Blog
Now this is the definition of a cool house 🧊 Mr Potatoe1 teaches you how to make a small cabin made of packed ice. Though small, this Ice house has enough room for just about everything!
Whether you're looking for a spot to snipe phantoms from the sky, or a better view of the land, this Wizard Tower tutorial by ItsOrangyyHere might be what you're looking for! Simple and efficient, and you can easily make this taller to accommodate your needs!
This tutorial by LynnStorms is for all of your crystal lovers! Live inside a hanging Amethyst Geode and call yourself a cool cat! Made up of smooth basalt, calcite and amethyst with an axolotl tank, this is a small but luxurious little home! 🔮


This week's interview is with....
mshailz! Mshailz has made a grand re-entrance into the community with several tutorials, skins, a resource pack and has even organized a contest - all in about 3 weeks time! Needless to say, we were intrigued by the quality and variety of submissions she's made in such a short amount of time. She's a self-taught digital artist and avid redstoner and we can't wait to see what else she has in store for the community! Make sure to visit her profile to see what she creates! Here are a few of our favorite submissions from her:

Redstoner's Resource PackCyberpunk'd - Color Palette Entry Minecraft Skin

First of all, hi! Welcome back to the community! You’ve been a member since 2012, that’s nearly 9 years! Since you’ve been back, you’ve certainly been busy between blog posts, skins, and more recently your Redstone Tutorials. What inspired you to come back?

Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome. 😊 What inspired me to come back to PMC is when I was playing Minecraft with one of my good friends on Xbox and we were having a conversation about him getting his own PC soon, so I told him I'll go on PC and see what's new with Java Edition and what mods/shaders we could use for our own server. Then I thought to myself; "I should really check what's new in PMC and hopefully I can make some friends on here as well." and that is what made me come back. I'm glad I did! I plan on introducing my friend to PMC once he gets his PC.

You’re such a great digital artist! You state in your digital art blog that you’ve been teaching yourself Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator since you were 12. It sounds like you’ve been expanding on your talent and what form of digital art do you like to create the most (pixel art, renders, photomanipulation, GIFs, etc.)?

Thank you! I have been. 😁 I'm a very creative person, but I don't really have any physical outlet that I'm good at, so I turn to digital for expressing my creativity. To be honest, I love every form because it allows me to express my creativity in many ways. For example, if I want to make a Render of my Minecraft persona and then create a surreal or photo manipulated environment and add pixelated magical powers for my persona, that would fall under more than one form of digital art and I think that's cool.

What is your favorite editing software?

My favorite editing software would most definitely be Adobe Photoshop. There is SO much you can do with that software, it's amazing. My second go-to is Photopea, which is a free version of Photoshop!

Is there a form of digital art that you haven't tried, but would like to learn?

Yes, there is! Animation is one of them. I have dabbled in doing animation with Legos when I was around 12 years old and I actually still have some of the animations still on my old YouTube channel that I no longer have access to because I forgot my credentials. *facepalm* 😂 when I say I "dabbled", I mean the animation I did was only a 10 to 20-second video with no sound, horrible lighting, and horrible camera placements. But I would love to try it out for real this time, by using actual animation software and using a real camera with good lighting, adding sound, and adding voice-over as well.

You’re currently hosting a Redstone contest. Do you have plans to host future contests?

I do have plans for future contests! Many of them actually, that range from skins to more Redstone-themed contests and I'm really excited to host them when the time comes. I also hope to see many people from this community participate in my future contests! 😊

You’ve also created a few Redstone tutorials! Do you have any plans for more?

I do! In my four tutorials that I have covered with Redstone, I didn't add the rest of the Redstone-related blocks because I felt it would need its own separate tutorial blog, and that should be released soon as well.

What is your favorite thing about Redstone? What’s your most complex Redstone device you made?

My favorite thing about Redstone is how it adds SO much to your Minecraft experience and how creative you can get with Redstone. It's absolutely amazing and I really would love to see more people in this community get into Redstone. Who knows, someone in this community can invent something that has never been thought of, or been done before! Therefore, I encourage people to try Redstone out. 😉

The most complex Redstone device that I have made so far is making a multi-floor elevator that works both ways as in up and down. I watched Mumbo Jumbo (who is by far, the best Redstoner out there) show briefly in one of his videos about his system, and I tried building it. It would not work for whatever reason. It took me a couple of hours of messing around with my circuitry to finally make it work, and I'm honestly proud of it. I plan on releasing my Redstone Testing World to the community once I feel like I have added enough builds for everyone to check out and to learn from. 😊

Your profile indicates that you’re an Apprentice for Skin Making Team Top Notch. Congratulations! How is that going? Are you learning a lot?

Thank you! It's going great. I've made new friends and the people are so funny and amazing. I already feel like I'm a part of the team. 😁 I am learning a lot, actually! The skins that were being made 8/9 years ago are SO much different than it is today. I'm re-learning the whole process of skinning, shading, and coloring. It's been a challenge but I love challenges and I look forward to getting better day by day. I'm grateful to be surrounded by people who have no problem giving me feedback/ tips and just enough so that I can figure it out by myself while finding my own style too.

Do you play Minecraft often? Which version do you prefer (Bedrock, Java?)

I do play Minecraft often, and I will always prefer Java over Bedrock.

Who in the Minecraft community inspires you? How about in real life?

In the Minecraft community, I would say Mumbo Jumbo because of his genius brain with Redstone, DinowCookie because of how helpful and cool she is to the PMC community, and iqoz with their mind-blowing detailed skins. There are several others who also inspire me. 😁

In real life, ah man. First, I would say my grandmother who's absolutely amazing. I love that woman with all my heart and I will always be grateful for everything she has done for me and still is doing for me. I've always looked up to the late Diana, Princess of Wales for many reasons and what she advocated for. She was a beautiful soul. Steve Irwin has also been one of them since I was a small child. I also look up to Gillian Anderson, who is an American actress and if you follow her on Instagram as well as her other socials, she has the funniest sense of humor and never fails to make me laugh, I also love what she advocates for. Lastly, Jenna Marbles again because of her sense of humor, she has been the constant through the roughest times of my life and cheered me up when I needed it. She is also one of the most truest and relatable celebrities out there.

What is your favorite food?

Ooh, good question. Anything that is homemade Italian. 😋

Anything you’d like to add?

Yes! I wanted to thank the people I'm surrounded with who are supporting me, and this community for being so welcoming/supportive when I came back to PMC. I plan on releasing more content, so check out my profile, and keep an eye out! I also wanted to add if any of you ever want to chat, learn stuff, or need someone to listen to, I'm always here. 😊 Last but not least, thank you PMC for reaching out to me and wanting to interview me. It took me by surprise! I'm deeply thankful and appreciative for this opportunity.
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Very nice weekly and interview!
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Thank you Cob! 😊
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