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Happy last weekend of August! 😱 Anyone else feel like this month just FLEW by unusually fast?! The art gallery section this week is impressive, as always! We've also got some Fandom skins, about half of a dozen projects that were featured on gaming news sites, some portal design tutorials, a dungeon data pack and more! Have a great weekend!

Click for The PMC Weekly August 28th, 2021 Collection!


pets Winning theme will run for the month of September 2021!

We're excited to announce teaming up with iBUYPOWER for Intel Gamer Days 2021 for a celebration with prizes, surprises and giveaways!

Register for events and tune in August 30th - September 3rd @ twitch.tv/IBUYPOWER to watch coverage of a series of Minecraft events on iBPCRAFT!


Psst. Don't miss the giveaway for a limited edition Planet Minecraft wrapped Liquid Cooled Element CL PC.

Results of the Seven Seas Player Skin Contest have been announced! Congratulations to first, second and third place winners and thank you to everyone who participated. There were several spectacular submissions in this contest. View the Final leaderboard here and all of the submissions here!


anonpmc2382110 is hosting a reshade contest for the skin you see to the right. You're allowed to change 3 things about the skin, rose petal. You must tag your skin with #rosepetalreshade2021 and also tag mystica in your entry so they can see it.

Deadline: September 30
♡ rose petal ♡ Reshade contest ♡ Minecraft Skin
mshailz is hosting their first skin contest, Make a Redstoner! Your goal is to create a skin of what you think a Redstone engineer looks like! It must have a least one unique thing about it - Be sure to tag your entry with #mshailzRedstonerSkinContest to enter!

Deadline: October 1st

In celebration of their 1900 followers on PMC and skindex, anxii is hosting an elimination tournament.

Sign ups are NOW open, and will be open for about a week. Rounds will most likely be reshades/recolor, themed, palette, remake and possibly a collaborative one!

🏠 (Projects) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline*
Redstone Contest
Redstone Build Contest 🏮
September 3
😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Themed Contest
Skin Contest: Superheroes_xform5
August 28
Themed ContestMinecraft Spies or Crime masters skin competition
The Diamond Distributor
August 30
Palette Contest
River Pallet Event/Contest! 🌊
August 31
Remake Contest
September 1
tournament celebrating 1900 followers
Reshade Contest
devil's smilemirabilia
September 2
💾 (Mod & Data Pack) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Datapack Contest
Relics: powerful and mysterious magical items! 🔮
September 3 ⚡
Datapack Contest
Boisterous Bossfights 👹
August 31

Be sure to check out the Community Event Calendar for a complete list of contests and events! 📅


Results for Tacoshet's Minimal Monsters Contest have been annnounced! Visit the original forum here and all of the entries in this collection.

1st place
by Foob

2nd place
Carnivorous Dinosaur
by Aspirin60

3rd place
by FishStacks

3rd place
It Came From the Deep
by Raakiniscool

Results for CornCobDog's art to skin contest have also been announced. Check out the winners below and all of the entries in this collection!

1st Place

by DinowCookie

2nd Place

That's *ruff* buddy
by Melodicapplez

3rd Place

Cob's Art to Skin Contest
by rchelbby


LadyBerry's art blog contains pencil drawings of people; all of which don't have faces, feet, or fingers but we think that makes these sketches unique!
-Rae- drew themselves and MOLTENONI in front of their apartment on their new server. This is just one of several drawings they've posted in various wall posts this week; check out the orc and this skull-girl with antlers!
We imagine this beautiful landscape by etqtay is of an extraterrestrial world, perhaps even Mars. We ventured over to their Blog submissions and discovered Etqtay has 2 art blogs: Here's 1 and the other!

wldscarlet updated their 10 YEAR old blog this week to include 2 new drawings of cats! Just look at how happy that floofball above is!
Firefly Forest: FantasyFireflyArt (contest) (Entry) This art work by Xaphanx is a contest entry and we this they have a really good chance of winning! We can almost feel the warmth of the sun beating down, and the peaceful noises of nature around us when we look at this work of art!

Prince Ren created two versions of this drawing that pictures their OC, Fen. You can see the second one in this wall post. It's amazing how much the atmosphere of an artwork changes with a simple background!
Luciien posted this drawing in a wall post this week! Peeking into their submissions in hope for some more art from them, we found out that last month they published an Anatomy study blog which is not only useful and informational, but interesting to watch as well. They include time lapses of them practicing shapes, tracing and freehanding. Needless to say, we were not disappointed upon discovering this blog and encourage you to check it out!

CornCobDog impresses us yet again with the octopus-like creature you see above. This creation is an entry into a pixel art community project being hosted over on twitter. The contest limits participants to a specific color palette. At the end of the contest, each creation will be combined into a big pixel art tower! We're really looking forward to seeing the end result of this contest!

The Frostbitten Blaze Minecraft Skin

In their second art blog, Whispearl shares with us some pixel art of their mob skin frostbitten! There are several other pixel characters and landscapes including beautiful starry night skies and a moody glowing forest.

McMeddon Render
Overlord_Aqua_2 created this beautiful render of McMeddon with his world maps. Using particle effects, Meddon appears to almost be a magician. Come to think of it, if you've ever checked out his work; he certainly creates some magical lands, so technically he is a magician! The art blog shows a few in-progress shots of this render, as well as some notes!

Domhnall of Zena / Adventurer's Set (Dark Souls) Minecraft Skin
Doom Slayer Minecraft Skin
Mono - Little Nightmares II Minecraft Skin
Legendary skin creator Leostereo is back by surprise and submitted their second skin since their return - Domhnall of Zena from Dark Souls. His first skin upon returning was Captain Jack Sparrow, which was also an entry in the Seven Seas Contest!
This character, Doom Slayer, is in an exclusive Unicorn edition skin you can only get through a Twitch Prime Reward. Nonetheless, you can get it for free and NOW as a Minecraft skin thanks to Foob!
Little Nightmares II is a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game and the little guy you see above, Mono, is the main protagonist with mysterious and talented abilities! This skin is the perfect Minecraft version and was created by elfie_!

Game Rant and PCGamesN both covered KrEsHDiE's City-17 project. City-17 is an open world of Half-Life 2 and has been a work in progress for around 3 years. The project submission states:

"The project is built under the theme of RP, providing the opportunity to visit many buildings (residential, commercial, industrial). On the project there are underground structures (metro, sewers, catacombs, resistance bases), as well as many secrets and easter eggs."

Though the map isn't 100% complete yet, there's SO much to explore on this epic map!

Links to articles:
PCGamesN Article
Game Rant Article

Screen rant wrote an impeccable article, Minecraft's Best Designing of Real-World Locations So Far, that highlights 5 amazing projects all of which are included below:

Manhattan, New YorkProject skyline as of 3-27-21.Title Card
Midtown Manhattan by BasVerhagen is a to-scale Minecraft replica of the city! The project started back in 2013 and currently contains hundreds of buildings, subway stations, a cinema, and a library! Some of the buildings are fully furnished, too!Yet another super sized city and long-time work in progress is The Loop by aa60665.
The Chicago Loop is the main business district and commercial core of the city of Chicago. This is the most detailed and realistic Minecraft replica we've ever seen, just take a look at the real-life comparison screenshots in the submission!
This London City Replica by Pieberius captures not only the city centre of London, but also its surroundings including Heathrow Airport all the way to Dartford Crossing (far east of London to far west!). The map is currently 60km squared and is still being worked on by a team of friends.

How many blocks do you think took to make this recreation of Al Khazneh at Petra in Jordan? If you guessed 63.7 million, you're correct! mrc93 made this submission 8 years ago and is still the most exact to-scale replica to date!
All aboard this 1:1 scale Titanic by Deadkoalas! This is probably the most dated Minecraft Titanic replica having been posted 9 years ago, but it remains one of the most popular with over 133,000 downloads. Every room in this ship has been labeled and furnished!

Turn your Nether portal into an epic structure with one of three designs by Trydar! Their latest portal design, Arcane, has a triangular shape and a very alien like appearance. Not your style? How about a geode of an Egyptian style? Whichever you choose, you'll certainly have a portal to brag about!

Arcane Nether Portal 

Geode Nether Portal

Egyptian Nether Portal

So you've defeated the Ender dragon and you're not sure what to do next. How about exploring an endless dungeon?! SirUmbrella released a data pack this week that is only accessible after you've defeated the Ender dragon! The dungeon is located in an entirely new dimension with 15 randomly generated rooms. the pack also adds custom mobs, advancements, and enhancements with new crafting recipes and loot.

There are specific instructions for entering this dimension when it appears and we'll warn you: it's not particularly easy or convenient! You'll have to travel back to the over world and obtain an artifact from a special villager. Read all about this data pack's features

SirUmbrella's other pack, Infinite dungeon, is similar in that it generates a vast, unending dungeon. However, in this pack you don't have to beat the Ender dragon first and it adds 45 randomly generated rooms!


This boss bot named P.E.T.E by YokaiS was hacked and can be fixed by following a few steps, one of them includes strategically fighting him and solving a puzzle. Seems like a lot of work, but trust us - it'll be worth it because he becomes your cute companion after all is said and done!
How about fighting a steampunk snail?! 🐌 This isn't just any snail, however... this is a Steampunk Cyberneticly Enhanced Mutant Snail Boss created by Command Witchery and it packs a punch. It sets everything on fire, explodes, and has a very protective outer shell.

The forsaken lord is a new boss created by Hashs, and can be found by searching for his tomb in the Soul Sand Valley. The primary attack mode for this boss is magical spells, and he is a slightly tougher boss than the Ender dragon or Wither. The submission warns you to not get caught in the right of fire...so beware!

Once again, we encourage you to view The PMC Weekly August 28th, 2021 Collection! The collection format of these submissions makes it easier for you to give diamonds 💎 and other feedback! Your fellow PMC Members will appreciate it!

Did you visit the collection and give feedback?

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