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🌍 The PMC Weekly August 3rd, 2019

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created 08/03/2019 3:47 pm by PMC history
last reply 08/09/2019 4:55 pm

Hey there Minecrafters!

Welcome to another week's worth of Planet Minecraft news. Have you been away on vacation? Still in school or at work? Or perhaps staying home during the summer holiday? Whatever you're up to, we hope you're having a great summer and staying cool!

Congrats to the 3,249 members that found Wibbit last month!


The Deep Space Skin Contest has come to a conclusion and the winners have been announced! Congratulations to the winners, and to all participants; you did an excellent job!

1st Place: Aspirin60 with their God of Universes which uses beautiful shades of blue to create an intergalactic god.
2nd Place: Spectral with their Deep and Spacious skin which is described as having a "tentacle sac of a light source".
3rd Place: Beordan with their Milkomeda Anguimorpha; a frightening reptilian creature, ready to hunt down every living thing!

Did you miss the Deep Space contest? Well, don't worry because this month, like every month, we have a brand new skin contest for you to enter in. Our community poll ended and you've chosen Medieval Times for this month's theme. Will you make a noblewoman or poor peasant? Or maybe you want to take the Medieval Fantasy route and make a warlock or a dragon! 🐲

fiber_new Medieval Times Skin Contest | NOW LIVE!


WOOOO HOOOO! We're having a project contest this month, and it's a special one too!! Planet Minecraft is collaborating with Meraki, a build team who started a futuristic space exploration project titled 2048, which you can now be part of through this contest. Don't miss it!

"2048 is a Minecraft Build "Collection" with a focus on community collaboration. In order to unite Minecraft community, 2048's storyline will be shaped along the journey by participants from all around the world as they present their interpretation of the story." -Meraki

Aside from the cool theme, this contest offers grand prizes! There's $350 worth of prizes in the pool. Keep in mind that this time around, there will be no separation of Team and Solo contests. You can enter alone or work with friends!

Check out the details page for more info on prizes and rules.

fiber_new Project 2048 forum thread | Space Exploration Build Contest | NOW LIVE!


In Secretive hut your task is to build a cabin in any style! Steampunk, modern, log, dirt, etc.. In this event, jessy999 challenges you to build a small but cozy retreat.

More open community events are:

TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Build contestThe Ultimate Tree House Building ContestSir_CraftypantsAugust 20
Themed skin contestDungeons and DragonsBluecheesemanAugust 13
Skin palette challengePalette Challenge #1Wildcard_GamerAugust 15

For a complete list of community events and contests, visit the date_range Community Event Calendar.


This week, we passed 2.5 MILLION members!

Did you join as a member just recently and are you one of the last 0.1 million? Or did you join us quite some time ago? No matter when you joined, we're happy to see you around, we hope you're having fun and would love to see you stick around for quite some time to come. 😁

PMC member Nighthearted is on a roll this week! They posted five new phenomenal skins this week, including this seagull and their Creeper Aww Man, but the most popular skin this week was.. Beans? Beans. With well over 5000 vies, 300 downloads and 100 diamonds on the first day. 😵 We guess Minecrafters like thos beans.

by Nighthearted

Planet Minecraft saw some great submissions in which the creators drew inspiration from movies, games and series. Check out The Black Pearl ship from Pirates of the Caribbean by MaxTheRaven, which has a schematic available! Or perhaps you're more into The Elder Scrolls, Fonta shared a great recreation of Winterhold from Skyrim! Game of Thrones fan? Check out the screenshots shared by Leonex showing off their Great RPG world with ice wall, reminding us of the fantastic lands of Westeros.

The Summer Vacation Community Event has ended. We'll publish a full conclusion post about the event sometime soon. While last week we hoped to reach over 400 entries in this event, we ended up with 476 entries, how cool! You guys definitely submitted a lot of great entries; make sure to check your trophy case for your participant's badge.

While waiting on the event conclusion, make sure to check out Sprezzatura's summer themed blog submission which features beautiful photos of bumblebees in their natural habitat. Their submission also happens to be their first submission on the site since joining in May! Here on Planet Minecraft, we encourage all kinds of creativity coming from the Minecraft community and this blog is a great example of just how much fun that can be(e). 🐝
Summer Photography - Bee Edition

That concludes this week on Planet Minecraft, see you next week!

What have you been up to this summer??

Poll ended 08/09/2019 3:45 pm.

Posted by avatar
Level 73 : Legendary Cake

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12 replies

08/09/2019 4:55 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Mage
Amy Owl
Listening to music!music_note
08/09/2019 3:48 pm
Level 43 : Master Professor
Not enough people have been sleeping
08/04/2019 11:20 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Archer
Everything except melting and dancing
08/03/2019 4:17 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Cake
I live in Europe, what do you expect? It's been a "tiny" bit warmer than usual here...
08/04/2019 12:50 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Pig
Ha! I was there in May and it was sweltering
08/04/2019 4:08 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Farmer
Like the others in the EU, when it was 40C° I was inside hoping for death to come xP
Other than that, gaming, cycling & yes swimming to keep the heat at bay.
Since a few days I can add driving to that list, after 1.5 years of having a license I finally have a car to call my own c=

Hope everyone's summer is going as nice as mine!
08/03/2019 11:03 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Farmer
I’ve been skinning
08/03/2019 10:26 pmhistory
Level 11 : Journeyman Ranger
Energy Master
So to the 2048 contest, should I start saving for one of those new and luxury space ships or buy me a used one? XD
08/03/2019 10:50 pmhistory
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Cyborg
Start saving for a used one. Get last years model and it will probably knock off a 100k and only have 12,000 light years on it.
08/03/2019 8:21 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Toast
even in texas, it's not that hot inside a building.
08/03/2019 6:44 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Sweetheart
08/03/2019 3:53 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Lego Builder

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