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This weeks weekly is FULL of fun, new community contests and content! Texture packs get a little extra love this week, as we feature 4 instead of our usual 1! An out-of-this-world data pack where you can travel to space in Minecraft also got an update recently, and let us just say... it's pretty awesome and you'll definitely want to try it out. You'll find a couple of cute doodles from the blog section, a skin and more! Have a great weekend everyone!


The Official summer community event, Sunshine after the Rain is live and accepting entries! Let's have a solar-bration and spread the positive summer vibes across our community! This theme can be taken literally or figuratively! Questions? Comments? Head on over and ask onthe forum thread!

Winners were announced for the Periodic Table of Elements Player Skin Contest! The Final Leaderboard can be seen here and all entries here! Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

1st Place
Toxic 92
by VinylReplica

2nd Place
by Aspirin60

3rd Place
[​Bi] Bismuth no. 83
by F I N N L E Y


As a celebration for their 400 Subscriber Milestone, sakuraa_ is hosting a skin contest called Moodboard Aesthetics! The forum states:

"This contest will consist of using moodboards—a type of collage filled with pictures and/or text that creates an aesthetic appeal—to theme around a skin creation. the idea is to be creative, while creating a skin inspired by a moodboard of your choice. this thread will provide the moodboards, as you will choose one to create your skin based off of."

Deadline: July 6
CactiFern is celebrating 300 subscribers and hosting a Sky Themed skin contest! No HD or mob skins allowed and your skin must be based off of the sky in some way (think stars, cloud, moon, etc!)

July 20

⭐ Sign-ups open!
Bureine is hosting this year's PBL and Sign ups opened just this week!

The Stream Server Palette Battle League is a skin battle league where 32-something skinners face off in a bracket-style competition of skin battles using pre-made palettes, which are made unique every week, until only one is left standing.

Every week you'll be given a grid of 16 shades. From those shades you're allowed to take 12 OR LESS and make your palettes with them.

Be sure to read all of the rules and details on the forum thread and secure your spot!

πŸ“° (Writing) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Lyrics ContestRewrite the lyrics of a song to be more like MinecraftMrHiglin
😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Themed Contest
Sunlight VS Moonlight Skin Contest
June 10
Redesign Contest
MisterDoctor's Robot Rock Contest!
June 12
Themed Contest
June 13
Themed Contest
The Apple Skin Contest
June 14
Themed Contest
Zulphiroo's 400 follower Skin Contest
June 15
Reshade Contest
PMC Anniversary | Reshade Contest
June 15
🐷 (Mobskins) Type

Mystery Event
Mystery Mobs
June 20
For a complete list of community hosted contests and events be sure to check out the community event calendar!

Sign up for Skin Fight 2021! ⭐
During the entire month of June, two teams will be fighting an epic battle by "attacking" the other team with remakes (fan skins) of their original characters. This year, you can restyle and gender-bend several OC's too! Points are scored by quantity and quality of submissions.Click here to lean more and to sign up!

hosted by Meiolki
Staff: BlossomBoopCandyBandimirabiliawqtermxlon


This week, Kalam0n released their latest texture pack, Kal's Tools! This pack is a "fresh take on the traditional Minecraft textures" adding some medieval flair and detail as well as variations of each tool. Swords become daggers, shovels become pitchforks, pickaxes become hammers and more! The photo below, right, shows what each variant looks like as well as what it looks like when it's broken.

Kalamon also has a pack, Expanded Armory, that includes armor textures and variants as well as custom textures for crafting tables, lanterns, torches and more!

Another tool texture pack that was submitted this week is Actual Tools 1.17+ by antunnes. This pack currently in the beginning phase and contains new textures for the wooden spear, shovel, pickaxe, axe and hoe.

The current wood tool textures are very much vanilla style, but have the appearance of being hand-made in game and much more organic. Sort-of like if you were a caveman and made them. We love the added detail of leaves where the head of the tool meets the handle! πŸƒ

We're looking forward to seeing the evolution of this pack!

The Expansion Data Pack by Von_Leipenstein was updated just this week and is now compatible with 1.17! Explore Minecraft like never before and take a trip to 8 new space dimensions including Space, the moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the asteroid belt, Jupiter and Europa!

In addition to these new dimensions, there are several new features as well as new technology and over 10 new structures.

To access the "Guide to Space Travel", place a book on top of a smithing table.

We found a few space themed skin from this week that pairs perfectly with this pack! Check them out below:

Alien Astronaut Minecraft Skin
πŸ‘½ Ever with you could be an astronaut? Or how about an alien? What about both?! Fates latest skin, Alien Astronaut, gives you the gift of being both! Travel to another planet and invade their land, or be a friendly foreigner!

Aquatic Dynasty Minecraft Skin
There are certainly some extra-terrestrial aquatic creatures in real life and now thanks to lightsourght's latest skin, Aquatic Dynasty, you can be one! Featuring one eye and a fish-bot body cross-over, you'll be sure to get a few double takes walking around in your world wearing this skin!
roland the astronaut Minecraft Skin
Suit up in this skin, roland the astronaut, by lukebutquiet and consider yourself a pro at space exploration! Download the Expansion data pack above and play as roland, who is lost in the depths of space. Where will you travel to? What will you do? πŸ‘¨‍πŸš€


Rhino Hoglins by ShrimpSnail

A couple of other trending texture packs are ones that change the appearance of exisiting mobs in Minecraft. Rhino Hoglins, as you may have guessed, adds a horn on the hoglin nose to turn it into a rhino! Just look at the adorable baby rhino hoglin. So Cute!
Earth foxes by PinkuRinku

PinkuRinku's Earth Foxes adds multiple new Fox variants based off of the Minecraft Earth mob. Each variant spawns naturally; you'll find the Viler fox, muddy foot fox, rainbow fox, horned fox, squeaklip and a few more!

ジェル by Behklee
Yotsuba by Facade
There were a few darling doodles in the blog section this week 0 Behklee attempts a new texture technique to make it look like their drawing is melting, as well as added an extra shine to it with a few highlights.

Facade created a new oc they called "Yotsuba", after a not well-known manga. A tag in the submission indicates that this maroon colored character is inspired by the latest axolotl mob!

We loved Qxor's Sun God Ra skin they submitted this week! We love the color palette they used, and how they textured the falcon head at the corner of the front and side.

Fun Fac
t: in Egyptian mythology, Ra was the most important god in Ancient Egypt and was king of the Egyptian Gods. It was said he was born each morning in the East, and died each night in the West, travelling through the underworld at night. Interesting!

Want more Egyptian themed submissions? A few years back, we created a collection with skins and maps all with the theme: Egypt! This collection was a part of DinowCookie's Collection competition, where participants were to create a collection containing works from a variety of creators, following the round-specific rules

Sun God Ra Minecraft Skin

This week, Bertiecrafter released a blog that highlights the latest feature in his Data Pack Checker; the ability to identify issues is 1.16 data packs that prevents them from working with 1.17! With this new update you can now update your data packs to 1.17 with ease. The blog states:

"Sifting through every file in every one of your data packs is a real pain. The actual edits are usually not that bad, but finding what you need to edit is what makes updating a data pack really hard. I developed a new rule for the Data Pack Checker that can find issues in 1.16 data packs that would prevent them from working in 1.17. Simply run the checker, fix the issues and your data pack is compatible with 1.17 in no-time."

You may have heard that this week, Minecraft released part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs Update! A few new mobs were added including the axolotl, goat and glow squid. There were also several new features blocks added including copper, amethyst, dripstone, and moss. You can also now craft several new items with some of these blocks, too!

If you're interested in the technical updates, Bertiecrafter covers all of them in their blog you can read here.

Vote on this forum thread by BigBuilds that asks which mob is your favorite in 1.17!

Read up on all of the features, blocks, and bug fixes on Minecraft.net!

There is no official interview this week, however, you can read WindGuideYouOn's interview with Bioluminescence here.

Have you tried the new Caves and Cliffs Part 1 Update?
(if yes, tell us what you think!)
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Hi PMC, I created a texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock edition that I put a lot of effort into, and I plan to frequently update it! If you could feature it, it would mean so much to me, because this is my favourite one of my texture packs yet and I think it could evolve into something really good! Here's the link: Jagged Curves 32x Thanks in advance!
06/15/2021 4:03 pm
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06/14/2021 5:12 pm
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ah, tysm for featuring my contest ! ♥
06/14/2021 5:06 pm
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Some neat stuff this week
06/12/2021 12:03 pm
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Tgw Creeper
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06/12/2021 12:20 pm
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Hey! Thank you for featuring my 1.17 related blogs! =)
06/12/2021 12:26 pm
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Great PMC weekly as usual :) Thanks for showing our 1.17 mob poll!!
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