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Happy weekend! In this edition of the weekly, we're covering several new community contests that launched this week! Keep an eye out, as there are also many that are ending soon. Please enjoy our collection of things to showcase from the past week!

Special thanks to DinowCookie for their generous contribution to the weekly this week!


Last week, we launched the new official player skin contest, The Periodic Table of Elements! Your goal is to create a skin based off of one of the elements from the periodic table. Here is a nice online resource for browsing and learning about the periodic table.

Discover one that inspires you! You should reference the element in
your title or description of your skin. We'll learn together even it
it's just why the element inspired your skin.


Neon madness is a palette contest being hosted by NickTheGuy12. The rules are simple: you must use neon colors only. No HD or Mob skins are allowed and no editing your skin after you've submitted it! Click the palette below to start!

Deadline: June 10

Valkyrien_ is hosting a fox-themed reshade contest! featuring the skin you see to the right! You're allowed to change small details about the skin but it must still be recognizable. Hueshifting and lightsourcing is encouraged! Be sure to tag your entries with 'foxyrce' and comment on the reshade thread to enter!

Deadline: June 10
β™‘ vΞ±β„“kΞ³β„œΞΉΞ΅Ξ· β™‘ "to the daylight.." ♬ | rc Minecraft Skin
thebudgie is celebrating their PMC anniversary by hosting a reshade contest! This reshade contest is a little bit different than the typical reshade contests because, as you can tell, the skin to the right is already shaded.

Your goal in this contest is to change her design/outfit as much as you want as long as you keep the colors green and yellow consistent in her design. budgie will be using entries as inspiration for designing their new persona!

Deadline: June 15
PMC Anniversary | Reshade Contest Minecraft Skin

PMC Community Event - Community Base Tours

hosted by: McMeddon
Going together from Base to Base and exploring your Builds!
When: Sunday 30th May: 20:00 UTC
Where: play.planetminecraft.com (you have to be PMC Level 5 to be able to join)
meeting at spawn

Click here for all of the details!

😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Themed Contest
When the poll ends
Palette Contest
Harry Potter Palette contest
June 10
🐷 (Mobskins) Type

Themed Contest25 Subscribers Event - Aquatic!Olonea
May 26

🏠 (Projects) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline*
Themed Contest
Tropical Skin and Bedrock map contestBigBuilds
May 30
Themed Contest
Second Annual Spring Building Competition - Crystal Falls
May 31
πŸ“° (Writing) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Lyrics ContestRewrite the lyrics of a song to be more like MinecraftMrHiglin
May 26
😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Palette Contest
Paletted Theme 2: The sequelChaotic Stupid
May 25
Palette Contest
Mystical World  
May 26
Themed Contest
Animal Skin Contestkittencrafter
May 29
Themed Contest
Silk Symmetry Skin ContestNoodleRat
May 31
Themed Contest
Perfect Imperfections
May 31
🐷 (Mobskins) Type

Themed Contest25 Subscribers Event - Aquatic!Olonea
May 26

Be sure to check out the Community Event Calendar for a complete list of contests and events!



shoebill by Shire12

art by Claude_

jokey smurf by VANlTY

pixel profile picture by Inkine



This pack by iqraer adds 63 dungeons to Minecraft, without replacing the standard ones! These dungeons are compatible with almost any server and does not change the generation of the world. You’ll find several variations of dungeons in every biome, ranging from small, creeper-like structures of stone, to bigger temple- like builds.


Trigonia compiled several Minecraft Mod Showcase videos they made in a blog for convenient accessability! The blog contains reviews of 16 mods ranging from driveable ships and apple trees to realistic physics and better FPS!

Their latest showcase goes over the mod Bosses of Mass Destruction! If the bosses in Minecraft are too easy for you, you might want to check this out! This mod adds 3 new, very difficult mobs to beat; the Night Lich, Obsidilith and the Nether Gauntlet!


Build tutorial video's aren't only useful when you're trying to replicate a certain build in your Minecraft world. It can also just be fun to watch talented builders do their magic! With a nice tune of music 🎡 you can wind down while watching a creation come together, block by block!

This Realistic Modern House build by ackers5861 isn't their first modern build submission, but this is the first time they made a video tutorial to show how it's made. We are already looking forward to the next video!

pixelpunchermc has been making build tutorial video's for a while longer. Their recent submissions include an Underwater Base, Snowy Cabin and Hanging House. The most recent addition is this super-cozy Simple Modern Jungle House!

Another frequent poster of build tutorial video's is Deamon_Hunter! This week they shared how you can make cute Mini Biomes that can be used to decorate your world. Their video tutorials range from simple starter builds to clever building hacks!


FishStacks stacked fish to make this Fishstack skin to celebrate their milestone of 500 subscribers. Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ We can spot a pufferfish, salmons and a turtle.

Zulphiroo made this octopus skin, promoting their 400-followers contest in the description! Theme: abstract. Deadline: june 15. Congratulations to you too! πŸ₯³

DinowCookie used the colors from their space squid drawings to make this orange squid mob skin. Did you know that you can easily pick colors from a reference image in PMCskin3D? Click here to learn how!

Aspirin60, legendary mob skin maker, also made not one, not two, but three squids! We can't pick which one we like most so here they all are:

Deep water squid
by Aspirin60

Void squid
by Aspirin60

Poisonous squid
by Aspirin60


Did you know that redstone in Minecraft works just like real-life electronic circuits? This makes it possible for redstone engineers to build very cool and intricate things like calculators, sorting systems, a game of tic-tac-toe or even an entire computer! Using binary and logic gates, basic 0's and 1's!

This week, High Grandmaster Engineer Leomelonseeds shared a digital redstone clock that syncs to the time of your game. Meaning it can tell you what time it is in your Minecraft world! No mods, no command blocks, no data packs, just good old redstone.

Tip! ⭐ Want to learn more about what redstone can do?

This tutorial blog post by Zaralith about learning circuits with redstone was posted 9 years ago, but it's still just as relevant today!

It's not just useful for making redstone contraptions, but also to learn how real-life electronic circuits work. Are you an aspiring computer scientist? Or are you just interested to learn what goes on inside the electronics you use every day? Then this might be an interesting subject for you to dive into!


This week's official interview is with.....

VinylReplica joined Planet Minecraft in july of 2019 and has since leveled up to "Grandmaster Skinner", with one official contest win and one third place on his record. Other than making awesome, vibrant Minecraft skin, he makes pixel art, music and is also working on a resource pack together with some pixel-painter friends. Make sure to visit his profile to see what he creates! To give you an impression:

Tybalt the Peace Maker
by VinylReplica

Minecraft Questions

What's your fondest Minecraft memory?

Oh bruh haha; so many ones over the 10 years. Good question tho, I gotta say playing with friends for sure.

I was playing on the pmc one and my friend was afk in our house. There was a zombie outside and I was on like 2 hearts and I have 300 ping cause I’m built different and my parents decided to birth me in Australia where I have the wifi quality of a tin can. I closed the door and man just flew open, so I closed that bad boy. Turns out he was already closed and yeaaaaa. Lil zombie dude just waddled in and slayed me and my afk friend, over and over again lmao. I couldn’t do anything cause I couldn’t move and the zombie was either lag frozen everytime or some grandmaster ninja; I have no clue, but I want what he’s on. So yea, not fun. I was left nakey and my friend got my gear ;-;.

Do you use a texture packs in Minecraft? If so, which one & what do you enjoy about it?

Mythic by FishyMint. I don’t know if u can get much better than my homeboy Mythic.

MYTHIC - A Pixel Art Journey
by FishyMint

I like that I don’t have to use the one ThatGuyJake and I r working on and seeing a pixel in the wrong place and then spending the whole Minecraft session trying to get this 1 pixel right haah

Also got a lil help from main man FishyMint with my grass and dirt btw ;)

If you could erase one type of mob from your survival world, which would it be and why?

That one zombie from above; he was a completely different breed. Also the cats who didn’t do their job of stopping the creepers from blowing me up.

PMC Questions

How did you come up with your PMC username?

Hah, uhh. Mm I really wanna change it but eh. I was looking through yt to ‘legally’ download some samples and make some beets out of em. I came across this one I really liked that was called Replica, man was vinyl sooo yeaa. I loved making vinyl and old sounding melody loops back in mid 2019… so yessirrr.

What is your proudest submission & what inspired you to make it?

Probably daddy dragon from December. DragonsDungeon inspired me to make the skin. I don’t wanna think about how long I spent on it haahah. Maybe 13 hours cause I had to do both sides differently, and I’d speak to someone for like 6 hours a day. So I’d place like 10 pixels per session hah.



Soul Stealer (Huevember 2020 day 3)
by VinylReplica

You've improved your pixel-painting-techniques a lot over the past two years!
Do you have a tip for aspiring skin creators and pixel placers?

Aye cheers!

Aye yes mam. I gotta stop overusing aye, welp. I hit 1000 “aye”s in Inro and I’s dm the other day btw. Bit of cheeky info for u guys.

Oh, the question. Yes, so I advise u get some critique asap. Also get someone who is gonna be honest and make u cry urself to sleep about how bad ur skin is. U should maybe get to the point of wanting to give up cause it looks like poop and ye. Nah fr tho, just ask people stuff, and analyse other people’s skins and how they do stuff. Figure out colours and what stuff works together. With time and practice u get there, try and focus on something new each skin, whether it’s big or small. Learn anti-aliasing (aa) to smooth stuff over. So many people have jagged edges and stuff, please aa hah.

Imma be blunt, I don’t believe in talent really. Anyone can learn pretty much everything, unless u got no hands. Then Idk, u will figure it out. Maybe. Just be resilient and u will get there eventually, everyone is just different. Some learn faster, some learn slower than me hopping out of bed in the morning. I guess if u pick it up super quick it’s talent?? God knows.

Last year you hosted the Heroes vs Villains skin contest: a super fun theme! If you could pick the theme for the next official skin contest, what would you choose?

Anything with a palette heh, saves me worrying about an aspect of skinning. Cause I always have a break, come back, and then just overdo my colours like it’s world championships or something. I be mixing like 4 hues in one ramp I swear.

You can shout out to one PMC member here & pick one of their submissions to feature! Who, and why them?

Inro for being the best friend anyone could have. Ye, just a wonderful person.

by Inro


Fun Questions

Besides making Minecraft skins and pixel art, what do you do for fun?

I am still uncertain how to have fun lol, but I think it's where u feel some sort of joy? I presume? Probably when I finish my 2 and a bit full body workout and go home. Is that sad? Perhaps

Probably the thing that gives me joy is helping other people, I want people to be happy and not turn out like me. So if someone asks for something, most times I will say yes :). I don't think that's good hah.

But making music, chasing girls from uni that r too shy to hang out with me, ps4 and playing brawlhalla with Shokunin (even tho we both get like 300 ping), talking to Inro til 12am and then Inro forgetting that it's 12am for me. Vibey stuff

Share with us, one of your best beats you've made!

Yea for sure, the link is in my about on my profile.
It’s just a private upload dw guys, so don’t be like “He’S A sOunCLoUd RaPpEr”

What's your favorite snack?

Food, I’ve heard it’s delicious. Also, probably icecream sandwiches. They hit different when skinning.

My ideal date is where me and bae get icecream sandwiches, and sit on the beach and vibe.

What kind of contest would you definitely win?



One with no creativity or thematic relevancy lmao. I have the creativity of a senile 90 year old man with a heart condition.

Do you have any pets? (Pictures please!)

I did have a cellar spider behind my chair that I would occasionally feed ants that were biting my legs. Then man just went adios, never to be seen again. I do want a pet tho but we r unfortunately renting and the owners don't want no pets :(.

Anything else you wish to share?

I love giving critique on skins. And if anyone knows how to fix me, hmu

Thanks for the opportunity!
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05/24/2021 4:51 pm
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I have a question:
I there any reason you don't feature stories?

I'm just really curious or is it only blogs if you could clear it up that would be great
05/26/2021 1:16 pmhistory
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Actually, I have your most recent story in the draft for this week's weekly... what a coincidence!

We don't intentionally not feature stories. There's often not a considerable amount of stories with a real story line in the blog section. If you check out the section over the past 30 days and browse them, you'll notice most are less than a paragraph long. If you do see a quality story, chances are we missed it because we browse the blog section as a whole at the end of each week.

As always, we encourage members to PM us if they think something of theirs (or others) should be highlighted in the weekly. So, just give us a shout with your feature suggestion!
05/26/2021 2:48 pm
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jameson gray
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oh my~ this is so nice
05/23/2021 10:32 am
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Great read, and I'm glad that VinylReplica got interviewed; he definitely deserved it!
05/23/2021 11:54 pm
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Aye! Cheers haha
05/22/2021 1:25 pm
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omg tysm for featuring my contest! I really appreciate it ♥

ps lovely article as usual!
05/22/2021 1:39 pm
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Thanks for featuring my build in the tutorial section. Great weekly!
05/23/2021 9:00 am
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He's a Soundcloud rapper
05/23/2021 8:17 am
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Thanks for the feature, definitely didn't expect it! :D
05/22/2021 12:06 pm
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Great Weekly as always! :)
05/22/2021 12:24 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Magical Girl
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Yes, and my contest is here (in the table).
05/22/2021 4:54 pm
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thanks for featuring my 500 subscriber skin!
05/23/2021 6:36 am
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my contest is first on the list
05/22/2021 6:05 pm
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AYYYYY thanks for featuring my shoebill :D
05/22/2021 4:58 pm
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Thank you very much for featuring my art ^-^
05/23/2021 12:55 am
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05/22/2021 2:30 pm
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A lovely read as always!
05/22/2021 11:59 am
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First ;)
05/22/2021 5:55 pm
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Hunter cat the HUNTER
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05/22/2021 7:16 pm
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Great PMC weekly this week!!
05/22/2021 6:12 pmhistory
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tysm for featuring my contest i am so happy :D
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