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🌍 The PMC Weekly May 30th, 2020chrome_reader_mode

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PMC started 05/30/2020 1:15 pm history
WatermelonFarm replied 05/31/2020 1:43 pm

Happy Saturday! We've got some exciting things to cover this week including the final phase of the Procedural Metropolis! This week we also have several new and exciting community contests and events, results of a community event, some member blog art, skins, a data pack and more!


Mobs of Minecraft Reimagined Mob Skin Event ends TOMORROW! We're happy to announce that we've hit a record high of submissions in any event we've held! Woo! Be sure to put those final touches on your reimagined mobs and remember, you can enter up to 5!

Procedural Metropolis of the PMC community! - Infinity Project -

It's finally here! After weeks of hard work, Gheppio has released the final Procedural Metropolis download!

All of the buildings you see in the trailer to your right and photo down below, have been collected through the Procedural Metropolis Contemporary Edition project contest where participants were asked to build a series of 6 small houses. Select submissions were compiled into ONE machine (the seed you see below). Once activated, the machine will make a city that includes the buildings created by our very own PMC Community!
List of Procedural Metropolis buildings

When you download this project, you will enter a world of flat terrain and a big seed with a ladder leading up into it. Climb up that ladder into the command center and follow the instructions. Once you initiate the machine, your very own unique city will begin to generate!
Fun Fact: Gheppio created the music in this trailer video!

The seed; what your world will start with

The city; what your world will end with


Pres Creations is celebrating reaching nearly 300 subscribers with their first ever skin contest, Marvels! your goal is to create a skin based off of any of the Marvel Comic Characters. Player skins only, 1 entry per person and your skin must be tagged Marvels and linked in the comments in the forum thread!

Deadline: June 10
-artemis- is hosting a palette contest, titled "Dawn". They've given an example skin using the palette, which you can see to the far right.

You cannot use any other colors other than the ones on the palette but you CAN use the transparency tool. Be sure to tag your entry with #dawn and check out the forum post for all of the details!

Deadline: June 30

See the source imageSee the source image
SpindleCloud is celebrating 40 subscribers and hosting a skin contest. In their skin contest, your goal is to make your skin have some resemblance to a flower of your choice. Plater and mob models are allowed, though mobs that are "items" such as fishing bobbers are not allowed.

Deadline: June 30

❦Flower skin contest

The rules are simple in this palette contest hosted by xShadowStarx; you must use the palette to your right!

Click this link to import the palette into PMCSkin3D directly and start working on your submission!!

: June 30

In this mobskin contest, your goal is to create a wolf/dragon hybrid (Wolfix). You must first message Foxx2020 who will give you three tribes of Wolfix's to draw inspiration from.

You must tag your skin #Wolfixcontest and your skin must have wings.

Deadline: June 30
In this month-long event hosted by Wildcard_Gamer, your goal is to create a player skin based off of specific themes. The event page states:

"For the next month, these 18 challenges (pictured right) are for any challenger to complete, but you can also just do one side. Each side has 9 challenges, on the left side, we have the JOURNEY route, and on the right side we have the CHALLENGE route.

Tag any skins you make for summer of skins with #SOS2020. When you complete the route, send me a collection with all 9 of the skins, and Wildcard_Gamer will give you a personalized pixel trophy."

Deadline: June 30

autumnistic is celebrating 100 subscribers and hosting a reshade contest (how pretty is this banner?!)! In this contest, you reshade the skin you see to the right and tag your submissions with AutumnReshade. Prizes include really cool pixel art trophies!

Deadline: July 16

CaraRose's Community Garden Event concluded! She's put together all of the participant's submission into one BIG map and included a download so anyone can explore each build up close.

There were over 15 participants in this event, making for one big beautiful map as the end result!

You can check out the final results including the top three winners by visiting this forum thread!

🏠 (Projects) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline*
Themed ContestHorror MapGod_Oh_WarMay 31
πŸ“° (Writing) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Story EventCommunity Story Event ✍Wolf_with_ScarfMay 30
😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Reshade ContestMedieval Reshade Contest πŸ“―LemilasMay 30
Palette ChallengePalette Challenge #4 🎨Wildcard_GamerMay 30
Themed ContestThe Astrological Skin Contest ⭐devil_eggpuffsMay 31
Palette ContestPalette skin contest! o/ πŸ’œLiounaxMay 31
Reskin ContestRecolor / redesign the skin.JamesTDGMay 31
Palette ContestRekked Palette ContestKeckingRabbitMay 31
Palette ContestElemental Palettes 🌊FlipwishMay 31
Palette ContestBilli's Cloudy Palette Contest β›…Billii_SmithMay 31
Reshade ContestSoft serve ice creamSpindleCloudMay 31
Palette ContestHalf MoonKappuccinoMay 31
Persona ContestPersona Skin ContestTraderJune 1
Sinus Gorl ContestSinus girl, but a contestSinus ProductionsJune 4
🐷 (Mobskins) Type

Themed EventPMC Mobs of Minecraft ReimaginedPMCMay 31
Turtle ContestTurtle mob skin contestfluffyyyMay 31

Be sure to head over to the Community Event Calendar for a complete overview of current events!


rainstxrm updated their art blog to include some digital art! They made a support stamp for themselves,as well as a digital drawing of sinus gorl and fanart for cqvetown and Sinus Productions !They have several drawn art

This week, we're featuring a few skins from week 8 of DragonsDungeon's Finish a Skin Weekly challenge. Participants were given the unfinished skin to the right, to complete as their challenge for week 8!

This challenge is ongoing, so if you're interested in participating be sure to visit this forum thread and keep your eye's peeled for this weeks challenge!

You can see all of the submissions from this challenge thus far by visiting this collection!

Medicine man (finish a skin week8) Minecraft Skin
Medicine Man by Aspirin60
rawr xd Minecraft Skinrawr by canday

After 5 years of submission silence, Monsterfish_ is back with Walls of Conquest, a Structures Data Pack! The pack is a complete overhaul of all changeable structures in vanilla Minecraft and is inspired by various structures from fantasy and actual cultures.

Some of these structures include land and underwater ruins, fossils, treasures, re-vamped woodland mansions and pillager outposts, lighthouses and more!
Have you always wanted to start a server, but not sure where to start?

Magezkyy published a tutorial this week, How to start a server! The guide covers the foundation stages for any server with examples, as well as common reasons servers fail and ways to approach those roadblocks. A very informative and useful article!
ANorthernLord's project, The Legend of Zelda Map went trending on reddit this week! The thread currently has over 13,000 upvotes and 300 comments!

The map is a full 2:1 recreation of The Legend of Zelda (1987) map with a size of 168x512 blocks and is made entirely by hand.

It's their first submission on PMC and they've made it available to download for free!
Also trending on reddit is this mobius strip skyblock map by AmyOak! The reddit thread has over 24,000 upvotes and over 300 comments.

"the map includes all the ores you would need as well as a chest with all the typical skyblock items and an end portal with no eyes of ender"

Did you know a Mobius Strip in mathematics is a surface with only one side A mobius strip is also referred to as a twisted cylinder!

You can download and challenge yourself with this skyblock map here!
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Level 74 : Legendary Cake

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13 replies

05/30/2020 1:33 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Artist
sinus gorl is everywhere
05/30/2020 1:59 pm
Level 28 : Expert Procrastinator
And it will never disappear
05/30/2020 1:53 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Dolphin
05/30/2020 1:39 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Slime Tamer
thats a good thing tho, they have good art
05/30/2020 1:45 pm
Level 28 : Expert Procrastinator
Oh man I had a heart attack when I saw the mention-
Ty for the feature!
05/30/2020 3:58 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
Hey there, you left out the sweet stories contest. That one is still running
05/30/2020 7:06 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Cake
Hi! The list we post on the weekly are for the events that are ending in 1 week or less :)
05/31/2020 1:43 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
ah, ok then
05/30/2020 3:50 pm
Level 20 : Expert Dragon
PMCο»Ώ, my contest is for MOB SKINS, not skins!
05/30/2020 3:33 pm
Level 22 : Expert Procrastinator
the bit about Pres Creations says they’re celebrating 3 subscribers, but they have 300. hmmmmmmmmmm..... πŸ€”
05/30/2020 7:03 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Cake
my zero key is acting up, whoopsies
05/30/2020 2:12 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Slime Tamer
Thank you so much for the feature, my account is still new so I appreciate it so much
05/30/2020 1:53 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Dolphin
I feel like there's something missing...πŸ€”
Maybe an unkown contest?...
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