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Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday for our 10 year anniversary celebrations! We can't even begin to describe how much FUN we had exploring the museum server with you, reading your stories and memories, and seeing all of the excitement and energy around the site. It was more than we could've ever asked for or antipated! We will be writing up a 10-year anniversary celebration article that will include a summary of Sunday's events as well featuring some entries submitted in the 10 Year Anniversary Event.

In this week's weekly, we're featuring a few new contests and events, RAFFLE winners, some art, trending reddit submissions, a comical animation, and an interview!


It's time to get CRAFTY! Welcome to a friendly papercraft photography competition! In celebration of the 10-year anniversary, we added ACCESSORIES to the papercraft section; meaning you can dress up your papercraft as much as you want! We want you to create a fun scene using these new accessories and a papercraft skin! All of these instructions listed below will be on the Papercraft menu.

Deadline: November 30
There are a little over two weeks left to submit an entry into our special edition 10 year anniversary event! We have over 500 entries so far! Help us celebrate our birthday month! You can enter up to 5 celebratory themed submissions. If your entry doesn't immediately seem related to the theme, be sure to include a short explaination in the description to tell us why it does!

Deadline: November 30

We wanted to thank everyone who participated in our raffle; there was an overwhelming number of you that not only entered, but shared some heartfelt memories. We loved reading your responses, and can't wait to make even more memories with you!

The winners of our 10 Year Anniversary Raffle are.......

Zaiden Sharp, FishStacks, IgnisOwl

You can see the raffle videos by visiting the raffle forum thread.

Congratulations! We reached out to you on PMC. Check your inbox!


We collaborated with a couple of creative members for our anniversary to bring you even more fun this month!

DinowCookie drew a special photo featuring cake, fireworks, a rocket, a balloon, Cyprezz, PMC, and Paril; your job is to color it in! Be as crazy with the colors as you want!

Deadline: November 30
This fun Quest created by CaraRose has you searching for chests, learning cool facts about PMC, visiting the Museum Server (play.planetminecraft.com), solving some crosswords, and finding the solutions to puzzles! The end result of this interactive event is an official participation trophy for your trophy case!

: Undertimined, but probably the end of the month


😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Themed Contest
Swordmasters, Gunslingers, Witches & More
November 28
Palette Contest
𝓟𝓪𝓵𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓮 𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓼𝓽RainbowGirl8910
November 30
Palette Contest
Pick your Palette
Chaotic Stupid
January 10


As with every week, members published art through the Blog section and in their wall posts!

Nitgo is known for their pixel-perfect skins and art. This week, they made pixel art drawing of their skin submission (also posted this week) red space suits on mars.

Red space || Suits on mars Minecraft Skin

Below we included a few more art submissions from this week:

Valkyrien_ by Shadedfire

Comparison of art 4-5 years ago vs. today by Campestral

This week, there were a few PMC members that published their work on reddit; we're featuring three of them in this weekly!

First up is Geet_Builds for their submission Floating Gothic City on a 1k x 1k map! The map features some lush mountain terrain with a Barcelona, Spain inspired-city, suspended on an island in the air. They state the project took about 20 hours. The build is available to download!

The map had an overwhelming response on Reddit; the reddit thread has nearly 20,000 upvotes and 300 comments!

Next up we have Boscawinks who also had a submission that was popular on Reddit! Enderman Statues features three standing and one sitting enderman. If you click on the submission and scroll through the photos, you'll see that these models were used to build an enderman stealing an 8x8 dirt cube with a villager house on top and bringing it back to the End dimention for further studies.

If you check out the reddit thread, bosca provided a short clip called "Put that back!". The thread currently has over 35,000 upvotes and over 300 comments!
Our third reddit feature is this Duo Parkour map by TheGabricraft! This submission was first on reddit; Gabicraft created an account just to make the map downloadable!

This parkour map is unique in that it requires TWO players to work together to complete it. The map is divided in 3 parts: overworld, nether and end. Every dimension switch has a checkpoint, both players have to get through the portal for the checkpoint to activate.

The reddit thread has over 35,000 upvotes and over 350 comments!

Creative_Kylee created another comical PMC Animation tited "Who Broke It?" The animation features Cyprezz Uknownymous, dreamCritting, Indraft, DinowCookie, Azie and Palaeos. Using audio from Parks and Rec clip of the Coffeepot Mystery, Kylee replaces the original characters with those mentioned above, and instead of a coffeepot, she uses Planet Minecraft. The video description states that the drawing time took 11 Hours, 51 Munutes and 41 seconds and the Animation Time took 11 Days.


This week's interview is with....

Want to read more interviews? Valkyrien_ created an ongoing event called DreamDays in which they interview PMC members - and has been hard at work! She's published e interviews this week! You can check out her entire collection of interviews she's done by clicking here.The below listed interviews are the ones published this week:
Interview withJessaMoon
Interview with An Intelligent Moron
Interview with Angel
Interview with FameMonster

Some other interviews that were conducted by members this week include:
Interview with yoshiciao by Lady_Berry
Interview with Jtastic by ShadowFallYT
Interview with canday by Alleiy
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