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Welcome to the weekend, PMCer's! It's certainly starting to feel like fall where we are! In this edition of the weekly, we cover new contests and events. We have a colorful art gallery as well as several blogs including an investigative article and a song remix. We also feature a skin collaboration, some fall skins, a couple of data packs and more! Don't forget to visit the weekly submission collection and give all of these featured submissions a diamond!

Click for The PMC Weekly September 11th, 2021 Collection!ο»Ώ


This month's official Mob Skin Contest is Prehistoric Mobs! Let's turn back the clock millions of years and see the primitive version of the mobs, whether it's a caveman villager or a dino ravager or something befitting the periods pre-dating recorded history.

Deadline: September 27th


upwind / reshade Minecraft SkinLemonade | 50 Subs Reshade Base! Minecraft SkinbannerFall is Near ~ 400 Follower RC Minecraft Skin
PersonWhoPlaysMinecraftis hosting a reshade contest, where you shade the skin you see above. You can check out all of the submissions so far here!

: September 30
Celebrating their 50 subscribers is Lumi_ and they're hosting a reshade contest called Lemonade!

: September 30
In their first contest ever, O2xygen is challenging you to create a Neon skin for their skin contest, Neo!

: October 1
CactiFern is celebrating 400 subscribers and hosting a reshade contest. You must reshade the skin above and tag it with FernFall400!

Deadline: October 10

Celebrating her 10 YEARS on PMC is DinowCookie! Congratulations!

Instead of (or in addition to) commenting on this wall-post, she is challenging you to leave at least 10 friendly, funny, happy or helpful comments around PMC this weekend.

Compliment some submissions, answer some help-questions on the forums or share your thoughts on some wall-posts. I made a little badge for anyone who completes the challenge:


PsioPsia001 is spreading an important message and providing some suggestions to help stop bullying including creating a poster and submitting it in the blog section of PMC to spread awareness. The forum states:

"School is back and sadly, school problems are also back. I see many posts about bullying, from many different members, and it's very sad. The worst thing is that as online friends we can't do anything else than give advice and show our support. For making the support and advice stronger, we have the event."

😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Remake Contest
King dan for Mayer contest

Visit the Community Event Calendar for a complete overview of current events! πŸ“…

RESULTS for mshailz Redstone Build Contest were announced this week!

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place



__orchid's art blog features old and new digital drawings of animals, characters, and abstract art!

This spectacular space sketch was shared in a wall post by MoonAstraea this week! The glowing stars makes for a warm and inviting atmosphere!

Moon_Clouds shared a pixel art scene they created. In their wall post they indicate that they are still learning pixel art, however, based off of the quality of this piece we'd say they have a natural talent for it!

This is just 1 of 3 sketches we found on Luciien's wall posts. We love the anime art style of this character!

Meow_ify has been posting some great art of dragons in wall posts over the last month or so! They're all colorful and full of life! We think they should consider an art blog!

Campestral is working on concept making and practiced by creating their D&D character. We actually like the 'unfinished' look of this piece!

The Local Cryptid shared these drawings of Humanoid band animatronics in a wall post. You can check out more of their Digital Drawings here!

MisterDoctor made a synthwave remix of the song Sweden by C418 and used a screenshot of the PMC SMP spawn for the background. This isn't their first music blog - in fact, it's their second in 1 week! They also released a remix of the song "I Feel it Coming" by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk. 🎡

If you'd like to hear more music from Mister Doctor, they have a soundcloud. You'll find some original chill synth and ambiant electronic tunes as well as more remixes! They even have a full EP they released this year called Artificial Stupidity that contains 8 tracks!
All you crime show junkies, listen up! We've got a PMC Investigator, The HYBRID, looking to uncover the worlds mysteries. One of their first investigative reports was released this week and dives deep into the mysterious YouTuber, OwO. This YouTuber has only 3 videos and somehow has 295K subs.... This intriguing blog analyzes all 3 videos and attempts to solve this mystery.

Be sure to check out The HYBRID's other two blogs that are a part of their Monster Uncovering Series. Learn more about the Japanese monsters Akateko and Aobozu here, and the "father of all montsters", Typhon, here.

nera minus created this nifty tool a few months ago, but updated it this week for better support for Mac and also simplified the layout.

What does this tool do?
The tool swaps color palettes of pixel art textures semi automatically! It works for all vanilla textures up to 300 x 300 resolution. Texture pack creators and skin makers, you might find this useful!


Two of our members collaborated to create a fanskin of anonpmc2713049. One of them created the concept art and unshaded skin base, and the other shaded the skin and added some details.

We really like the end result!

TheAlmightyBirbFanskin [Shading Collab with Moltenoni] Minecraft SkinUnshaded base by chickenpants93
the birb in the man costume . moltenoni + chickenpants93 Minecraft SkinShaded, final skin by MOLTENONI

September 22 is the OFFICIAL first day of fall, but some members are jumping right in and creating fall themed skins already (we don't blame you, we're excited for fall, too!). Here are a few of our favorite fall skins from this week:

*. α΅ƒα΅˜α΅—α΅˜α΅βΏ ˑᡉᡃᡛᡉ˒ .* Minecraft Skinautumn leaves by kurakosmos
halloweeny Minecraft Skinhalloweeny by __orchid
i cant help it Minecraft SkinI can't help it by Zulphiroo

PCGamesN covered KNKevin's latest data pack, Infinity Gauntlet in an article this week! The article highlights all of this data pack's cool powers including the Reality stone in thisch you can turn any nearby hostile mobs into passive ones or projectiles into bats. πŸ¦‡

More about the pack:
After crafting your Infinity Gauntlet (recipe found on the submission page) you'll need to put it in your offhand slot and right click. You'll have the following stone powers: Reality, Space, Power, Time and Mind. The pack is currently the top submission on Planet Minecraft this week!

Congratulations on your feature, KNKevin. Keep up the great work!


TOUCANS! These big-billed birds are brought to Minecraft in this pack by Better yet, this pack by buhpoi. The pack, however, doesn't replace parrots entirely. They instead are a variant of them and occur about 50% if the time! So you don't have to choose between the parrots or toucans, you can have the best of both worlds equally! The pack adds 4 different colors of toucans based off of the toco toucan, keel-billed toucan, yellow-ridged youcan and the choco toucan.Some would consider this cursed, others perhaps would think this is cute. Whichever the case, SadSquire made a smol phantom and you can have them flying in your world if you download this pack!

BeTroot made another phantom model texture pack a little while back that stays a bit more true to the Vanilla version with just a few small tweaks.

CalvenMC took their favorite structure, an end city, and transformed it into something quite spectacular. A mix of sci-fi with a bit of an Egyptian flair, the new city structure still feels Vanilla. Calven included a video timelapse that shows the process of this end city make over from beginning to end, be sure to check it out!
This underwater wonder is 151owners first PMC Submission and they've certainly made a grand entrance! Emerald Palace has been a work in progress for about two months. The interior of this palace is complete, and the submissions comes with a free download so you can explore this beauty up close! 🌊


This week's interview is with....
Knightsundere! We were deep into a PMC browsing session when we stumbled across an interesting blog, The Chronicles of the Palette Battle League (PBL) created by them. Knight's 9 year anniversary is coming up next week, so they've been around since the beginning of the longest running non-official tournament known as PBL, participating in several seasons and bringing in quite a few wins as well! Though the blog is old, it explains the history of the tournament which is an interesting story. Knights also created this data sheet a couple of years back that analyzes all top 20 skin finalists, organizing results into several different categories. We encourage you to check it out, it's quite interesting!

Knight's has also written several insightful blogs, and has participated in many contestsο»Ώ! Here are a couple of their winning PBL skins:

The Old Knight of Gibraltar : PBL Finals Minecraft Skin
The Old Knight of Gibraltar PBL
Season 4 Winner

FC3 - Cyber Dragon - PBL Finals S3 Minecraft Skin
Cyber Dragon
PBL Season 3 Winner

Do you still play Minecraft?

Not currently. Waiting until I finish my WIP texture pack.

How has Minecraft influenced you in real life?

Hugely. Interest in skinning progressed to interest in pixel art, which is my main marketable skill/job these days. Marketplace itself, via skinning, provides the majority of my income currently. The time I spent on here is responsible for a lot of maturing and growing up. Ultimately, I'm a much different person due to Minecraft o:

When you were most active on PMC, who inspired you and why?

2013-2016. When I was a teen I had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with remaining "original" (still have that, a little bit, not terrible in small doses though), so I tried as hard as I could not to be directly associated to a particular style. I ended up sticking to primarily knights/robots, which kinda became my thing, and this technique of 1x3 pixel strips with a central highlight or dark that sorta has a name, "sandwiching". I overused the heck out of that and that was my style.

The last contest you hosted was 4 years ago. Any plans to host another?

I'd love to be of assistance but I'm sure there are plenty of people who actually participate in the site these days that'd also jump at the opportunity, lol.

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment during your time on Planet Minecraft?

My Orion skin. If I'm the owner of my own style, then that is the best style-adherent skin within my style. Afterwards I didn't make any forward progress in skin quality until I started getting more blendy with the colors.

Orion Minecraft Skin

Browsing through your submissions, there’s a gradual improvement in your skins. Were there any blogs, art classes, etc that you read or took that contributed to this or was it mostly practice?

I don't really do practice (not a brag, it's a serious flaw) because I'm a super impatient person when it comes to skill development. For me personally, I just try to absorb as much "good art" as I can, look closely at why I like it/what's good about it, and then look for those qualities in my own work. I think with skins they just benefited from me getting better at art in general, so my color theory got better, my compositions/balancing got better, my designs got better... most importantly though my standards for myself were raised.

Though, when you consider I've been making skins on and off for 8 years, at some point it is practice, yeah.

We see you’re quite the pixel artist. Does skin creating and pixel art go hand-in-hand? Did you create skins before you started creating pixel art?

es and no, and yes. Skins CAN run parallel to pixel art but I'll swear up and down that a lot of the skills aren't transferable. Color theory is, for sure, but that's all art. None of the techniques in traditional skinning styles are applicable to pixel art though - blending, shading, depth techniques are all designed for use on an 8x8 square with limitations wholly unlike any normal art "canvas". Paddy and peytonisgreat are the two primary exceptions to this though, because they started with pixel art before coming over to skinning, and it shows in how they made their skins.

Share with us your favorite piece of art (of any medium) you’ve ever created.

Unfortunately my favorite piece is currently WIP, but this from last year is probably still 2nd.

Tell us what your favorite skin is you’ve ever created and why.

Cignus. It was a skin that I had the idea for for years, and wasn't able to make to the level of quality that I wanted, until this point. I'd tried a few times so this was pretty huge for me. I regard it as the "coolest" skin I've ever made as well.

Cignus Minecraft Skin

You used to be heavily involved with PBL, you even wrote a blog about the history of PBL. Is there a season or moment of PBL that stands out to you?

I was a total pain in the butt for quite a few years about how I was the only person to win two PBL seasons in a row. I think PureNerd eventually spoiled that party though, lmao.

In your blog Knight’s Weekly Standup from 7 years ago, you mention you listen to dubstep - do you still listen to dubstep? If yes, who is your favorite artist?

Always hard to send a single track of music as a recommendation, but this has been my mainstay for that for half a decade now, so here you go
Trevor Something - Come Back Down.

On the same blog, you mention your hands (and feet) basically have a mind of their own when you listen to this genre of music. Has this subsided over the years?

Oh god you did read the whole thing D::::

You’re an artist, a comedian, a writer, and seem to be insightful. We’re curious to know what career path you’ve chosen, if any - or what your dream job is.

Comedian 8U I only keep those early teen year blogs up as a reminder of how far I've come, ew ew ew.

Pixel artist is the short and simple answer. Game direction is the goal, and if everything goes swimmingly over the next half a year or so, I should be there c:

Favorite game at the moment?

Hyper Light Drifter, Bloodborne, and Darkest Dungeon occupy my top 3 spots for best games all time and that hasn't shifted since whichever one released most recently.

Favorite food?

I make these really bomb BLT's without lettuce.

Anything you’d like to add?

If you recognize me or know me please feel free to send me a message on Discord (Knightsundere#1050), I wouldn't mind people to talk to :')
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09/14/2021 9:44 am
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Wow, it's awesome how you guys at PlanetMinecraft take a lot of time every week for these newspapers.
I really love PlanetMinecraft because it's a really cool and nice place to hang out on, share creations and just seeing other people try their best on making something really cool and getting us to see it.
I've seen so much on this website but never made a account until around 2 days ago.
I really like the platform itself and the awesome staff team.
The thing that makes PMC for me is not being locked to only Minecraft and the community engagement with the community submissions.
09/14/2021 12:13 am
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Oh yay two of my favorite texture packs are in the weekly
09/13/2021 8:44 pm
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Nice weekly and interview!
09/13/2021 6:13 pm
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How do i submit things?
09/12/2021 6:00 am
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Thank you so much for featuring my skin!
09/12/2021 3:04 am
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09/11/2021 8:44 pm
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Great PMC weekly as usual, congratulations to all the featured users!!
09/11/2021 8:03 pm
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Wow you reached Overlord, thats epic! i would make my name Overlord Ninja (as a reference to ninjago) also i love this website it is FIRE
09/11/2021 6:21 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster uwu
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Ohh, thanks for the art feature! Also the interview of one of my favorite skin makers/pixel artists! Sweet!
09/11/2021 6:18 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Button Pusher
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Knight interview?!? unreal!
09/11/2021 4:42 pm
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Papa Enny
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09/11/2021 4:38 pm
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Thank you very much for featuring my art! i appreciate it <33
09/11/2021 4:13 pm
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tysm for featuring my skin ! ♥
09/11/2021 1:30 pm
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09/11/2021 1:22 pm
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thanks for the mention!
09/11/2021 12:58 pm
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nera minus
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i will always remember being included in the planetminecraft.com 9/11 edition
09/11/2021 12:55 pm
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"Stop bullying"

I now have an urge to bully. It's simply reverse psychology.
09/12/2021 10:50 am
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Get bullied beautiful skeleton man
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Papa Enny
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Moo, I am bulling you
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πŸ‘Š 😠

bully time
09/11/2021 12:41 pm
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tysm for the feature this really means a lot to me :D
09/11/2021 12:23 pm
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thanks for the feature!
09/11/2021 12:15 pm
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amazing weekly as always!
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