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Banner needed ---- YT--FB-- RPG PvP Server

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created 05/30/2014 3:35 pm by Wyrdf3ll
last reply 05/30/2014 4:00 pm
Me and my friends are setting up a new RPG-PVP server. For our project we need a banner, which we can use for our Youtube and Facebook page.
It would be great if you guys could post a few suggestions.
The information the banner should contain:
RPG PVP Classes Professions

3D Blender [ if possible ]
The banner should show two players fighting each other. One of them is an axe-wielding barbarian about to hit the second player, who should be a crusader blocking the axe with his shield.
If you guys have other interesting ideas for the banner, just post it in here, or send me a message. But keep in mind, that the banner should definitely inform players about the PVP-aspect of our server.
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05/30/2014 4:00 pm
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I can do this for $5. skype, datpotatoo

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