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Hey guys, I have a slight problem. My Photoshop skills are not on point enough to make a banner / icon that I would be proud to display on my channel. So, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to make one for me. Here's the specs:

Channel Name: JJProductions (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj3qDZ ... qRA44Tp7VA)

Channel Theme: Building

For the banner: I would like my Minecraft skin rendered to look nice with nice blue eyes and a smirk, leaning on a tree or something on the left side of the banner (perhaps with a mountain or something behind the tree to leave room for the icon). White capped mountains and a plains biome would constitute the rest of the background. Finally, in bold, white text my channel name (JJProductions) spanning from slightly right of my character all the way close to the right edge. I would prefer this be adapted mainly for desktop viewers, but have mobile users still able to see the text.

Icon: A close-up of my rendered character looking slightly up, with the same facial features except that the smirk is more of a genuine smile (just not too large to be creepy). I'm leaning towards a blue or orange background, but whatever looks good I'm fine with. Finally, if possible to fit in the same bolded white text with my channel name I'd like that as well.

My Minecraft Character name is ThecrazyJJ .

My Skype is jakob.sloat and my email is [email protected] if anyone wants to contact me about further information or to send me finished products. Thanks to anyone considering helping me make this much needed improvement to my channel!

(p.s: I decided not to ask this in already-made threads because I figure those people ought to be very busy)
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