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Convert skin from 64x64 to 64x32?

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created 01/06/2019 12:28 am by Agandau
last reply 01/11/2019 9:46 pm
I've tried resizing these, but they've only come out really.. muddy looking, I guess. Could someone convert these skins from 64x64 to 64x32, or tell me how to do it myself? I'd really appreciate either.


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01/08/2019 5:50 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
You'd need to upload the images to imgur or something, then link those pictures here. When I click on your links it tells me where you have the images on your computer but since only you have access to your C drive that won't help us much. If you have a 64x64 image and you want it to be 64x32 then it must be formatted incorrectly or have much more information than necessary. Since you described your result as 'muddy' I would guess that you tried just re-sizing the image which you now know isn't the way to go. The way I would do it would be to create a new 64x32 image with an alpha background and move each piece I want to keep to the appropriate location in the new, correctly sized, image.

Any further help will require you adding the images in a way we can see/download/alter them.
01/08/2019 8:58 am
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The FaiyaBLAST
You can do it in MCSkin3D like this:
1. Open your skin in the software and make a backup of it.
2. In the top bar labeling the tools and skin parts, look to the rightmost option: it should say "Steve" or "Alex" depending on which format you're using.
3. Click on it. A menu will drop down, showing various options of Blocks, Entities, Items, Mobs, and Players. Hover your mouse over Players.
4. A list of formats will show up: Alex, Alex (Minimal), Cape, Steve, and Steve (Minimal). Use the minimal option corresponding to your skin format.
5. It will give you a warning screen saying that the conversion process is non-reversible, along with two options on how to convert the skin. Choose Crop.
6. Tada! Your 64x64 skin is now 64x32.

Hope this helped.
01/11/2019 9:46 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
Yes, that did it! Thank you so much :)

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