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HD eyes for your skin

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created 01/20/2019 11:53 pm by barrowisp
blue, green, and violet eyes

Hi folks,

If you'd like me to replace your skin's current eyes with shiny, glinty ones (like in the examples above), direct me to a link for your skin. I think you need a mod like MorePlayerModels, though, for them to show up in-game, and that only other players with that mod will be able to see the effect.


I recently made some pretty eyes using the techniques of Ursula'sRevenge (YouTuber). I agree with her that HD eyes are a significant contribution, while requiring much less time/effort/ skill than other skin components. I've seen people express a preference for faithful-to-MC-style, anyway, so expect that not many would be interested in an everything-HD re-skin. But if you use MPM and/or CustomNPCs anway, then HD eyes can be a lovely addition. I want to apply the technique to farm critters next. :)
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