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i can make a requested texture pack

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created 10/22/2019 7:36 pm by superlogan101
last reply 11/10/2019 3:27 am
I can make any texture pack you want. I have some experience with this stuff ive made a few. But if its going to be used as a youtube video just shout me out plz.
My youtube:
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Level 13 : Journeyman Miner

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6 replies

11/10/2019 3:27 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Hey do you know... Hazbin Hotel? If you do i really request a hazbin texture pack of some sorts ^^
11/10/2019 2:04 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
First off, can you make a custom skybox without mods other than optifine? If you can, all i need is a space-themes sky!

Either that, or a pure black one? Thank you!

Or maybe a texture pack that makes the whole world look like the end, w/ the ability to still tell what DIM you are in?

10/29/2019 10:00 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Pirate
Heyo o/

I'm definitely interested in this, are you taking free requests or paid? I'm unsure because you haven't specified, but I've had a texture pack idea that I've wanted to be made for years.

I play in a lot of Roleplay communities, and I have a character who is very nearly blind and has been for some time. I've always wanted to have something like either:

A full black & white texture pack

Or the preferred option, a very very darkly shaded black & white texture pack that has slight borders around blocks, so you can still see where you're going and what the blocks are, but it really gives off that image of playing as someone who can't see very well.
10/31/2019 5:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey there! If you still need this I am interested in making this for you. I'll do for free, just let me know if you want just the blocks to be monochrome or the items as well.
11/08/2019 7:32 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Pirate
Absolutely! Omg I would be so happy if you made it, blocks & items would be good yes please ^_^

If you make it I'm totally going to spam it into ever RP chat Im in lol!
11/08/2019 7:34 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Pirate
If you want an easier way to contact me just PM me and I can toss you my Discord name & #

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