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[Kingdom Strife] A Minecraft MOBA game.

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created 03/31/2016 12:33 pm by Dudamesh
last reply 05/04/2016 5:38 pm
[This is a request post not a subject post anyways]

So I'm making a big project that since I can't make a server or do stuff to make people join my world (don't bother trying to suggest things) I'll be doing this on my own

so this project is about LoL in minecraft (which for those who don't know, LoL is a popular MOBA game, google it) but I won't be going full copy and copy out all champions etc. I'll be editing stuff. Basically this is a MOBA game in Minecraft

I know what you will probably gonna say "will this even be finished? I mean 1 guy working out the whole system of the map? I don't think I need to contribute to this" and if you know me I leave out lots of my 'big' maps (Check my profile) unfinished however this one, this map is for sure be my top priority all my other projects are canceled. I assure you, this will be completed (this changes if no one actually contributes anything)

also just a reminder this is just charity work, no rewards or whatsoever. Of course you will get Credits and links to your Planetminecraft account since that is your creation.

since I'm not an expert in designing stuff but rather good at commands and redstone I need anyone who can build me these (provide screenshots and link to world download, preferably a flat world)

NOTE: Make sure not to make these buildings too big or too small as different creators may build these with different sizes so buildings that are like 3 blocks smaller than the other can severely affect the whole design

NOTE 2: I also need 2 designs for the 2 teams (if you want you can make it kingdom-like, steampunk, magical, or just the plain good naturey and bad lava rocks and stuff theme

NOTE 3: You are not limited to making only 1 of these, you can actually contribute a 'pack' and this may be used for the all of the below

NOTE 4: Do not post your contribution to this thread as people MAY use it for their own. PM me the screenshot, any features you possibly added, and what you contributed (e.g. I contributed a tower design and here is the download link: and I added a bla bla bla feature to it)

NOTE 5: Minecraft Version 1.9, preferably the latest 1.9 (1.9.2 is latest at this moment)

1. Towers
-Towers are the basic defense on MOBA games that shoot enemies, preferably the ones attacking it. The design of the tower must have someway to shoot (of course I'll be handling the actual shooting but I meant you must have someway for it to shoot out from, like in LoL the towers have Crystals that shoot projectiles out of)
You can add features to the towers like allowing the players to enter the tower to defend it (ofc enemies can't enter it) I'll adapt to whatever tower design you give.

2. Barracks
-Barracks are the buildings that enemies can destroy to get Super Minions (or Mega Creeps if you play Dota 2) the Barracks also spawn the team's minions/creeps. I just need a simple building that looks like a barracks basically
like the Towers you can add features to it that I may or may not add. as I said I just need a simple Barracks design

3. Ancient or Nexus
-This is the goal on MOBA games, these buildings need to be destroyed in order to win the game. however my version of this has a skill, if you spend gold on it, it will give a temporary boost to all players (not including creeps/minions or enemy players) so in case you want, you can add a secondary version of the building with the skill activated.

4. Wall
-the design of the wall needs to be spherical, as if the you're building a wall to protect 1/4 of a circle hopefully you get the idea
you can add in your own features, you can also give the basic idea of the feature in your PM

5. The Terrain
-The most important thing of all, the Terrain. Of course it has to have 3 lanes, a pathway that connects the bottom lane to the top, and a jungle area.
make it big like 500x500-800x800 big. the bigger you make the bigger buildings it needs so don't make it too big, the smaller you make the smaller buildings it needs so don't make it too small. I recommend 650x650 but the minimum is 500x500
I won't be making a big creep like Roshan on Dota 2 or Baron Nashor in LoL so don't bother putting in spaces in it.
if you create a terrain, you will be the body of the map, so everything relies on you. a bigger body needs bigger organs and so on. remember that

I'll be adding more to the list in case I forgot about something.

Feel free to give out questions and/or suggestions

don't bother about my multiplayer problems
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05/04/2016 5:38 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Do you still need help? I'd be willing to build some buildings for this project. I'm not much of a fan of MOBA games like LoL themselves, but one in Minecraft I think would be really fun.
04/17/2016 6:13 am
Level 42 : Master Technomancer
Currently working on xp system, attributes and creeps system.

I'm thinking of making a default map cuz this thread is pretty useless :\





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