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Hearts Glow started 09/03/2013 10:02 am
Drooble replied 09/03/2013 11:08 am
NOTICE: Before you start reading, these are signatures, not server banners. If you want a server banner, I suppose I could make it, but it wouldn't be animated.

Yep. I'm making name banners for you people. Sooo, tell me how you want them. Sorry, I can't add backgrounds. I can do these Minecraft block textures for font colours: oak logs, dirt, sand, gravel (the old texture), water, grass and lava (darker and lighter lava textures, so tell me which one you want if you chose lava). I can also do a sort of volcanic rock texture with slits of magma in it. I can do plain colours, stripes, nature textures and moon textures. I can do a bunch of fonts too. Since there's a bunch of them, it'd be hard to code them all into this post, so just explain a type of font and I'll try to match it with what you want.
The maximum number of lines with writing on it that I'll do is 3. Each line can have its own font and colour. I can do a drop shadow, a 3D style view and a glow. I can also make writing borders from 1 pixel to 7 pixels wide. Keep in mind that those borders are optional, not a must have.
I can do a different size for each line too. I'll do it tiny, extra small, small, medium size, large, or extra large.
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09/03/2013 11:08 am
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Hello MinecraftXyo,

Can you make me a siganture with Teacher DADA (means Defence Against the Dark Arts) with my IGN: CianoMJF + The server name SpellCraft.

Jay. (CianoMJF)
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