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I am in Need!

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created 03/28/2013 8:57 am by WDM_Shredz
I really need somebody to make me a YouTube banner! I have asked a few people, but they never got back to me...
So, if you are willing to do this, the details are below:

For the back ground an Oak Wood Texture.
For the middle I want WDM on the top and Shredz under it in a stone texture in a minecraft font.
For the sides (same for both) I want "Join The Shredz Clan" in a minecraft font but for it to be black.
On the left side (In-between the clan thing and the middle) a Diamond pickaxe.
On the right side (In-Between the clan thing and the middle) a Diamond sword.

Post a reply down below. Whoever makes it will have their channel in the description of all my videos!
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