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Seska's Screenshot Shop [SHUT DOWN]

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created 07/08/2012 6:48 am by Seska Rotan
last reply 09/08/2012 10:23 am

[ANNOUNCEMENT: This shop has been shut down due to lack of constructive activity. If you wish to make a request, send me a Private Message]

Hey you!

Have you just made something AWESOME, and posted it to PMC, only to have it not get many views or downloads? Disappointed?

Well, a big thing about getting your project (Or Texture Pack) noticed, is by having an awesome image to promote your submission. When people see a great picture, it makes them interested and compelled to take a look.

Example. Take 'dannydew98's texture pack. He had a few good pictures, but he wanted his pack to have a good feature image to make it more noticed. He's what he sent me:

It's a good pic, but all it takes is a little bit of editing to make it look ten times more awesome.

Check out his pack here.

What I'm offering here, is you give me a link to your Project, Texture Pack, Mod, etc, and I'll download it, get good screenshots of it, then edit it according to how you want it.

The best part? It's free. Consider it a gift from me to the wonderful community here on PMC.

All you need to do is fill in this form:

Type of Project (Project, Mod, Texture Pack, Server):
Link To Project:
How many screenshots do you want?:
Do you want me to edit them?:
Any requests for how you want it edited?:
Anything else?

If you want to see more examples of my work, check out my profile:

I'm busy with exams a lot of the time now, but I'll try to get your request done ASAP.
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Seska Rotan
Retired Moderator
Level 38 : Artisan Grump

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5 replies

07/30/2012 3:26 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Grump
Seska Rotan
Hey Dr_Solomon,
Yeah I've sort of retired this shop, as I'm getting far more regular artwork requests all of a sudden, so my time is taken up with mostly doing that.

But yes, I will add your request to my list. Expect it to be completed in a few days. Shouldn't take longer than a week.

You can see my artwork on my profile.

Sure, I'll help with your map if you so need it.


~ Seska
09/08/2012 10:23 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Cake
It's been 2 months now, when are u doing anything 4 meh? '.S
07/30/2012 2:07 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Cake
Hello Seska,
I have no texturepacks or anything but i too have player skins, so could you do one where are charaters having my skins (King, Blacksmith and some others you like that are made by me) and they are standing somewhere together and then there is a writing saying ''Dr_Solomon'', also could you add sub text that says ''Minecraft skins'' if yes, that would be great! Also, i would like to have a little writing in the bottom right hand corner saying ''Click Here!''

I know this isn't the kind of request you would of wanted to see but i see no-one wants your services and because of that, you have alot more free time so you could finish mine, because it seems like every request i too here isn't realy accepted or read or anything.

PS. I am thinking about uploading my map that i have almost finished so i would keep you in my mind when it comes to images

I hope you the best,
07/14/2012 5:52 am
Level 38 : Artisan Grump
Seska Rotan
Shameful self-bump.
07/09/2012 11:54 am
Level 38 : Artisan Grump
Seska Rotan
Wow, none. :L Oh well.

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