Shading Your Skins For You!

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Hearts Glow started 08/11/2013 12:57 pm
So I'm just throwing it out there, I'm re-shading skins for people if they struggle with doing it, or they just want a better shading than the shading they already have.
You'll need to be using the skin in Minecraft that you want improving, that way I can type in your username at Minershoes.com and get your skin, So you'll need to include your username in your comment.

When you post a comment for shading (so when you've changed into the skin you want me to re-shade), all you'll need to do is type out your Minecraft username and your email (so I can send it to you when I'm done).

If you don't want to type out your email for personal reasons, and you don't mind the fact that others may download your skin, I'll post your shaded skin to the website. If you don't want me to use your email, just don't type it. Only type your Minecraft name, and I'll get your skin sorted.

REMEMBER: Wear the skin before posting a comment!
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