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Taking FNaF/Horror game skin requests ;w;

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created 01/10/2019 6:42 am by Afton_Robotics
last reply 01/11/2019 7:17 pm
Hello everyone! I have no ideas for skins so I'll need some skin requests from FNaF,DSaF,FNaC,Granny,BaTIM and more! (It can even be a custom animatronic). Although, there are some rules that you don't have to break...

1. Don't request inappropriate skin example: naked boys,girls, FNiA animatronics.
2. The skin has to be from a Horror Game or a Horror Film.
3. If it's a custom animatronic (or a horror game I don't know) please give me an image of the animatronic/game/film please!
4. The max skins you can suggest is 1 to 2.
5. Please don't spam the comments for your skins to be made because it won't get you anywhere.
6. Please don't swear in the comments.
7. Don't beg please.
8. Sorry for the strict rules I'm a good guy I swear ;w;

Okay, I'll visit this thread in 3 weeks and I'll make every skin That's possible for me.
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01/11/2019 7:17 pm
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I have one critical thing about the rules, I'm pretty sure Planet Minecraft is kid friendly so I doubt there'd be anyone asking for inappropriate skins since this is kid friendly.

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